Since we’ve taken a look at the Orange Monster for the past few days, I thought it would be fitting to also have a look at a replacement strap that I picked it up for it – the Maratac Extreme Composite watch strap.

Let me just say off the bat – I’ve not had any issues whatsoever with the stock rubber strap on the Monster.  This replacement is just something I came across on one of the forums, and when I saw the color combo, I just felt I needed to give it a go.

The Maratac strap is just slightly shorter than the stock strap, but just barely so.  It fits quite well on my 7.25″; I’ve got five more openings in the strap for adjustment as well (for instance, if ever needed to wear it over a sleeve).  What this means for you is this – if your wrist is under 7″ in circumference, it’s going to be a bit too big.  Over 7″, though, and you’re in business.

So, what of the composite name?  Obviously, the strap is composed of a couple of different materials.  Try as I might, I was not able to tell what it’s actually made out of.  In the closeup pictures, you can tell there’s a texture – which leads to a smooth, yet grippy, feel on the wrist.  The grip is where I ran into a slight problem.

When you push the strap through the keepers, it almost wants to stick on itself, making it more difficult than, say, a leather strap, to slide through.  Once it’s in place, though, those keepers aren’t going anywhere, which is an extra bit of peace of mind.

If you search the web, you can find these generally around $20, available in 20, 22, and 24mm widths (straight or notched), and in a variety stitching colors (black, yellow, blue, white, red or orange).  While not as polished looking as a leather strap, nor as purpose-driven as a rubber strap, this composite should serve you well as a pleasant middle ground.


  1. Interesting, I just purchased this exact strap last week to go with my orange Bremont MBII. It’s a great strap and an incredible value at just $20.00. Great service too. I ordered it on a Monday and had it in my mailbox on Wednesday. I bought a couple go NATO Zulu straps too — great products at a fair price.

    • Let me know if the keepers seem a bit snug for threading the strap through on yours, would you? Curious if this is just a function of the material, or if mine is a manufacturing variant.

      • In my opinion, the fixed position keeper on mine is just right, snug but not overly difficult to thread — some noticeable fabric friction but as you said, it gives some piece of mind it’s not going to slide around. The adjustable keeper is actually a little loose, but stays in place nicely because of the friction when on the wrist.

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