To showcase this, I’ve settled in on one of the lower-end models, the Navigator 3000.  On the surface of it, it just looks like another quartz watch that has an ana-digi combo display.  Where it starts to stand out are the functions listed around the bezel.  On any other quartz watch, those functions would be printed right near a button that you’d press.

Here, however, they’re indicating zones on the sapphire crystal that you touch.  There are actually six touch zones on the watch:

  1. The digital display – touching here displays the local time zone
  2. T-world:  display a second time zone
  3. Timer:  go into timer mode, or increment in other modes
  4. Chronograph: self-explanatory, or decrement in other modes
  5. Alarm
  6. Date

Just by going through that, you can tell there’s a lot packed into this watch, aside from the nifty touch tech.  Interestingly, for all that, it should be a fairly intuitive watch, as the owner’s manual is only seven pages long.

Rounding the specs out you have a 42mm stainless steel case (12mm thick), a sapphire crystal, a backlight with three intensity settings, and 50m water resistance (just don’t try using the touch functions if the crystal is wet).  All in all, a quite interesting watch, especially when this particular model can be found on Amazon for under $300.

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