Unmitigated crap, thy name is Alpha. I don’t mean to be harsh, but I’m spitting mad right now staring at the hunk of garbage called the Alpha GMT Diver. Alpha is an eBay brand famous for their “replica” watches which apparently include the entire Rolex line, a few sassy Omega-alikes, and even an Anonimo-alike. They are almost all mechanical automatics, which is impressive, but they are little more than a ham-handed effort at selling branded fakes.

I know I always say I’d love China to start making their own brands, but this is not what I was looking for. I was open-minded. In my travails with eBay brands I’ve rarely been amazed but I’ve never been so disappointed. What is the issue? Well, this is a GMT watch. It has a large red hand indicated 24-hour time. It is set independently of the other hands and the bezel offers even a third time zone option. “But John,” you’re saying, “that sounds super! It’s like a three-timezone watch for less than c-note! And it comes with a gimpy little price tag that looks like a lump of wax!”

alphaside.jpgYes, friends, it does come with a little lump of plastic shaped like a dollop of wax. But that’s not all! This watch has a fatal, and horrible, flaw. The time zone setting “sweeps” across the face when you try to change it. That’s right. Not only can you set a second time zone, you can feasibly set time zones in parallel universes or at the center of a black hole. Let’s see… if it’s 4am here in Tokyo, it must be 1:28 in Mtzplkia! Luckily, that’s one time zone from Burblefrox, which makes it 2:28 over there. Thank you, Alpha!

Normal GMT movements snap from hour to hour. If it is 10:30 in New York and you want to set it a few time zones ahead, the GMT hand moves swiftly from 10:30 to 11:30 instead of moving like the hour hand – 10:31, 10:32, etc. This little feature, found on most major GMT movements, is the way things are supposed to work. Instead, this Chinese-made movement half-asses things and has the GMT hand slip forward and back with giddy abandon, rendering it absolutely useless.

alphadoll.jpgThe design is quite ham-handed – it’s clearly a fake Rolex redone. The markings at the bottom of the face, where the Chinese pirates usually write “Swis Mad!!!!” reads CK and HK, which is apparently secret code for “shitty movement.” The date cyclops is there, surely enough, and the date looks like it was applied using a stamp made of a halved potato. Not so readable, let’s just say.

Another clincher? The clasp is patterned to look like the bracelet. Someone in the Alpha/MillionSmart factory thought this would be a nice touch, I suppose, but all it did was make me much angrier.

alphaback.jpgI didn’t want to be so angry, but I am. I cannot recommend these watches – even Sandoz, another well-known far East/eBay brand, makes a better Submariner-alike and for GMT grab a Seiko 6117 or another used, classic piece. Want to go really classy? Grab the amazing D.Freemont Sapphire Diver. But please, for the love of all that is good and holy, avoid this watch.

Quality: 1/5
Style: 1/5
Overall: 1/5

-John Biggs

ByJohn Biggs

John lives in Brooklyn and has loved watches since he got his first Swatch Irony automatic in 1998. He is the editor of WristWatchReview.

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  1. I’m not surprised this is really poor. I guess if you want the Rolex look with a genuine swiss movement (2893-2) and not much dough, you could go with the Steinhart.

  2. I am still trying to find out what are some of the other well-known “knock-off” brand watches commonly sold on eBay. Can’t someone enlighten me?

  3. I’m no Alpha fan, and I don’t own one, but there’s lots of “it is this!” and “it is that!” but nothing about WHY.

    Shitty movement? Ok, why? Tell us why it’s bad. What is it? Where’s it from? A single detail would be nice.

    “And it comes with a gimpy little price tag that looks like a lump of wax!” – For the life of me, I can’t figure out what this means. What are you talking about?

    Sweeping GMT? Ok, not being that familiar with GMT, give me at least a SENTENCE about how it ought to be.

    I think in your hatred of this watch you’ve forgotten how to write a review.

    Oh, and I love your site. 🙂

  4. post didn’t work right.. try again

    “Normal GMT movements snap from hour to hour. ”

    What about the half-hour zones. Many millions of people live there.

  5. Well for starters the watch only cost $60 at the most
    what did you expect. And to be honest there is nothing
    wrong with the movement you cant work it isnt thw fault of the watch is it. Alpha makes alot of great watches and for the money they are hard to beat. Try and find another $50-60 new watch that keeps great time and looks good for the same money, then do another review on it and see if it is any better. Only Fake around here is your review.

  6. No mention of anything worthwhile here – fit? Finish? Accuracy? Weight?

    It’s clear you just hate the watch because it came with a “price tag that looks like a lump of wax” and the “time zone setting “sweeps” across the face when you try to change it.” *GASP* Say it isn’t so!! Big deal. As was mentione before, it allows for those half-hour zones.

    As a review, I’d give this 1/5. As a rant, it gets the full 5/5 in my book.

  7. ok. you got me. it’s still a hunk of crap, though. alpha doesn’t do it for me. the look is derivative, the price is barely acceptable, and the movement is half-baked.

  8. Four Words: “IT IS AN ALPHA”

    I bought a green alpha sub 9 months ago for $39. Hardly ever wear it. When I bought it, I knew it was a $39 Chinese Rolex knock-off so my expectations were appropriately low. I guess that is the problem with the Alpha GMT — if you are expecting performance, you will be disappointed — Alpha is +30 seconds per day. If you are buying an Alpha just to see what they are like, then you will see what they are like. Decent for $40, but cannot hold a candle to my Seiko 007 diver that cost $55 more.

  9. i think Jess has the right idea. I bought this to tell folks what kind of quality you’re going to get from a $80 alpha and you’re going to get what you pay for.

  10. It’s been a few days-is your blood pressure back to normal? Seriously, what were you thinking-you were getting a fully functional GMT for that price? You want Rolex features for less than 1% of the cost. You got 90% of what you were really looking for with this watch and that’s for it to be identified for what it is not-real. Quit your griping and admit why you ordered it-don’t blame the product for not measuring up-it did. For 40 bucks it looks just like you wanted. Your real gripe is the Rolex is out of your price range or you just won’t part with the 4700 bucks it takes to go legit. Either way your anger is misplaced on the watch-look in the mirror and by all means-buy the Rolex quick before you have a stroke, your health should be worth it.

    1. What I don’t get is that there are dozens if not hundreds of watches out there that have Rolex like styling and come with little seal like tags.

      Why are they not equally disparaged? err could it be that they have names like Seiko, Oris etc?

  11. ok. i’ve stirred up a hornets nest of alpha lovers. let’s put it this way : don’t buy alpha from ebay. It’s just not worth even the pittance you pay. Joe: if you read any of my previous reviews, you’d notice that I purchase ebay brands and review them on this site – along with legitimate watches – for the benefit of folks looking for them online. I don’t buy them for myself and I usually just have them lying around the office here or give them away. Hell, I tried to give away a Tachmeister in a contest and nobody wanted to take it. I’ve seen all sorts of crap (, but this had to be one of the worst I’ve seen in a while. Even Sandoz and Aeromatic make a much better watch than this.

  12. Life is to short to wear a cheap watch! Invicta is a cheap watch to warn your friends about just say no to invictem. Seiko has the shinnznick

  13. I feel you review like so many reviewers, ie. cars, hi fi, watches etc.. If it does not have the badge/ name etc.. then it has to be CRAP. I do not own a Alpha. Looking at the pictures I can see that the watch does look to be STAINLESS STEEL (you did not tell us), the glass is GLASS and mist free (you did not tell us), the strap has polished edge links (you did not tell us), the dial looks clear and dust free (you did not tell us), the hands GLOW (you did not tell us). Did the watch work and keep time? Did it run down? Did the Auto wind do its job of keeping the mainspring wound? I have so many questions your review did not inform me of. You only have to look at buget brands in other product areas and these buget brands walk over the so called high end products when it comes down to customer satisfaction. You say ‘it’s clearly a fake Rolex redone’. Seiko, Citizen, Royal of london and many more have all cloned a Rolex style at some stage. Is this wrong? The dial does not say ROLEX. It cost $40- $50. Just what did you expect? By the way I am very calm as I write this. I did not like the REVIEW.

  14. Reviewer is a fool !

    WTF is an eBay brand ? There’s no such thing reviewer has a chip on his shoulder and is unable to write an objective review.

    Why not have a go at US cars for the European market -now that really is a laugh !

  15. Please ‘Jeremygiraffe’ What do you mean?

    ‘Reviewer is a fool ?’ or do you mean

    Many have given the impression that the ‘Reviewer is a fool ?’
    No one person has said this.

    I myself found the review ‘lacking information’.

    This website is excellent.

  16. You say:
    “Normal GMT movements snap from hour to hour.”

    You seem to forget that in the first versions of the Rolex GMT Master, the 24 hour hand set by sweeping, just as this one seems to, they didn’t jump from hour to hour.

    And I would say you you are being somewhat unrealistic to expect that level of refinement in a $100 eBay watch.

    Maybe you could talk about the quality of the case/bezel, fit and finish, and maybe just a bit about the watches accuracy, you know thing that are useful in a watch review.

  17. Thanks for the site and the reviews, John. As (almost) always I enjoyed reading the review and your additional comments. For me, the review gave quite enough information and enough pictures.

  18. I’ve owned half a dozen Rolexes and still own a couple. For pure value this watch is incredible. My accuracy is about + or – 5 secs a day – not bad at all and I think that the outside finish is great for the price. It’s not a Rolex – get over it, but it’s nowhere as bad as made out. I’m thilled with it.

  19. Actually so far the accuracy over 6 days has been + 1 second – total. Each day has been within +1 second of the correct time. Amazing – and better than any previous mechanical watch I’ve owned. It says something for the time setup at the factory. Now if only they would install some o-rings. They’d add maybe a cent to the production cost…

  20. Really poor excuse for a review. No meaningful information beyond your histrionics about it not snapping from hour to hour (so?) and the hang tag (again – so?). For a

  21. I enjoy reading reviews and I suspect for the price of these watches that quality is going to be a bit on the low side. Of course for not much more you can get a Seiko or Citizen with excellent quality. I would enjoy more specifics on fit/finish and things like that.

  22. I would disagree on one point. Alpha is not an ebay brand. They are a china based watch company that has been around for awhile, making low cost autos and cool complications, based on proven (ripped off) designs of other, better known companies. They do not have the quality control of the Swiss prince companies but for the money thier not bad. Pretty good style for value unless your unlucky enough to get one made the morning after that chinese new year’s party. I would also put CTI and Prague in this category. “Ebay Brands” (Trias, Piccard & Cie, Aeromatic, FREIDERICK STEIN, Louis Bolle, Bernoulli, Grace Bros, etc) are also china based companies but they have ridiculously inflated retail values, made up company histories, the same shoddy quality control, and seem to be marketed soley on ebay. The big difference is that Alpha, CTI and Prauge are not posing as more than they are to bilk customers.

  23. After posting a reply last September 06 I purchased a ‘Alpha-Orange bezel’ 21 jewel auto (Well known Swiss- style). I wanted to see for myself why a watch could cause such anger. Cost £28.00. Delivery 5 days to UK. Six months on it keeps very good time, has not wound down.
    The case and strap are stainless steel with good weight. The strap uses screws not pins. The glass though not saphire is glass/ crystal and very clear. The luminous markers and hands are very bright and last. I own a Seiko, Citizen, and a Rolex Sea Dweller and love them all. I would put the Alpha in the same class as the Seiko and Citizen in terms of build and quality. Angry, no, rather pleased! 67 times less than the well known swiss watch it looks like. I am sure not 67 times inferior in terms of build and time keeping. Its only fault, looking like a well known Swiss watch!

  24. In the last year I have purchased a brand new Rolex Blue TT submariner (£4000)and a brand new Rolex TT Datejust (£3700)
    Both stunning watches, I think you will agree. Last week just for a laugh I ordered an Alpha Tourbillon Automatic. It cost me exactly £36.38. Well I stopped laughing this morning when I received it. It is absolutely fantastic for the money. How on earth did they put so much watch together for the money? Bearing in mind it also came with a really good quality leather strap. That would cost you about £25.00 on it’s own here in the UK. The watch looks very smart and well made and yes I left both rollies at home just to wear it. Fantastic effort Alpha..keep the good work up. Robby

  25. Strangely, after looking at your horrible review, I was compelled to go to this companies web site and check out some of their other models. The watches are priced in the timex/casio range, but look better. They are all powered by a miyota 21 jewel movement(used in fakes and invictas costing a lot more) which is a quality little movement that will last at least 5 years before requiring service. After I get the green “subbie” look alike, I will post a review and have my flying robot post some pics.

  26. I have two Alpha watches, including the GMT. For the price they are excellent watches. Accuracy is good, glass, band, and fit and finish are as good as most watches. Frankly, the Alpha watches are value for the money and one can do much worse (and I have).

  27. two years late and my alpha is running better then my other expensive watches. The Band is worned but the watch is perfect

  28. John, one more question, is the band actually stainless steel or Invar? Being as I have a severe allergy to nickel I’d like to know if the watch is full stainless steel.

  29. I purchased an ocean 1 diver watch from steinhart, I was so impressed by the quality that I purchased 2 more watches from them.
    I do own a lot of watches among my collection are breitling,rolex, sector, invicta,croton and a few others, and to be quite honest I really liked the look and feel of the steinhart a lot.

  30. Frank, you are comparing a 350 dollar watch to a watch that cost like 40 to 60 bucks? I looked at Steinharts web site. The watches are nice, but lots of em are for that much money.

  31. Well, the watch came six days after I ordered it. Green Bezel subbie look alike. I was so happy to get the deal of a lifetime for less than 40 bucks. Sadly, I only had it on for about an hour. I was getting in my car and the watch fell off. I noticed that one of the screws had popped out of the bracelet. The screw is nowhere to be found, so I am going to go to a local jeweler and see if they can patch things up 🙁

  32. Heh you guys have a clue? these are the watch companies that make replicas, when you get spammed with email about fake rolex and fake tag, etc. it is ALPHA that makes a lot of them! You guys must be totally blind. Why do they make alpha? it’s the brand name of the knock-off rolex. To be clear: alpha makes watches with rolex logos on them.

  33. Don’t believe that. Look at the crown guard on an alpha sub and on a replica sub. You will see that they are different. The alpha is a lot closer to the original. No where on the alpha watch does it bear the name Rolex. Seiko, Citizen, Invicta, Steinhart, Sandoz have all made homage watches to the Sub. Does this mean they are Folexes or fake rolexes? If someone wants a low cost automatic watch and doesn’t want to wear a fake Rolex, I think Alpha is not a bad option. I just wonder if JFink ever got his band fixed?…poor guy 🙂

  34. Some of the comments on here are downright ridiculous! These watches are in the 40 to 60 dollar range, so what do you people expect? Rolex quality for under 100 dollars? It’s not going to happen. If anything, for the price these watches should be compared to the watches in the little case at your nearest Rite Aid or CVS drug store. If you compare them to watches that are in the same price range, you will see that they beat the competition hands down.

    P.S.- Ham handed effort my ass

  35. Okay, I bought one of these out of curiosity. From the outside all looks good, but every time I have worn this watch, it has run up +5 MINUTES! This happens in just a few hours of wear. Has anyone else had similar experiences? The watch is now in my top drawer and I am back to wearing my invicta which runs about +/- 5 Seconds every few days.

  36. Okay, I have bought the model John tested as well to see if it is as bad as he say’s. My ‘Orange bezel’ keeps very good time +15-30 secs/ week. (That’s info for CRAPPY WATCHBUYER).
    I would like to say also that the GMT keeps great time. It is around the +30secs/ week. The fit and finish is great, it is ‘stainless steel’, it is waterproof, the glass is mist free and the date cyclops is easy to read,
    at least 2-3 times enlarged. The watch is a good weight. Now something that is impressive, the GMT works very well and is easy to set up for another time zone.
    Homage watches, and rather well done at that.
    I will update in the near future to let you know how they are performing.

  37. Here is a message for crappywatchbuyer. The reason why your watch is running so fast is because you have overwound it! The seagull movement in your watch needs to be wound about 5 or 6 times at the crown if it has stopped. I bet you wound it up about thirty times which is why you are having problems.

  38. so am i to understand that because it sweeps between 5 and 6 that when im on the east coast at 12 that i cant just assume that because its between 5 and 6 that its 5 oclock in gmt? just like i would with the hour hand? am i missing something , how is this completly useless?

  39. If ANYONE is considering buying a replica Omega or Rolex, I would tell you to take a chance on Alpha first. I bought the black face green bezel sub lookalike and have been nothing but pleased. The replica sub has a black face that isn’t quite dark enough and the crown guards are too big. The Alpha has a dial that is deep dark black and the print is a silverlike color. Also the hour markers, hands and pearl really glow nice in the dark. Seriously, side by side with the replica the alpha looks WAY better. It also has a real shiny mineral glass crystal that looks like sapphire. Get one of these instead of a replica, its about 100 dollars cheaper and a lot better.

  40. this watch isnt useless, you are for not figuring out how to adapt to use it. synch everything then use the bezel to adjust the time, big F’N deal, is that the only difference between this $60 watch and a $7000GMT master? i even hear the alpha bracelets are better than genuine oysters

  41. Here is the problem with this whole Alpha watch deal. A guy who is probably a watch collector with watches adding up to the cost of a second home doing a review of a low cost asian made watch. Of course he is going to find flaw. I am not a watch collector nor do I own a loupe or any other magnifying tool to look at watches. I have looked at a Rolex in a store window, went in to look at it and when I was told the price I said “nice watch, but not worth 5k” If you have money to throw in the fireplace then sure, buy a rolex or some other expensive brand. If you want a nice watch that will keep good time and look really good on your wrist for about 40 to 60 bucks, Alpha is a good choice.

  42. The sweeping GMT hand is no big deal if you use the watch for what it is designed for….GMT time that is. It is meant to be set to GMT and left there. you use the bezel and the 12 hour hand to change to another zone. That’s why Rolex named it GMT.

  43. Well, I am a watch lover and collector. And I collect watches of all kinds.
    Among them several Aplha watches and I can only come to one conclusion: For a price that is far lower than a single crown of a Breitling or a Rolex, not even to mention a simple bracelet link, these watches are excellent value.
    For the GMT function, the reviewer has indeed a point: it’s a bit fiddly (but once you know how to set and interpret this function, it works fine).
    After proper adjustment, some of these even keep time within chronometer specs.

    Sorry, but these are the bare facts, not just an emotional approach.

    Best regards

  44. My newly aquired alpha looked excellent when first arriving. I was shocked how nice of a watch it seemed.
    The band clasp fell apart the first day [within 2 hours-being very careful with it] One of the luminous markers had fallen off as well; I sit here looking at a great looking timepeice that sadly lasted a couple hours- Maybe I got a lemon- Dont quite know- It just bums me out that it was of no use and a total waste of money, as it cant be worn [without further investment repairing a new watch] Bought it through ebay from a foreign seller- I’m not going to waste any more time and money attempting to seek a replacement as it has sadly been a waste of time already [pun intended] The main watch looks and seems to work great- If there was a bit of time spent on details such as this, I’m sure it could be a good generally worn watch.

  45. I bought an Alpha Explorer about 18 months back. Great bracelet but of the watch fell off due to a poor spring bar. The hands and face were slightly misaligned. The watch gained 40 secs a day for the first week. After about 6 weeks it settled in to a very accurate +20 seconds per week. The lume was very bright and lasted a reasonable amount of time. Fit and finish overall were very good. Probably 90% of a Rolex for 2% of the price.

    However you can get a Citizen or Seiko for a bit more than the Alpha price. Personally I much prefer my Seiko 007 to a Rolex look alike.

  46. I purchased the very same alpha GMT (before reading this review, thankfully).

    So far, I am very pleased. From a distance of more than a few cm, it does not look distinguishably different from the watch which serves as its inspiration. One area where it does differ from the Rolex, however, is accuracy. The alpha is better! It has averaged +1.5/s day.

    Not bad for something that cost (including shipping) less than 1/10th the price of the sales tax on its equivalent.

  47. Well guys evrybody knows for ROLEX you have to pay the name….. I live in Hungary and a ROlex costs 6000 dollar here. You can imagine how money people actually wearing a real ones. no one gives a shit. We dont pay 6000 for 5 letter….


    Comparisson to a $40 Armitron from Walmart would be more feasable. The only thing you get for $40 at a retail store is a battery operated watch with “fake” non functioning features!

    I took a chance on an alpha gmt off ebay and am very pleased. It cost me 41.00, 16.00 of it was shipping from HK to the US. So for 41.00, I got a watch that..

    1. Is autowinding
    2. Water resistant
    3. Real GMT function
    4. Keeps accurate time
    5. Looks like a Rolex
    6. People compliment me on…

    If it lasts for a year, it was WELL WORTH THE MONEY!!!

    I am already looking to buy another…
    I think that if you like to collect watches just for fun, like I do, the Alpha is a good way to go!

  49. I purchased the Green Sub look-alike for about 40 bucks off of the website. I expected very little, but much to my surprise, the most beautiful watch arrived in the mail. I can’t believe how nice this watch looks, and I get comments on it daily. “OMG that’s the 50 year anniversary Submariner!” I always end up writing the Alpha web site down for people when they approach me. The only bad thing I can say is that such a beautiful watch should have come in a box. Mine came wrapped in newspaper which is okay, but if you are giving as a gift that’s kinda cheesy. I’ll buy the GMT next.

  50. The reason some people hate inexpensive watches is simple. They hate the fact that a $40 watch looks and works like their $4000 watch. It is hard to feel superior if the guy on the street has something that looks just like your Rolex. IWC or Patek Phillipe but only costs the price of a case of beer.

    I have three multimillionaire businessmen friends who wear fake Rolexes because they think the ‘real deal’ is a total waste of money. With a real Rolex everyone assumes it is fake unless you are wearing an expensive suit. If you’re wearing an expensive suit they always assume a fake Rolex is real. BTW a Rolex Sub costs almost USD8000 in Australia.

    I have just bought a green dial Alpha Yachtmaster. It is keeping perfect time after 48 hours. That is as good as any automatic watch will get. I also own an Alpha Explorer. I wore it daily for about six months but the lack of a date was a nuisance. It runs about +2 sec/day. Neither watch has been regulated. I’m not worried if this Alpha only lasts two years. That works out to 5 cents a day depreciation. I can buy 10 new Alphas for the price of a single Rolex service.

    The Alpha has an excellent case and bracelet – similar quality to the real thing. The Alpha lume is good. The bezel moves a little too easily but that is the case with most watches. Waterproofing is poor but that hardly matters for a desk diver.

  51. The Rolex Submariner is basically a copy of the original Blancpain ’50 Fathoms’diver. So it is probably OK for Alpha to copy Rolex.

  52. Just an update on my Alpha’s for anyone that is interested.
    The GMT is now a year and three months old and still keeps very good time. The glass is blemish free and the case and strap still excellent in finish and looks. The GMT movement works perfectly showing two time zones with ease. I wear this watch Monday through to Friday for work and my Orange Alpha on the weekend.
    My Orange Speedmaster lookalike is also performing without fault and its time keeping is almost as good as my Seiko titanium Sport100 Quartz in accuracy.
    I am not able to fault either watch.

  53. Okay, bought this watch on-line for 39 USD. Green bezel submariner style. Had the watch for about three months.
    Yesterday I am riding in the car with my girl. She was driving thank God. I saw this green thing fly across the car. When I looked at my watch a few minutes later I saw that the bezel was gone! It was on the floor. I picked it up and looked at the back of it. There was paper covering the back of the bezel. I pulled it off and there was glue underneath. I stuck the bezel back on and it has stayed on all day so far.

  54. Stainless steel Analog/digital chronograph. Three alarm settings, dual time zones, hourly chime. Big fat glow in the dark hands and markers. Wal-mart or Target 70 bucks. Oh yeah and its fitted with a ten year battery.
    I can’t see why anyone would buy an alpha or any other shit ass watch. Just my opinion.

  55. Mr. Icantseewhy. Why even post such a comment? People are looking at the alpha brand because they like automatic watches and maybe the Rolex models are out of their price range. Who cares if you go to wal mart and get a timex or casio or whatever? If someone wants to appreciate a fine timepiece, I don’t know where in the hell you get off telling them to buy some wal mart or Target watch. Why are you even reading the post if your watch is so great and you love it so much?

  56. I don’t own an Alpha but it would seem to me that if you bought a cheap watch you should expect to receive a cheap watch. If you’re looking for a good look-a-like for a sub then try Debaufre. I think they are running $460.00 US new and I see them all the time used for $275.00 on WUS. It’s an excellent and I do mean excellent watch.

  57. Why bashing this great value brand? At least you’ll get a reliable stainless steel watch for little money. I think you’re just an asshole…

  58. Sandoz is a Swiss brand.
    You are a bit ignorant, aren´t you?
    Or a liar that makes everything to prove his point.
    Go fuck yourself

  59. This is one of the most useless watch reviews I have ever come across. The only good thing is the links to other, better reviews in people’s comments.

  60. Hmmmm…buy a GMT watch for 40 bucks and then expect it to function the same exact way as a watch that costs thousands of dollars. Even better, write a review slamming it. You are a complete doucher.

  61. You dumb ass. You don’t know shit. Alpha watches are nice and if you wear them everybody asks you if it’s a Rolex so go shove it up your moms big fat arse you fuckin faggot.

  62. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. I have had an Alpha in the past and for the money is a good value. Even other watch manufacturers cannot believe the price per product ratio. My Alpha manual wind movement was actually quite accurate. Accurate enough to compare with a Seiko. Alpha does have quality control issues but what do you expect for 60 bucks?!? Alpha beats a true work of crap, Swatch, anytime. In fact, numerous Swatches cost more then Alpha. The S in Swatch should stand for “shitty.”

  63. Alpha are great watches. PERIOD!!! No 2 ways about it. What a useless review and great comeback from the true Alpha fans.

  64. All, just want to thank you. This is one of the most diverse and funniest watch guy threads I’ve read in a while. Fun!!!!!!!!!!!!

  65. Stevo, do you own Alpha watches or are you here to make new friends??? Stick to the review of Alpha watches and you can be my friend.

  66. Both my GMT and Orange swiss lookalikes are still going strong and remain my main watches of choice, 3 years on. Both still look great and nothing has fallen off. Best of all they keep time. I have used both on holiday for swimming with no issue. I just wanted to keep you Alpha fans and doubters informed. This debate will no doubt go on.

  67. I have an Alpha Sub that cost 38 bucks, I got it a few years ago before they raised the prices. It has a black face and blue bezel. I will tell you that I receive comments about how sharp the watch looks almost daily. I work in the IT industry and there are a lot of real and fake Rolexes abound. I’ll just be happy with my Alpha. It ran a little fast when I first got it but after wearing daily for about a week, it settled down and now keeps great time.

  68. The Alpha watch is pretty, but does have major problems preventing it from being a diver – lack of seals is the biggest one. But the watch is not what annoys me. What annoys me is the reviewer.

    Every review on this site is a blatant plug for his sponsors. I’m sorry that he’s cybersquatting the domain name with this stupid crap.

  69. its hard to take a guy who has a true distaste for the far east, and then makes a write up like he knows what hes talking about. “I dont mean to be harsh” my ass. Thats like saying “I like it when you poop on my cupcake and call it frosting.” Second, Don’t beat around the bush- Just come out and say that you hate that a 50USD watch with a tearoff of another that costs thousands more.

    lastly, I quote Chascomm from watchuseek forum.
    “However it does not function like a Rolex GMT Master-II i.e. on this watch, the 24 hour hand has a sweep adjustment from the middle crown position, while the 12 hour hand it sync’ed to the minute hand and set in the conventional way. IMO this constitutes a legitimate type of GMT function. Some enthusiasts however insist that a ‘true’ GMT must have the 24 hour hand sync’ed to the minutes, and the 12 hour hand independently settable by 1 hour steps only (bad luck if you live in Adelaide :-D). By such a criteria, the old Rolex GMT Master-I and most vintage Seiko GMT are not ‘true’ GMT watches because both hour hands are permanently sync’ed”

    Do your homework son.

  70. “Another clincher? The clasp is patterned to look like the bracelet. Someone in the Alpha/MillionSmart factory thought this would be a nice touch, I suppose, but all it did was make me much angrier.”

    Have you ever looked at a Rolex bracelet?

    My Rolex Explorer has just such a band.

    Does that anger you, too?

  71. I happen to have both the genuine Rolex GMTII and an Alpha GMT. Given the price difference, I can say that I’d have to be more disappointed with the Rolex than the Alpha (Although I enjoy wearing both watches). I’m quite impressed with the Alpha, the band is actually superior to the real thing in that the links are not a folded sheet metal affair and has less play. The removable links are held together with screws like the real deal and the clasp has never let me down in the 2 years I’ve owned and worn it. Incidentally, I wear the Alpha when I’m going to be doing rougher things like mountain biking, construction projects, working in the yard etc where there is a greater likelihood it’ll be subjected to damage.

    As for the movement, True, it doesn’t feel or work quite like a Rolex, the 24 hour hand adjustment is continuous rather than notching on the hour, but that’s not a big deal. The date is a heck of a lot easier to adjust than the Rolex. The larger crown is a nice touch and the case is nicely finished. Magnification of the date window is not as good, but still makes it easier to see.

    For timekeeping, I must admit the Rolex is superior, with the Alpha about +10seconds per day, still respectable in my opinion.

    Water Resistance, no doubt the Rolex is the winner here, the Alpha doesn’t have a seal for the back cover (at least mine doesn’t have one), so this is a watch you might want to be careful with around water, certainly no diving or swimming with the Alpha.

    Lume – Not so good in that department, but I’ve found this isn’t an absolute necessity and is rarely a big consideration.

    Bottom line…. If you’re not willing to spend a lot more on the Rolex, I think the Alpha will provide a lot of wearing enjoyment. I certainly enjoy wearing mine.

    So for the price, I think it’s a well constructed watch, keeps reasonable time, and in a few ways is superior to a Rolex.

    Hope this helps.

  72. I bought an Alpha Sahir watch while stationed in Germany. Is this the same brand as the watch being reviewed here? Is it another brand? Anyway had the watch for 10+ plus years no scratches in crystal or case…. I did have to replace the strap pins three times. Watch keeps great time. I just now have to replace the battery.

  73. $4000.00 vs $40.00
    You’d probably scream at your 7 year old when he doesn’t complete a 40 yard pass in a Pop Warner game wondering the whole time why he can’t control a game like Peyton Manning.
    Next why don’t you compare a Hyundai Tiburon to a Bugatti Veyron Pur Sang? The Hyundai will get you to work and won’t leave you stranded but the damned thing won’t go 0-60 in 3 seconds right?
    Get a clue!!

  74. after almost 4 years of this review, you still being fucked by the readers. haha. unfair review and your ratings are too much satan driven.

  75. This review is crap. i’d say Alpha watches are about the same as Invictas, they are about
    as close to looking like a Rolex as you are going to get for under 100 bucks. Most people don’t give two shits what kind of watch you wear. The only people who care what you have on your wrist are watch collectors. They watch movies just to pick out the watches. Hell, Now if you want to spend 400 dollars on a fake Rolex you can get one with a smooth eta movement and a sapphire crystal that will fool almost everybody. Alphas are great to wear as an everyday watch, they can take a beating. You will notice the first couple days the asian movement will run real fast, but if you wear it for about a week it will settle down and you will be fine. Plus if you lose it or break it you aren’t out 5000 bucks.

  76. Both my GMT and Orange swiss lookalikes are still going strong and remain my main watches of choice, STILL. They will keep ticking over night off of the wrist, they keep very good time and I cannot fault them. The GMT worked a treat for a trip to the USA and I used it swimming with no issue at all. I have checked the case backs on both my GMT and Orange and they both have a rubber seal as does the winders\ screwcrown. Alpha, great looks and build for the money. It was this awful review that got me buying Alpha watches. I don’t think that’s what John intended to happen.

  77. After reading this review and the subsequent comments, I, too, shall purchase an Alpha if for no other reason than to spite the douchebag who wrote the original review

  78. @James in MN

    You can compare accurancy with accurancy and everything with everything. 😀 Why spending 6000$ for a watch you have to allways care about to not harm it in anyway, when you can have a similiar looking fo just 1% of the prize? It is just meeting the demands.

  79. Ok, because of this article, I purchased the Alpha submariner clone for about 64 dollars shipped. Watch LOOKS amazing, if you want everyone to think you have a Rolex, this is your watch. One of the screws in the links was loose, watch fell off first day(thankfully on the rug)The watch ran fast for about a week, then kept good time. A month in the bezel popped off. It actually still had the peel off tape on it. I removed it and put it back on. The Lume is bright for a minute, but doesn’t last. After one year of very gentle use, the crown is stripped. I don’t know where to get a replacement. If you want a Rolex Homage I would suggest Seiko, Citizen, Casio or Invicta. I feel that the Alphas are just slapped together with little or no QC. Anyone else had issues? Maybe I got a lemon.

  80. Over 4 years on both of my Alpha’s are still going strong. Nothing has fallen off and both movements are still 100% in full working order and still keeping very good time. Either you were unlucky or I have been lucky! I really like my Alpha’s. They are still my main watches I wear daily and at weekends. The crown on both mine will do up very tightly, the logo even lines up on both as well!

  81. Wow John, You might be a good writer but you sure don’t know much about watches. Alpha makes a product that is a step or two above a Chinese REPLICA with a branded dial like Rolex. Some Alphas have Seagull movements.Some have Hand wind , really well made movements too. One of the most respected movements in Asia. They make genuine watches for Timex and other makers. For the money, most alphas are really made well. I have three and not one bit of trouble from any.

    I have 50 watches. 20 are genuine , the rest are Replicas. Alpha is as good as any low end watch around. Probably equal to the pseudo designer watches in the mall or better. Why would anyone expect more from a watch that costs $95.? Invicta is probably not much better quality than an Alpha. Sure, some of the bracelets are kind of chinzy but the whole watch isn’t as expensive as a good quality bracelet for a replica Rolex.. I agree, it’s no high end Seiko….but for the money, as an homage, compared to the high end replicas that cost $300. or $400. , they can hold their own.If you want a watch homage to Rolex and don’t want to spend the money on a Steinhart or a Dievas homage, Alpha is a great choice.That’s if you can handle the watch NOT saying Rolex or Omega. My Dievas 3646 Titanium California Dial homage to Panerai is so nice it makes no sense to buy a gen Panerai. BUT it costs far more than an Alpha does.For what they do, they make a nice low end homage watch. I have an Homage Paul Newman Panda Daytona Alpha. It cost $125. The real one is about $90,000, I’d rather break mine.

  82. The clasp patterned after the bracelet is a 1980s-mid 2000s Rolex thing. Alpha is just copying as faithfully as they can.

    Sandoz is an interesting one – Sandoz used to be a real Swiss brand (Swiss HQ, Swiss ETA, Swiss Made) but also has a far east wing. They aren’t alone – O&W is Swiss Made but buys cases and bracelets from China.

    I’ve always sort of wondered if Sandoz wasn’t a story a bit like NEC in the electronics world: The Chinese set up a clone NEC factory and ended up not just cloning products, but making whole new product lines that the real NEC didn’t even make.

  83. This is a terrible review and you have no idea what you are talking about. You should be ashamed of yourself for being so terribly unprofessional.

  84. This is a terrible review but as such, reviews are typically the author’s biased opinion and this is no different. I’ve had an Alpha GMT for about a year now and for the price point is a better watch than the reviewer is giving. It has solid end links, hack and hand winding and YES a GMT feature that works independently of the hour hand! The author knocks the watch severely for minor annoyances rather than specific, non-existent setbacks. So what the GMT hand doesn’t click over, it’s a $90 GMT watch that works. Some of its real pitfalls are the dodgy stem to movement…er…movement as there is a tiny bit of play that feels like stripped threads but that’s not the case, it’s just a poor fit. And it could have a tiny bit better water resistance but aside from those couple of issues, this watch is accurate, dependable, and robust.

  85. Where have all the comments gone? AGAIN. This review really did upset slot of people. My Alpha GMT is still going strong and everything works fine. It must be over 10 years old now. So my unmitigated crap has proved so far been quite the opposite. It still looks fantastic. It does amuse me how John gives it 1 out of 5 for style, I guess John also doesn’t care for the real Rolex GMT it was based on either?

  86. I saw one of these in a forum and went searching for real reviews. I was delighted to find one written by John Biggs!

    I’m just curious whether Alpha has updated the model in the past 10 years 😉

  87. You know exactly what your going to get with regards to styling if you are familiar with the Rolex models. I just received mine today. I bought it to experiment. I have a real GMT ceramic, black on black which I won’t dabble with yet strap wise. The watch, although not worth £80. (£50 tops I’d say) has allowed me to have a good mess around, apply a red, white and blue NATO as I’ve always wanted to do on a real Pepsi and I have a watch for silly occasions. The crown very erratic in adjustment and unstable, but I had none of the troubles mention and have it set. Treating life less seriously is worth a lot. It’s a copy, but it a bit of fun.

  88. I was fortunate enough to return this crappy watch.
    It lost 45 minutes in a single day. What a piece of sh#t.

  89. You claim GMT hand MUST click over at 1 hour intervals?

    “Australian Central Standard Time (ACST)” = UTC+9:30 or worse yet…
    “Australian Central Western Standard Time (ACWST)” = UTC+8:45

    That watch seems perfect for Australia or are we just weird down under?

    I’m actually steering away from ‘Proper” GMT watches when I discovered this ‘Fault’

  90. What if I want to set a time zone a 1/2 hour offset from my zone? At any rate, this is a minor annoyance at _most_. The fatal flaw is actually in the ridiculous price set by Rolex and other overrated brands–a price only gullible people would pay–and not in the Alpha.

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