Reactor Watches has joined forces with world renowned artist and ocean conservationist Wyland. Together they have created the Wyland Reactor limited edition watch to help in protecting the worlds ocean and waterways.

Robert Wyland, commonly know as Wyland is most know for his 100 Whaling Walls. These large outdoor murals have been painted all over the world to bring awareness to the need to protect our oceans. Portions of the proceeds from this limited edition will benefit ocean conservation education.

The Wyland Reactor case and bracelet is made from solid titanium and treated with a specialized IONIC aqueous blue plating. This give the affect of the sheen from oil on water. Movement in the timepiece is the Miyota 9015. Depth rated to 1000 meter and featuring dual bezels, this is one great watch for scuba diving. One feature that this watch has that as a scuba diver myself I can truly appreciate is their Never Dark technology. Never Dark does not just us the brightest Superluminova to light up but they also use gas filled tritium which will continue to luminate the dial after the Superluminova fade away.

This limited edition watch will be limited to 225 pieces and will retail for $2500.00 Each watch will comes with a signed original mini abstract watercolor painting by Wyland. This is a great looking watch supporting a good cause. If I could add one to my collection I would. If you could, you should.

One thought on “Reactor wants to save the whales”
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