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REVIEW: Bomberg Semper




Today we’ll wrap up our review of the latest Bomberg models (previously, we look at the Maven and 1968 watches), with a look at their Semper model.


While I didn’t expect it when the samples arrived, this quickly became my favorite of the group (we reviewed ref. SP42CHPGD.BR0.1.LBR).  I think this was primarily due to the rose gold (or copper, depending on the lighting) tones used on the 42mm case and hands, as well as the deep brown on the dial.


As with the other models we reviewed, this is a quartz chronograph, powered by the Miyota OS21 movement.  The subdials for the chrono are right where you’d expect (want) them to be, presenting a nicely balanced dial.  This also means that you’ve got the (initially) busy-looking chapter ring on the outside of the dial ready for tachymeter (and/or telemeter) duties.


All of these various elements combined, along with the font used for the 12 and 6, make for a sort of nouveau-vintage feel with the watch (which if you put their ref. SP42CHSS.BE0.1.LBR on a brown strap, you’d have for sure).  I realize that particular style isn’t for everyone, but it just clicked for me.


There was one design element that I wasn’t as much of a fan of, however, and that is the handset.  At first blush, the polished, beveled, and hollowed hands are nice, and complement the other finishes.  In practice, however, they were more difficult to pick out against the dark dial than I would have hoped for.


Given the prevalence of white elements on the dial, I think a lume-filled handset would greatly increase readability during the day (as well as nighttime).  And this complaint is more specific to this model – most of the others in the lineup seem to have a better contrast.


As with the other models, you need to be in the right spot to see one of these up close.   If you’re near one of their stores, you can find the range (and try one on) between $495 and $580 (the rose gold model is this high-end price).



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