It’s no secret that we’re definitely fans of various models in the Hamilton lineup (see our previous reviews here).  Aside from what we’ve reviewed, I’ve always liked the efforts that went into their surprisingly thin (for housing automatic movements) cases – and today, we’ll be reviewing one of those models.


The model in question is, of course, the Intra-Matic Auto (our review sample is Ref. H38475731), which hearkens back to a simpler era in the watch industry, both in terms of the design and the aesthetic involved.  And though the look of the piece may be retro, the movement housed inside definitely is not.  Hamilton has put the ETA 2892-2 movement inside, so there shouldn’t be much worry when it comes to accuracy or reliability.


So, with the automatic, we’d normally expect a thicker watch, or at least a sizeable bump in the caseback, right?  Here, however, the watch measures in at only around 7mm thick.  Combined with the 38mm diameter of the stainless steel case (a 42mm variant is available as well), you’ve got a very compact and easy to wear watch.


For the retro elements to the design, you’ll find a curved dial and hands (which I had not experienced up close before, very visually interesting), stick indices, the “throwback” Hamilton logo (which nicely balances the date display) and the textured (yet somehow still simple) leather strap.


All told, this is a very tight and tidy package, and is definitely ready to be your go-to dress watch, or what you’re wearing into the office.  One item of note – there is no seconds hand (central or otherwise), which may throw you for a bit.  Of course, if you’re ever wondering if it’s still running, it’s a great opportunity to put it to your ear and hear that high-beat movement working away.


At an asking price of $845 for the 38mm (the 42mm runs a bit more), this is a great value for the money, considering the movement that they’ve placed into the watch.  If you’re looking for a dress watch, or even just an ultra-thin automatic that won’t break the bank, you owe it to yourself to check this one out.


If you’d like to read more about this watch, check out what James Stacey had to say about it right here.

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