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page0_blog_entry16_1.jpgGiven our penchant for EBay brands, here’s a nice review of a “$4,000” fly-back date sold for… $76.

If you are skitish or offended by the crazy retail sales price, go get another watch. But if you can pick one up for less than $100 I think you may be surprised. I’m sure there are lemons, and there are plenty of horror stories, but hey, if you are buying a watch that purports to be of greater value than your paying you may want to think about why that’s possible. In Duboules case, they are Chinese made, imported and auction sold, and cheaper than many reportedly better made watches out there.

Duboule 1620 Broughshane automatic flyback date review [Mimezamac]

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  1. Had mine for over a year now, get lots of positive comments, most think it is a much higher value than what I paid, wear it everyday in all conditions and still looks new (ie. unscratched/marked)and runs absolutely fine. Very happy considering what I bought it for and what else you get for that kind of money; battery powered and average looking.

  2. I got one of these 3 months ago for $70, and love it. I live in Japan, and to check it out, I walked into the most expensive watch retailer in town. Places like that routinely ignored me before.

    This time, one of the senior salesmen was all over me, I was ogling $20,000 Zenith diver’s watch (good to 1000 meters), and he insisted I try it on. After a moment he commented that my Duboule was a nice watch. I scoffed, and said it’s a cheap watch. He thought I was being modest, and didn’t believe me.

    I am sure if I was wearing a Fossil watch or some other cheap thing, I never would have been able to wear that Zenith. Not without insisting.

  3. Bought this watch off of ebay. I think whoever makes these cheap watches just made up their own website to try and sell them. I have seen one and WOW El Cheapo Deluxeo. Very thick because of the inexpensive parts, heavy to. Look at an Omega or a similar watch that as the same functions and will be much thinner and lighter. Also the push button day and date change….cough cheap cough. These may cost 6 bucks to make. if you more than 20 you are getting ripped off by some guy who sells these $3000. on EBAY. NOT IN ANY STORES ANYWHERE just ebay. Stinks of scam artist to me. Go buy a real watch not these pieces of crap

  4. i bought the duboule helshan off ebay over a year ago and it’s an amazing watch. still works like a charm after some severe bangings, haha. I get 10 times more compliments with this watch then i ever got with my armani watch that i paid like 3-4 times more for. All in all i know they arent worth what the website says, but they are deffinitly worth the money.

  5. everything that is said about this manufacturer is true. MSRP is fake. websites are bogus. made in china. cheap price. the only problem is: it’s a quality watch! the only time i have to adjust it is for daylight savings. i now have a dumfries after my myshkin got stolen by some lucky bastard. i owned these for a year and a year and a half, respectively. i got one for my dad a year ago – he loves it. neither one of us has ever had any problems with these three watches. i wear mine every day and it’s been beat up: dropped, snagged on corners, hit with objects, etc. still looks great, keeps time like the NIST. one of my company’s owners lavishly complimented me on it. the girl i’m seeing commented on it the day i met her. so, what do YOU look for in a watch? style? quality timekeeping? is brandname as important as those two factors? not to me.

  6. They freakin got me! I payed a little bit over $100 dollars for it, and it turns out that I got jacked!!!!
    Anyways, beware of the items that are sold on ebay or property room. Seriously!

  7. Don’t let the thickness or weight fool you. I just tried on a Cartier Roadster…very thick, very heavy, so that won’t tell you much about the quality. If you like the watch and it works, then there is nothing to complain about…unless you paid the MSRP! They are probably worth $40-$80 just like the other SCAM brands: Bernoulli, SUG, and Wohler.

  8. I just purchased a Duboule watch on Ubid. Oops! But where else can you buy a 28 jewel automatic movement for under $350?
    The only complaint I have about my purchase is the country of origin is purported to be Switzerland. If this is the case, and I’m not satisfied with the watch, I will look into taking legal action.
    Ubid claims they investigate all of the seller’s claims. I sure hope they did.
    The claimed MSRP of this watch is $5995. That, of course, is BS.
    Wish me luck. (maybe my credit card won’t go thru, LOL)


  10. Damn Son! I dun paid the bin $2200 and now i finds this site. I thought I was straight up gettin a Swissy but I ends up with some chink junk. Yall don’t know how many rocks I had to sling to get that kinda cash!

  11. G’day from Down-Under,

    I just stumbled across this site from google. I am a long term watch collector of high-end genuine Swiss watches. First up the comment from Nick G as follows… (Very thick because of the inexpensive parts, heavy to. Look at an Omega or a similar watch that as the same functions and will be much thinner and lighter). Well Nick G, I would say that you have never owned a genuine Omega Seamaster etc. They are very heavy, as is any genuine high-end Swiss watch. Inexpensive parts make a watch lighter, not heavier! That’s whhy when you buy a cheap Bali knock-off of a Rolex submariner or similar, it is light.

    I cannot comment on the Duboule brand for it’s quality as I have not seen one in the flesh. But after seeing their website, it is obvious they are well over-priced like many others. But they do look like a nice watch and if you can pick one up for a cheap price grab it.

    Otherwise, if you want a REAL genuine Swiss watch for a reasonable price look at Festina, Invicta or Chase-Durer etc. But they also have good models and not so good models.

    Anyway, that’s my say. Cheers.

  12. I pimp like a mac, yo its straight whack, when it comes to Duboule watches I buy them by the stack! I wear it to work, I wear it to play, I bought mine 2 years ago and it still works today! Yeah west coast nug!

  13. I bought a duboule app3 yrs ago. The prevous comments range from like to hate,but I havn’t had any trouble with mine.When I wear it every day the functions are accurate.Look good on the wrist and weight isn’t a problem.

  14. I bought 11 of these watches (different models) off ubid about 3 years ago. Price ranging from $85- to $300-. I gave them away as chritmas presents to family and kept two for myself. I know the company website and msrp are BS, however, these have been quality watches with no problems at all. They have kept time exceptionally and still appear new. We all get comments on them and most people think they cost much more than I paid.

  15. nice watch for the money I like it comfortable i think it is a bit better than the 400-500 dollar seikos but it is comfortable good looking great price on ebay and pretty good watch all around

  16. i got one off ebay 4 years ago and it still runs really well and the compliments have been amazing.
    You dont have to spend thousands to get a descent watch.

  17. Wow, what a blend of opinions. I was an earlier comment, mine still goes perfectly. Can’t complain about the price and have had a watchmaker service it recently ($30). Said the quality of the metal internally was not to european standard, but the watch had been assembled well and would last 30 years with servicing (every two years or so).
    Some of the comments are totally based around brand and pose value. If you have a watch that was a good price, goes well for years and people (and yourself) likes the look of it, who gives a shit.
    If you want a Rolex, buy one, but don’t whine on about a cheap effective option that’s not trying to be a fake Rolex, its called whatever, DuBoule in this case, and the web price is BS, but so are thousands out there.

  18. The Duboule brand, like Arbutus and many other such “generic” brands is just another example of where the Chinese watchmaking industry is presently heading; right into the heart of the Swiss and Japanese mid price market, and with no apologies!
    Like most things in the Chinese industrial model there is a colossal amount of deception, dishonesty and downright criminal activity but that does not always or necessarily equate to poor performing or sub standard product.
    As a Swiss watch collector for the past forty years, (and now living up to five months a year in China) I have to admit to being seduced by, in my view, the surprisingly high quality and value for money some of these brands offer.
    If you can dismiss the total nonsensical claims of the manufacturers recommended prices and set your maximum price limit at a say $40-$50, you might just find that you have landed yourself a watch that will out perform almost all of it’s Swiss and Japanese counterparts at a tenth of the price.

  19. I just bought a Doboule Watch for 125$ from ubid.com’
    It is a really nice watch. Hello don’t expect to buy a Cartier or Omega for that much. That’s how much a link from the band cost. I own lots of watches including Rolex. I never got a compliment when i wear my rolex for real. I get more compliments with the cheap watches. The wathes i own are rolex,sector,seiko,locman,casio,valentino,activa and many others. I think ubid.com sells good watches they look good quality, don’t care if is made in china they look good quality.

  20. I have got one of Duboule watches , at the begining it looked very beutiful watch , I like it , everyone look at it and they think it costs more than 500 $ but , I’m facing some problem currently , the watch stop off itself I don’t know whay it alway stops between 12.oo to 3.3o and then works propebly , does anyone have an experiance in such a problem .. and how did you fix it .. ??

  21. I love all the posts. I recently found these “poser” brands and the look great, and pretty much, all I am after is function and look. I purchased a Louis Richard watch and the look is fantastic and hope the functionality is at least comparable. I love the people that hate on it just because the generic websites claim that they are worth a fortune. It is BS, we all know, but the “$900” watch I just purchased for$25 is great. I say, don’t bitch about not doing your own research prior to purchasing. If you don’t do your homework, you’re the one to blame for being made a fool. Anyway, I just wanted to put in my 2 cents. Thanks everyone!

  22. I find it funny that in my own experience with using many watches as both a mechanic and a welder…I get laughed at.
    The jeweler who I did business with told me something very profound one day. He said, “I see you driving in here in your 13 year old Toyota Camry, why is that?”
    I answered him, “because it runs…and runs…and runs…and runs…and…(you get the idea)”
    He said, “why do you not own a Rolls or a Ferrari? I know you could buy an old BMW or Benz around here, people cannot give them away.”
    I answered him, “I love the ride of a 7 series BMW, but I want to DRIVE the car, NOT work on it.”
    He smiled. “Why do you not take the same attitude towards watches?”

    If these watches are anywhere near as good as the 50.00 Seiko 5’s I can get off Ebay, they will really catch on. They surely look like a quality unit.

    I wonder what some of you would say about my favorite watch…the 5 model Seiko?

  23. Seiko 5’s, love em. Some reports say they can go 20 years without a service, perfect!
    Also bought one for Dad for his 70th, which he loves.
    Answer for Mohammed, I got my Duboule fixed and serviced by a local watchmaker recently after I caught it in the car door, didn’t cost much at all for a full service and repair ($90 here in New Zealand. Watchmaker said that any tradesman worth his salt could do it as they are relatively well put together basic units. Hope that helps

  24. I just lost a bid for a Duboule Thornhill /Black-Silver on ebay. For the $50 plus H&S I was bidding it would have made a great addition! The other watches I am currently obsessing over in the Duboule line are; Walton /Silver White Leather, Glasgow /Black, Dublin /Silver White Bracelet. I will get one soon. I really like this site for the information on the brand and other sordid details of ownership.
    I just won a Tremont Autodate B last week for just under $45. This is my first automatic. It’s a neat watch, in the price range, in a style I have wanted for a long time. Hope it lasts and thanks for the tips on maintenance. I go along with the opinion that a fun functional watch doesn’t have to cost a fortune.

  25. I bought an Invicta Pro Diver Quartz from Shop NBC.com for $79 and a Duboulle Walton for the same amount from the same company’s auction site.
    the Invicta which I’ve had for a few months quit running three times (the first time was just days after I bought it). Twice after I had the battery replaced to see if that was the problem. The Duboulle has been flawless in the month I’ve had it. I’ve had very good feedback from others who have seen the Duboulle on my wrist. The comment about the Duboulle’s weight being a negative, I do not agree with. I also own a Breitling Colt which is heavy and pricy amoung others. The Duboulle is a very nice looking watch and for the price I paid, a deal.


  27. Bought one 4 years ago and its still ticking away just fine, still keeps great time and still looks great.
    Would buy another one any time.

  28. Bought 3 of these. All running well, one of the stainless straps broke so I swap the watches around.

    Lots of compliments, I am having a bet with my Dad about how long they will last. His crappy Tissot has already died. His Brietling may give these a run for their money…

    So far worth every freeken penny, hilarious, a Rolex will be my next but these have been awesome!!

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