Reactor was kind enough to give me a Fall Out for evaluation. This is a watch ready for harsh treatment. Reactor mills a billet of stainless steel and embeds a first rate Japanese movement under a heavy duty, domed crystal. The bracelet is attached with machined rods of steel with hex head screws. This thing is better made than a Russian tank.

The bezel is the most solid I’ve ever seen, with a raised edge that protects the crystal. The crown has protective ears that are as solid as every other piece of this watch. The crown is threaded, and the stem has no play. The back is also a solid piece of machined steel rather than a stamping. The bracelet is wide and thick with the most positive triple latch you can imagine.

Yes, I like this one a lot. I’ve spent several days bashing it into every solid object I can, but failing to scratch the crystal or nick the bezel. It’s thicker than I usually go with, 40mm diameter and 13mm thick, but the bracelet is wide enough that it is well proportioned. The knurling on the bezel, stem, and bracelet pins is an unusual style, but works well with the heavy duty, extreme environment appearance. The hands are well designed, large enough to be easily read, but shaped to prevent confusion. The dial markings, likewise are large, clear, and easily read. The luminescent markings are bright and keep their luminescence well. The day and date is a feature I like better than just date.

It’s not perfect. The markings on the bezel are a little distracting, with a single hash mark between the numbers that throws me off. This thing is the heaviest wristwatch I’ve ever worn, at 192 grams, but this is a small price to pay for durability. The bracelet is so wide, 22mm, that some sizing tools won’t fit it. Although water-resistant to 200m, to be a dive watch, you’d want the little bracelet extension, or a water-resistant strap so you can wear it over a wetsuit. And it’s a quartz movement. Get the movement from the Seiko 5 watches, and this thing would be the bomb.

The short-comings are trivial, the Fall Out is the watch for harsh environments and rough use. I wouldn’t wear it with a suit, but anyplace else, no matter how abusive that situation would be to a lesser watch.


  1. I bought this watch with the black coral dial and have beat it and beat it. It is the most durable cool looking watch I own. I also own Panerai and Tag and few Citizen dive pieces. This brand a whole is very impressive.

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