These days, it can sometimes seem like watch brands try to outdo themselves (and each other) coming up with crazy, convoluted naming conventions for their models.  Robert Lex, over at Artego Watches, has gone a much simpler route – and I like it.

Quick, if the watch has a name of 500M, what do you think it’s intended purpose is?  That’s right, going splashing down in some deep water.  And, let’s get it out of the way – yes, it does truly have a 500m water resistance rating, it’s not just a marketing term thrown onto the watch.

Robert is a newer player in the market, but his goal is to bring affordable divers that are functional and reliable – both for divers, and those who want a lifestyle piece.  This guiding principle is even present in the case the watch comes in.  It’s actually a neoprene (velcro closure) pouch with a belt loop on it – handy for heading out on your next excursion.

So, for any mechanical watch, reliability starts with the movement, and here we’ve got no surprises – the tried-and-true Miyota 8215 (21 jewels, 21600 BPH, 40 hour power reserve).  I know there are many that might turn their nose up at the watch having “just” a Miyota in it, but for me, if the movement gets the job done, and is reliable, it’s good.  And of course, the 8215 hits both of those points.

And that’s where we’ll leave things for today.  Tomorrow, we’ll continue our tour around the watch.

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Last Update: June 26, 2012