Special Forces 1000 UDT Chronograph

This is a serious piece of timekeeping machinery. Yeah, it’s quartz, but the Rambo factor of the watch earns the term “serious” in my book.

The PVD finish is well-executed and blacks out nicely. I was flipping channels the other day and came across a re-run of American Chopper on the Discovery channel and they were building the Commanche bike, based on military helicopter designs. This watch is like that bike – dark, foreboding, serious, and with a lot of attitude.

The face is busy, but is easy to read and the complications are easy to use. There is a screw-locked crown and pushers and screw-in back. The lume is good, although it’s not like a Luminox where you can mark out an LZ and signal Hueys in the middle of the night.

This watch is feature rich. There is a full chronograph with 1/10th second, 60 minutes, and 12 hour elapsed time with lap time. It runs on a ETA 251.262 quartz movement and is water resistant to 330m/1000 feet.

The buckle is expandable deployment and will pop out from your normal size to a larger size to accommodate a wetsuit.
The lumed hands are strong, sword-style with excellent visibility. The bezel is unidirectional, ratcheted 0-60 countdown and 360-degree compass heading marker bezel. I don’t have much experience with bezels, but I do have to say that the movement of this one feels a tad cheap. It feels “plastic-y” to me. This may be normal and I wouldn’t mark a lot off for it, but for the price they could have added a better bezel.

The weight is 6.2 ounces and you definitely know this watch is on your wrist, but in my opinion, that???s a good thing with a timepeice of this nature. I get a lot of queries about the watch and it???s perfect with a black cord sweater, dark blue jeans, pea coat, and black knit cap. With an outfit like that, and a watch like the UDT, you???ll feel like Mack Bolan, and you can pretend that the cellphone in your coat pocket is really a Colt Python as you stride amongst the bad guys.

Quality: 3/5
Style: 4/5
Overall: 4/5


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