We’re certainly no stranger to watches with 24-hour indicators (in sub-dial or GMT hand variants) on this blog.  However, to my knowledge, I’ve never reviewed a true 24-hour watch.  Well, until today, that is!

The watch we were loaned for review is the AN-24M, which is part of the AirNautic line that Ocean7 has on offer.  So, while you’ve likely not heard of AirNautic before, you surely have seen our earlier reviews on various Ocean7 models (refresher:  we liked ’em).  So, why not just roll it into the main line?  With the AirNautic brand, they can have a totally distinct design language and presentation:

The guiding design philosophy of AIRNAUTIC® is to separate day and night as the elemental parameters of the perception of time. The course of the sun determines our regeneration phases and influences the biological processes of all life forms on our planet. In extreme conditions under water, in space, in the labyrinth of a cave system, or in a polar night, the holistic information on time can save lives. Being able to easily and instantly read this information at a glance is part of the philosophy and design concept of AIRNAUTIC.

While it doesn’t say Ocean7 on the dial, you should rest easy knowing that it’s going to be held to the same standards.  But, enough on the company/brand.  On to the watch!

The most unique feature of the watch, of course, would be the 24 hour dial.  Yes, it is striking with the blue/black (aka day/night) split, but it’s that 24-hour function that really makes this piece stand out.  It also takes a little bit of getting used to when you first put it on – if you try to read it “at a glance”, you’re going to definitely mis-read it.  Thankfully, the bright orange (Super-Luminova lumed) hands and markers grab your sight and assist with the learning curve.

Looks like that’s where we’ll need to leave things for today – guess you can consider this more of a teaser for the remainder of the review, which we’ll bring to you tomorrow.



  1. I own one and its easy to read -even at first glance. You just look at whether the hour hand is in the blue( day) or black ( night)- from there you make the visual adjustment. takes about 2 days to get accustomed to it. I’ve had it for 5 months- not even the slightest of a scratch. The case is as slick as teflon.

    As an added note the orange hands are like a Ringling Brother’s Clown paint- and it makes you smile every time you look at it.

    I love the watch- and the Unitas/Soprod movement is very reliable at + 7 seconds a day

    Mike in Jerusalem

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