So, in my various perusing of websites and forums, I became aware of a company, Crown & Buckle, that had some very interesting (and affordable) straps on offer.  So, after some discussions with them, they were kind enough to send over a strap for review.

C&B is based out of Florida, and take pride in the fact that everything they offer is under $50.  Unlike what you may think, though, this doesn’t mean that they’re of lesser quality.  For the leather straps, they’re made from English or Italian leather; they’re all hand-made, not mass-produced, assuring a consistent quality level.

And that brings us to the piece that they sent over – a black 22mm leather NATO made from calfskin. (Need to know what a NATO strap is?  Read up on it here).   The first thing that struck me when I opened the packaging was the scent of the strap.  It had the strong, clean scent of good leather – not the vaguely chemical smelling “leather” that you sometimes find from other brands.

I paired the strap up with the Obris Morgan I have on hand (review: pt 1 and 2).  While the watch itself is a very affordable automatic, the straps is came with were lacking.  However, once paired up with this new strap, it definitely went up a few notches on the class scale in my book.

The leather itself is thin and quite supple.  While thinner than other leather bands I’ve had, it feels plenty sturdy – and it helps it from being overly bulky.  That, in turn, made it an eminently comfortable strap to wear over the course of the day.

If you’re looking for a NATO, and are tired of the various striped nylon options out there, what C&B has is what you need to take a look at.  Their leather options come in several colors, and in three widths (18mm, 20mm and 22mm), priced at either $18 or $22.  In my mind, if you have a watch that’s always riding a NATO, changing to a leather option will be a worthy upgrade for the winter.

If you agree, and like what C&B has on offer, then this is your lucky day.  They’ve given us a discount code for your use, dear reader, that will net you 15% off any item that’s not already on sale.  Said code is watchreview, and is good through the end of the month.

Our thanks to Crown & Buckle for sending the strap over for review, and for helping out our readers pick up a new strap (or five)!


ByPatrick Kansa

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21 thoughts on “REVIEW: Crown & Buckle Leather NATO”
  1. I have a light brown one of these as well as a black one that I wear almost daily and love

    But- just a word of warning- their NATO straps may not have the metal pieces (the retainers?) in the same place as other bands. So if you are used to folding your extra bit of strap over in a certain spot from other brands, theirs may not do it in the same way.

    for example, I wear mine like in the attached pic- and fold the extra length outward and then under both retainers, which fit it perfectly. But with the other NATOs from C&B, I need to fold it inward and the strap won’t reach the 2nd metal piece.

    A minor nitpick- but something to be aware of.

    Otherwise, great merchant, fast shipping and really nice people– (not trying to stir up something)

  2. I only got one word about Crown & Buckle’s products and service: EXCELENT!!!

    Carlos Martins
    Santos/SP, Brazil

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