Yesterday, we started taking a look at the third Ingersoll model we’ve reviewed recently, the Richmond.  Today, we’ll pick up things where we left off, and have a look at the dial design.

As we also saw with the Bison model, this dial presents as a chronograph (as do the pushers), but it truly isn’t.  The subdial on the left reflects the day of the week, and the one on the right tells us the month.  Given that we already have the large date display up top (that nicely balances the balance wheel), I think these could be removed in a future iteration.

It would provide for a cleaner look to the dial, and allow for the pushers to be cleared out, leaving us with the nicely oversized crown for setting the date and time (and to wind the movement).  Then again, perhaps that just me.  Let me know in the comments below if the month/year subdials are something you’d like on a watch like this.

The dial issue aside, I did take a shine to this piece.  It’s a well thought out watch, and it feels more compact than the dimensions would suggest.  I also liked how the lugs are handled on this – visually they’re interesting, and they do seem more like an extension out of the case, rather than an afterthought.

And of course, any time you can see a mechanical movement at work (without having to flip the watch over), that’s another big plus in my book.  Frankly, that’s part of the appeal of a mechanical – hearing (and at times, seeing) that tiny little machine doing it’s work on your wrist.  Here, it’s nicely placed in the midst of a visually interesting texture.

While the model currently retails for $410, you can find it for under $300 over on everyone’s favorite river.  And, should you want something to co-ordinate with your brown and navy suit, you could opt for the brown variant, the IN1800CR.  Either which way, it’s a nice watch that shakes up the design a bit (and seems like a good deal at those Amazon prices).

Great texture on the dial



  1. I don’t know that I would remove the month and day of the week indications (as they do provide additional information). But I do agree that they give a “fake chrono” look to the watch. Perhaps they should be more honest about it and make the day of the week have day name abbreviations vice numbers. Since day and month are not often set (assuming you keep your watch wound) the chrono style pushers could be replaced with flush pusher buttons. I think that would give it a more honest and intentional look and avoid the chrono wannabe issue.


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