Yesterday, we started talking about the SPV1 strap from GasGasBones, and covered the quality of the materials and the build.  We also looked at why this is better than what you’re likely to find in the store – and that’s where we’ll pick things up today.

Another nicety over anything store-bought?  You’ve got a lot more options when it comes to the build.  First off, you’ll get a strap that’s the proper length for your wrist (provided you know your wrist size).  Second, you’ve got some interesting options for tags that you can have sewn on (you can see the choices here).  Finally, you’ll have it sized properly to your lug width (20 or 22mm) – none of this “fits 18-22mm” nonsense.

For my review, I paired it with the Tawatec EO.  The strap has a rugged feel to it, which pairs nicely with the watch.  With the Velcro, you’re able to get the exact right fit for the strap – it’s not going to be just a tad too loose, or a skosh too tight.  As Goldilocks said, it’s “just right”.  That proper sizing goes a long way towards making this a very comfortable strap.

Of course, that sort of quality in a custom, hand-made strap doesn’t come cheap.  Inclusive of shipping, you’re going to be looking at somewhere around $50, depending on how the exchanges rate fall.  Frankly, I feel that its worth it for what you’re getting, especially if you’re looking for something to travel with you in the outdoors, or your fingers have trouble with regular strap/buckle combinations.

You can order your own here, or browse any of the other varieties on offer here.

By Patrick Kansa

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