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REVIEW: 121Time Custom Build (Part 3)



When you take a closer look at the dial, you notice that there’s a somewhat hidden texture to the dial; this is actually the 121 logo embossed on the dial – except for where the date display is (at 6 o’clock), that is.  Combined with the Roman numerals that are laid on top of the dial, you’ve got a nice bit of visual interest with the different surfaces, especially when the lighting hits it “just right”.

This logo is also carried forth onto the buckle of the leather strap, as well as the rotor on the automatic movement.   With 121 billing themselves as Custom Swiss-made watch shop, it’s only fitting that there’s a Swiss movement inside, the ever-trustworthy ETA 2824-2.  This movement is most definitely a known quantity, and should be dead reliable.  And if it isn’t, your local watch shop can likely service it easily enough.



While the watch is water resistant, it’s not something I’d really plan to take a swim with, chosen style aside.  I’d lean towards the resistance being more appropriate to keeping the watch safe from the occasional splash in the sink or if you’re caught in the rain.  Definitely not something you’d be diving with, especially given the lume levels.

Overall, I was very pleased with this watch. You’ve got a good amount of control over how you want it to look (without the number of choices paralyzing you with indecision).  I do wish there had been an option for a black date wheel, though.  Also, given the sturdiness of the whole package, the leather strap seemed a bit flimsy in comparison, and I did note some squeaking from the top lugs.

Of course, when you’re only putting out the affordable amounts that 121 is asking for their watches (the one we built came in at about $550), even with the ETA movement, you’ll have some coin left over to change that strap out, should you so desire.  I think this company offers a lot of great options for the person who just isn’t finding exactly what they want at the counters of their local shops.

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