Today, we’re going to take a look at a watch from Casio’s Baby G line, the BLX100-7B.  As this line, and this particular model, is most definitely not aimed at men, I’ve enlisted the help of my lovely wife to review this watch.

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To anybody with even a passing familiarity to the G-Shock line of watches, there aren’t a lot of surprises to be found.  It’s shock resistant (of course), water resistant to 200 meters and has a variety of stop watch and timing modes.  Also like any other (digital display) G-Shock, you have a very effective backlight.  In this case, it’s a white (not blue or greenish) backlight, keeping in style with the watch itself.

One unique feature of this particular model is the fact that it has a tide display.  After you input your longitude, it will display (above the time) the current tide level.  Here in the midwest, that’s not a particularly useful feature, but I suppose over on the coasts it might be more useful.

Now when my wife picked this watch out of the lineup to have a closer look at, she felt that this might be a good watch to wear to the gym or while out exercising.  And with a resin band, you might be tempted to agree.  However, this is not the rubbery resin band we might expect on a G-Shock.  Rather, it’s more of a shiny, plasticy resin.  While that’s not a bad thing, in and of itself, it places the watch more into the fashion camp that she would’ve preferred.

Also, to her tastes, she felt it would be too big, and too flashy, of a watch to be wearing in the office.  So, while it was an easy-to-operate watch, in the end, it wasn’t really one that my wife was wanting to add in to her collection.  My take on it?  They took a functional sport watch, and really have made it a fashion watch with some sport aspirations.

Of course, since it is a fashion watch, this is a harder one to judge.  While it’s not for my wife (or me), it could very well be for you, your spouse, or other woman in your life.  If so, this watch (or ones just like it in a variety of color combinations) can be had from Casio for a suggested MSRP of $89.

Our thanks go out to Nicole and the folks at Casio who gave us an opportunity to review this watch!

By Patrick Kansa

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