Special Forces 1000 UDT Chronograph

This is a serious piece of timekeeping machinery. Yeah, it’s quartz, but the Rambo factor of the watch earns the term “serious” in my book.

The PVD finish is well-executed and blacks out nicely. I was flipping channels the other day and came across a re-run of American Chopper on the Discovery channel and they were building the Commanche bike, based on military helicopter designs. This watch is like that bike – dark, foreboding, serious, and with a lot of attitude.

The face is busy, but is easy to read and the complications are easy to use. There is a screw-locked crown and pushers and screw-in back. The lume is good, although it’s not like a Luminox where you can mark out an LZ and signal Hueys in the middle of the night.

This watch is feature rich. There is a full chronograph with 1/10th second, 60 minutes, and 12 hour elapsed time with lap time. It runs on a ETA 251.262 quartz movement and is water resistant to 330m/1000 feet.

The buckle is expandable deployment and will pop out from your normal size to a larger size to accommodate a wetsuit.
The lumed hands are strong, sword-style with excellent visibility. The bezel is unidirectional, ratcheted 0-60 countdown and 360-degree compass heading marker bezel. I don’t have much experience with bezels, but I do have to say that the movement of this one feels a tad cheap. It feels “plastic-y” to me. This may be normal and I wouldn’t mark a lot off for it, but for the price they could have added a better bezel.

The weight is 6.2 ounces and you definitely know this watch is on your wrist, but in my opinion, that???s a good thing with a timepeice of this nature. I get a lot of queries about the watch and it???s perfect with a black cord sweater, dark blue jeans, pea coat, and black knit cap. With an outfit like that, and a watch like the UDT, you???ll feel like Mack Bolan, and you can pretend that the cellphone in your coat pocket is really a Colt Python as you stride amongst the bad guys.

Quality: 3/5
Style: 4/5
Overall: 4/5



28 thoughts on “Review: Chase-Durer Special Forces Underwater Demolition Team Chronograph”
  1. The bezel is quality steel (not plastic) and has a solid movement. The hours and date can be set without stopping the second hand, allowing for daylight savings adjustment without losing seconds. The appearance is stealthy yet elegant. Overall, this is the best watch I have owned.

  2. I owned the UDT, I find the fact that you have to
    unscrew the pushpieces just a REAL pain. If you had to time something off in a hurry, your SOL! Also the little instruction booklet looks like it was photocopied at Kinko’s late after an all night drunk.

    Also, you have to be very cafeful about screwing down
    the pushpieces too tight, one of mine broke off! I bought it on ebay, and the guy said he WAS an authorized dealer….I really should of checked! One hundred and fifty bucks and 3 months later….

    On the positive side, it has a great chronograph, I love the oversize minutes hand to count elapse time with. Also it is ultra accurate! But I’d spend
    an extra eight hundred and get a Ball Hydrocarbon,
    because these are REAL exploration timepieces!


  3. Very confused concerning the 1000udt. The 45 mm XL version…the 42mm has been discontinued…has a 21 mm lug size and I could find no strap for this watch. Seems the Chase Durer has obligated the purchaser to use only the bracelet equipped with this watch. When I looked up the Air Assault Version, The pushers are no longer “lock down,” versions and one internet supplier complained that Case Durer does not notify them of changes in design…so the illustration is not always accurate on their site. I can’t find any consistent info on these models

  4. I’m bugging my wife to get one for me for my upcoming b-day. I’m planning to get one through e-bay, great price! We’ll have to use a little of our income tax returns for this piece. I hope I don’t run into the same problems Dan R. had.


  5. Wow. I have this watch and regret the purchase. It’s less than a year old and the watch stopped working AND a piece of the clasp fell off AND the bracelet finish is wearing off……for $900.00!!!

    I’ve sent it back for repairs, lets see what happens.

  6. This watch is a damn good bargain for the price.. The movement alone is 80.00$ if bought seperatley, i have noticed several people saying the PVD comes off, yes it’s PVD, it will never last for ever for this price. If you want a better PVD buy a 5-10k watch. This watch is so cool in the aspects of being Chase Durer, saying Underwater demolation team on the dial, and saying special forces, it is a great conversation peice, also the reason for the screw down pushers is to ensure the 1000 feet water resistancy of the timepiece, for the price of even 895$ it’s well worth it.

  7. I bought this watch about two months back. Nice looking. But, I sent it back because the luminescent feature would hold the glow for only about 20 minutes. Marianne Chase was very nice. ALL THREE of the men I interacted with made it very clear that they had better things to do than deal with me. So, I have had my replacement for about three weeks. SAME THING!!! So, although I haven’t need to look at a watch in the midst of a a tactical situation, there are regularly times I need to record event times. So, this watch does me no good in these situations. I don’t think it would be any good in an underwater, diving situation.

    Hope those of you who like it, enjoy it. For those of us who may actually depend on a watch for day-to-day operations in the field, this is not the watch!!

    Thanks for reading!!

  8. I dealt with Chase Durer 3X regarding a problem of my own making. SOme fellow there by the name of Joshua Farryman or the like was something out of a “Glengary Glennross” Jack Lemon presentation, trying to upsell, non-responsive, basically not all that easy with which to deal. I’d avoid this organization if possible.

  9. I bought the UDT 1000 as a gift for my father 2 father’s days ago. I bought it because he was an actual UDT/Navy Seal, and I just happened upon the watch at Brigade Quartermasters which is like an “Army Navy” type of store in Kennesaw GA. Anyway, Dad never got the watch, and I have worn it virtually every day for 2 plus years. I call it my “beater” watch, because so far(knock on wood) it has survived, 125ft dives, all types of construction work, yard work, cooking, painting, and the everyday life. It has never given me any problems. The black has worn of the bracelet in a few spots, and on the bezel highpoints. Crystal has no issues. Movement has no issues. The luminescence is okay, but not as good as my Luminox. I could see it fine at over 100ft so the practicality was fine for what it was made for, which is diving. I recommend it. It sure beats taking my Tag Monaco, or Rolex Yachtmaster in for service all the time. they come out for special days, and the UDT takes the beatings because it can.


  10. I done found my wife at the Club 1-2-3- during a Roman Puchinski lookalike contest because of this timepiece. She kept staring at it I thought she was staring at me or my crative organ. She said “I can tell a lot about a guy by the watch he has around his waste”. I had just returned from Kenya.

    She is now my ex-wife. Shucks. I miss my Bertha


  12. One of the finest watches I’ve worn in 24 years of active duty service. My UDT 1000 survived six IED blasts from 2005-2006 in Western Baghdad. Fortunately, my vehicle crew survived as well. When the battery finally died, I sent it to Chase-Durer and they serviced it, to include pressure testing it, all at minimal cost. Absolutely pleased with both the watch and the customer service!

  13. i have that watch too my mom and dad gave it to me as a birthday present last 2001. all the daily activities that a teenage does specially extreme ones like biking, airsoft, swimming etc. until now it still holds up fine ive change the batteries like 3 times now, i also had the same problem with the bezel breaking due to super tightening but i got a replacement and still feels like brand new, the illumination, motion everything but mine its got a lot of scratches on the bracelet but very minimal on the body and none on the crystal. really is a one hell of a watch. i got that lycra strap thing for like a 100plus dollars but it gave in for like 4 years. now after 9 years still no problems after that bezel.

  14. This company, Chase Durer, really needs some better customer service folks. Those to whom you speak are disinterested and not very helpful. One individual, to whom I directed a sincere concern, must have been watching a Ron Jeremy video while I was speaking with him. Either this was the case, or he is morbidly obese and ready to have an MI. The watch I own is okay, but nothing about which to write home. My brother is a Delta Airlines 777 pilot and graduated from the USAF Academy in 1980 and told me he has never heard of this brand. His dad bought him the “best pilot watch made”, which he states is a Rolex GMT Master, which he has owned, and regularly serviced, since 1983. The hype on this company’s website is just too much.

  15. I’ve had this watch for about 6 years now
    and have had to repar it many times.
    Pushers have fallen off,pushers stopped working and new guts installed and now the reset pusher died. I could have purchased a new one for what I’ve spent.
    I tried to contact chase drurer but no response, not good

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