Meet the new boss, same as the old boss. For those of us who love us some Orange Monster, the Blue Monster is a tough purchase to stomach. Why improve on perfection? Why spend a few hundred on a new diver when old faithful will do? Well, friends, the Blue Monster aka the SKZ213K1, is a limited edition beast with a mission – to make you part with a few hundred bucks to own a limited edition diver with charm, pedigree, and definite bulk.


The Blue Monster runs a 7S36 movement with 23 jewels and Day/Date. It’s a non-hacking movement, so you can’t synchronize your watches before the family heads to the Cinnabon, but the 7S36 is related to the 7S26, a workhorse unparalleled in the mass-market movement.

This automatic movement powers two fat arrow hands and a red-tipped arrow seconds hand. The pips appear at each hour and the lume is much improved over the Orange Monster’s – it’s quite bright in almost any low-light environment. The blue face contrasts nicely with the light green lume and the red and blue bezel makes an interesting, if overtly patriotic, statement.

bmback.jpgThe bezel is quite nice and rotates with a solid click, an improvement over the Orange Monster’s sharp clicks. The watch is water resistant to 200 meters and the screw down crown and heavy case bear this out.

bmcomp.jpgThis Blue Monster is clearly an improvement over the more common Seiko divers that we all know and love. The band, however, could be melted down and made into rubber bracelet buckles because it is one of the most uncomfortable steel bands I’ve ever worn. The clasp is quite nice and the little extender designed for wetsuits is sufficiently cool, but after a few hours the band becomes a shackle and digs into the flesh with a nefarious glee. Seiko – you got this one wrong.

With a rubber strap, however, I couldn’t imaging a more striking watch on the wrist of a Seiko lover. It’s got it all – limited edition charm, sexy colors, and a delightful heft. The Blue Monster is just that – another Seiko monster. But for Monster lovers, it’s a must-have.

Quality: 4/5
Style: 4/5
Overall: 4/5
MSRP: $400
— John


  1. hahah.. maybe it’s just me but it looks butt ugly to me.. and it kinda looks like a counterfeit, the green marks makes it look like it’s a glow in the dark.. hahha… Sorry.

  2. Most people say that the OM bracelet is one of the most comfortable bracelets they’ve ever worn.
    Is this bracelet different from the OM’s bracelet? How loose did you wear it?

  3. I don’t know about the 7S36, but the 7S26 has a pseudo-hacking function. If you turn back the crown the movement will stop and allow you to sync.

  4. The band is actually not bad but if you wear it too loose it will be uncomfortable. Try to wear it with as little play as possible. It is a heavy watch and if is has room to move freely on your wrist it will be uncomfortable. When adjusted properly you will get used to it. The only steel watch that is heavy that is comfortable is a Doxa!

    Cool Watch, I just bought one and am waiting for shipping!!


  5. Try popping the spring bars and reversing the band. This will put the wet suit extension (usually the cause of the problem) on a less problematic area of your wrist. Closing the clasp will seem really awkward at first, but you get used to it fairly quickly.

  6. I’m going to have profess ignorance as to exactly WHY the Seiko Monsters are even warranting this much attention.Maybe Coloured dials? I like the Diver 5 much better for around $200 less. Same size, no flashy colours, just quiet looks.Maybe I’m just getting old….sigh…

  7. I’ve just got my Blue Monster, awesome watch, took the steel band off straight away and put on a Blue Kevlar 20mm I got off Ebay!

  8. just bought one.if your a bigger (athletic) guy it looks great.looked at all the tags rolex brietlings and this beat them hands down.practical and simple.and the name sold it for me.

  9. You likely wore the band too loose. I recently purchased a Blue Monster and found the band uncomfortable when worn loose. I had it adjusted to fit by removing three links and moving the clasp pin all the way back. Now I find it the most comfortable steel band I’ve ever worn.

  10. I am looking forward to purchase one Blue Monster from ebay. Actually I make my mind after getting to know about it from Google news sometimes back

  11. I think it looks great. I’ve just bought a black monster myself and love it. They deserve all the attention they get.

  12. I’m trying to buy one Blue Monster if anybody knows one. It’ll go nice with my Red Monster Limited Edition I just got. Fabulous look. Both nice.
    Let me know guys.

  13. I have the black monster with both the steel band and the rubber – The steel band is the most comfortable that I have ever worn, I have it adjusted to a snug fit, I find it more comfortable than the rubber band although the rubber band is comfortable too

  14. I finally got a Blue Monster serial nr 778/06. Does it mean it is made in 2006? Does anybody know how does the serial nr works?

  15. love the monster series of watches, i have a red monster,orange monster and can get a blue monster from thailand for$550 ouch but i think it’s worth it,it looks great as do the rest of them.

  16. orange monster a class of its own>quality for price superb. workhorse and fr diving is as practical as it can be and for general day wear A ok. reliability and durability using an automatic movement is the selling point here for the price.

  17. I have the black monster with both the steel band and the rubber – The steel band is the most comfortable a casio watch that I have ever worn, I have it adjusted to a snug fit, I find it more comfortable than the rubber band although the rubber band is comfortable too.

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