When we last took a look at Bernhardt in September, we were just taking a look at some of the models in their catalog (specifically, the Sea Shark and Binnacle Anchor models).  Today, we’ve got the pleasure of bringing you a hands on review of the Anchor.

We were sent over a sample with the white dial and orange numerals that I liked so much in the previous post – and I like it just as much in person.  Between the sizing of the case (40mm, and on the thinner side) and it’s styling (reminiscent almost of a Rolex style case, isn’t it), it just plain felt right on the wrist.

And I think that the classic style is what really resonates with me.  It allows the watch to be a chameleon of sorts, working at the office, on the weekends, or even with a suit.  Of course, the design “twist” of the large (and lumed) indices definitely help keep the visual interest going.  (For a rundown of the rest of the specs, refer to our earlier post).

I did note one minor drawback, specific to this example.  With the white dial variant, the hands are black, with a strip of lume down the middle.  This makes them feel (well, look) narrower than they really are.  It wasn’t a major issue, and it’s definitely not something I see with the other dial variants.

It’s definitely not something that should stop you from picking it up – I just wanted to point out something that my particular set of tastes picked up on.  And, even with that, I’m probably still going to pick one up myself one day.  Frankly, at a price of $239 (Miyota 8215, sapphire glass, stainless case and bracelet, remember) it’s one heck of a bargain.  While I think this is a perfect watch for someone looking for their first automatic, I think it would be a great daily wear addition to many collections.

Oh, and if you agree with my assessment?  Keep an eye out – we’ll have a giveaway coming up for our review sample!

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Last Update: October 14, 2012