You know us here at WWR – we’re a fan of a number of the releases from H. Moser, and we’re particularly fond of their Vantablack dials that seem to about defy the laws of physics and optics. If you’re looking for the most sublime dress watch you can find, the H. Moser Endeavor Centre Seconds Vantablack should be near the top of your list.

Of course, the H. Moser Endeavor Centre Seconds Vantablack should look quite familiar, as the Endeavor Centre Seconds has been around for awhile. It’s a clean and classy look, particularly with the leaf hands. Here, things are done up in a high polish – including the 40mm stainless steel case – that offset that deep dial.

And speaking of that dial – trying to put down indices on the Vantablack would prove problematic, so they had to figure out a new solution. Turns out, all you have to is install them from under the dial, and well, you’re good to go.

Tucked into that case is a variation of their HMC 200 movement. Here, there’s a blue balance bridge, which indicates this movement has a double hairspring. These springs beat in opposite directions, ostensibly counteracting any external effects on the escapement. Whether or not that’s truly helping, or just plain looks cool (you know, sort of like a tourbillon) we can’t say, but we applaud the engineering behind it.

If you want to strap the H. Moser Endeavor Centre Seconds Vantablack onto your wrist, you’ll be exchanging $27,600 put put one of the most light-absorbent dials in existence into your collection.

Tech Specs from H. Moser

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Last Update: January 12, 2023