If you recall, we first brought you word of the new Boxer Watches brand last July.  While it took more than the month that we anticipated for obtaining a review sample, obtain one we have.


This watch is a skeleton piece that leans toward the dress end of the spectrum, due to the overall styling, as well as the 10mm thickness that the case has (kind of a surprise for an automatic, but it is thin).


One of the questions I originally had with this watch was readability.  While the white hands here do help them to stand out against the gold tones of the movement, I do wish that they were a bit wider, which would make it much easier to read the time in a quick glance.


Past that, I always find it a pleasure to see a mechanical movement working away.  With the presence of the gold tones (and embellishments), it does call to mind the movement (and display) that we showed you in this Armitron, though I don’t believe them to be the same movement.  Here, we have a movement known as the “Chinese Standard Movement“.


From my time with the Zeus, the movement kept time just as you would expect, though the rotor doesn’t seem to spin as smoothly as one would hope.  It didn’t impact the functionality, but it is indicative of the lower price point that the movement afforded.


In terms of styling on the 45mm case, I do like the scalloped sides, and how that extends through to the  the top bezel, allowing it to look like it’s floating a bit.  Obviously, that doesn’t carry through to the case back (for structural reasons), but it’s a nice detail to help the watch stand out.


So, will this watch stand out on your wrist?  It’s hard to say.  For me, I’m not as much of a fan of gold-tone stuff, so this watch isn’t quite a good fit for me.  Also, coming in at $180 (at current exchange rates), it would give me second thoughts, as there are other automatics at this pricepoint that have a smoother (and presumably higher-quality) action to them.


Additionally, there were some rougher spots in the case finish (I think from the cleanup after they were cast, but before plating) that, while not extremely noticeable (most were on the backside or in the lugs), it is present.  In short, it’s not one I’d necessarily purchase for myself – but if you’d like your own, you can head on over here and get yours.

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Last Update: March 18, 2013