Have you heard of the phrase, it’s 11:11, so make a wish?  I think it’s safe bet to say that the folks at ElevenEleven had heard of it (admission , I know they have, as it’s on the back of the watch).  They’ve been around since 2009, and focus their pieces towards the fashion side of the spectrum.  This is accomplished through the use of vivid colors, colored aluminum cases, or shiny straps.

The particular model we were sent over is the SMS1107(older version can be seen here).  This is a basic three-hander model, with some visual interest all it’s own.

First off, you’ve got the varied hands.  Sometimes, with all three hands being different, it can look like it’s not collected; here, I think the variance works well.  Sizing on the hands is just about right as well, making for a perfectly legible watch.  That is, until the lights go down.

There’s no lume on the hands (or the dial), which seems like an oversight, given the perfect spots on the hands for it to appear.  I should also note that our sample shows the current design of the dial (logos have changed, etc), whereas their website will show older designs.

Moving over to the strap, they were a mixed bag for me.  On one hand, I do like that they included two straps with the watch, and I really liked the fact that they’ve got little nubs on the pins that make for quick strap changes.  On the other side of the coin, I just wasn’t feeling the shiny finish on the straps (but perhaps that’s just me).

Last, but not least, you’ve got the 47mm brushed steel case that fits on the wrist well, though you do notice it’s size.  This holds the mineral crystal in place, wrapping up the quartz movement inside.

I think the target for this watch is similar to what I said on yesterday’s review of the ToyWatch – some who wants a flashier, reliable, time piece. ElevenEleven ups the ante a bit with the size of the case, but it’s still the same segment, basically.  To pick one up, you’ll need to head to one of a variety of brick-and-mortar stores, or one of a handful of online suppliers.

If these are of interest to you, your local Barney’s might actually be the better choice – there are a lot of color combinations available, so you may want to check them out in person.  List for the watches is just a hair under $300, but they can be found for closer to $140 online.

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  1. I love this watch.because to really make a statement in fashion it should be a quiet loud statement. what kind of watch is that ? 11:11 make a wish its limited you go figure.

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