Just last week, the latest season of Stranger Things released on Netflix. To celebrate that, Timex is releasing three new versions of watches that tie into the show. It works, as there are a number of Timex watches that show up in the series, so this tie-in feels a bit more organic.

With these models, they were existing in the Timex collection. We’ve got some updated graphics appearing (sort of like we did with the Space Invaders watch), as well as an updated alarm chime that is the Stranger Things melody. It’s an interesting and somewhat subtle tie-in to the show, with the accents really hitting when you hit the backlighting.

For this collection, there are three different models coming for the collaboration:

  • Timex Camper (40mm)
  • Timex T80 (34mm)
  • Timex Atlantis (40mm)

All three go for $89 apiece, and offer bracelets, resin, or textile straps, Indiglo backlighting, and all the other goodies a Timex normally comes with. Check them out over at timex.com

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Last Update: May 31, 2022

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