Ingersoll Pittsburgh (8)Last week, we started our tour through some of the newer Ingersoll models that are coming out this year; today, we”ll pick things up with one of the more colorful models I”ve looked at from them.

Ingersoll Pittsburgh (10)

The watch in question is the Pittsburgh, and this is a watch that gets noticed (literally – I had random people commenting on it when I was wearing it).  This is partially due to the massive 50mm case, but I think it”s also due to it”s use of colors – rose gold, brown, and orange (at least on our ref. IN1301BRG).  These colors lend a sort of retro/70″s feel to the piece, which while not my particular cup of tea, it does work well together.

Ingersoll Pittsburgh (6)

But back to that size.  As you can see from the pictures, this is a massive case – so if you”ve got a wrist under 7″, this very likely is not the watch for you.  The size does afford some clever touches on the sides of the case.  If you take a look, you”ve got a scaffolding of sorts that you can see through to the inner case, allowing for that rose gold tone to come through.  In some ways, it was reminiscent of the Refined Hardware  pieces.

Ingersoll Pittsburgh (5)

The wide leather strap, while flexible enough at the ends, is very stiff at the lug side – so don”t expect it to bend to fit your wrist.  That said, the rigidity is likely to get the tight fight at the lugs, as well as preserve the lines you have coming off of the case.  In that regard, it”s a clean bit of assembly.  Now, on to the dial.

Ingersoll Pittsburgh (12)

As with the Bison 42 model we looked at last week, we have another faux-chrono presentation here, with day (at 9 o”clock) and date (3 o”clock) subdials, as well as a day/night (or 24-hour indicator) coming in at the 6 o”clock position.  Further compounding the faux look is the tachymeter scale printed on the bezel, as well as the odd insets that look as if they might move, but don”t.

Ingersoll Pittsburgh (11)

In this regard, it”s really pushing the look a bit much.  I would prefer if they”d omit the scale on the bezel, and just rely on inset buttons for setting the day and date.  Then again, perhaps that”s just me (let us know in the comments what you think!).  For the hard specs on the watch, we”ve got the following:

  • 50mm stainless steel case
  • Caliber 526 automatic mechanical movement
  • 50m water resistance rating
  • Leather strap

Ingersoll Pittsburgh (9)

This particular model comes in at a price of $424 over on Amazon () PRICE, which can be found HERE.  While this isn”t the watch for everyone, if you”re looking for a big (and particularly brown) watch, this one may be right up your alley.

Ingersoll Pittsburgh (3)

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  1. Crappy lume and the day-night indicator looks like a $5 watch from Hong Kong. They should call this one the Pittsburgh Steamer.

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