The Pathfinder PAG-80 looks like something Angelina Jolie would wear along with some short-shorts, a tank-top, and a rocket launcher. Essentially it’s a watch that looks like you can use it to start a nuclear war but is surprisingly elegant and easy to use.

The PAG-80 has three major features – a compass, an altimeter, and a barometer. These are relatively standard features on wrist computers and while the technology behind these features haven’t improved much over the years, they’re extremely useful in a pinch and quite fun to show off. It is also solar powered, ensuring you’ll never have to swap out a battery.

The real draw to this $250 beefster is the styling. While it won’t win any beauty contests, the Casio’s sport line looks great with board shorts. It also includes a world time feature and a great backlight for night visibility.


Could you use this watch in the wilderness? Sure. The compass feature is excellent. When activated, a cross appears on the crystal, pointing you north. The readout also displays your heading and bearing and also displays the current time. The compass display freezes after a few seconds. The functions are controlled by three buttons on the right side and you return to the main time screen with the grey button at 108 o’clock.


The barometer is a relatively accurate way to measure the weather and it also includes a temperature sensor which, obviously, requires you to take off the watch to sense anything other than your body heat. Finally, you have an altimeter, a feature which is always fun to show off at parties and, if not correctly calibrated, completely useless.


There is also a data recording function for keeping track of changes in altitude and weather along with a chronometer and countdown timer with a repeat function.

Overall the PAG-80 is a cool, affordable wrist computer for the adventure traveller. While you won’t want to wear it with a tux and tails, strapping it on in Marrakech or on your way up Mount Hood will keep you on time and headed in the right direction.

Product Page [Casio]

Quality: 4/5
Style: 3/5
Overall: 3/5

List Price: $247

PAG80-1 – $189 at Amazon.com
Casio Black Pathfinder Watch Resin Band PAG80-1

By John Biggs

John lives in Brooklyn and has loved watches since he got his first Swatch Irony automatic in 1998. He is the editor of WristWatchReview.

20 thoughts on “Review – Casio Pathfinder PAG-80”
    1. Received my watch 2 weeks ago, owned Suunto original watch for about 12 years, until it went out while swimming in Germany. So far this watch apppears to more to more durable and hope to have for just as long. Great and easy to use features along with being easy to read.

  1. I can’t laud Casio enough. I have had my dual sensor (no compass)Pathfinder for maybe eight years. It has analog (hands) and digital timekeeping in addtion to altitude, temp, weather & various timers. The increible thing is it’s accuracy; it only gains about ten seconds between daylight/standard time changes (six months is it?) so I need set it only twice a year. Wonderful, and comparatively inexpensive. I’m sure the PAG-80 is as good and the compass could be handy but I like the hands for time at a quick glance.

  2. hey, it aint cool for thin wrists, even for moderate!! buy it if u r shaq-like . coz, i bought one and everytime i wanted to wear, it was too embarrasing to see how big the watch is!!

  3. Somehow Casio seems to either neglacting or hiding size of their “big” watches. It would be great if you can measure the diameter and tickness (and if possible weight) put it in review.

  4. Casio has accomplished what high gear and suunto can’t touch with price and quality. I’ve owned both of the above mentioned and neither could take the punishment after 6 months. I have put mine through
    the test; hiking, climbing, saltwater fishing, and skydiving. This watch is used by AF pararescue after dumping the sissy ass overpriced suunto, we always crushed the face in on the suunto and the highgear is for the occasional outdoorsman. If u want a good price go to Sams wholesale and pay 168

  5. The PAG80 is a fantastic watch! I got mine at Sam’s Club as well and don’t regret it one bit. It’s a big watch (especially for those with small wrists), but very comfortable and it can take a beating. I looked at a couple of Suunto and High Gear models, but in the end the Casio PAG80 was the one for me.

  6. Got mine the other day at Sam’s…$170.00 (plus tax)…switched over from Suunto….loved them but have gone through 2 Suunto Advisors in the past 7-8 years. Thought I’d buy a Pathfinder this time… a bit different, but overall happy (so far)…I’m in the Army and will see how well the solar battery works out due to my uniform covering the face most of the day…over the years my Suuntos wouldn’t seal up well after a battery change, one good trip in the ocean and that was it…so like I said, will see how I like this one.

  7. Someone posted a nice video on YouTube that goes through the features and at the end shows it on someone’s wrist. I was debating about buying this watch but after seeing it on someone have decided it’s too bulky.

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