If you’ve spent any amount of time on the web looking for watches, you’ve undoubtedly run across a new trend, which consists of quartz movements matched up with easily swapped silicone bands.  Today, we’ll take a look at what these are actually made up of, courtesy of some samples sent over from Modify.

When your watch is shipped, it’ll ship with each face and strap packaged seperately, so there is some assembly required.  Slipping the face into the strap is fairly straight-forward, and the face does lock into the strap (in a manner of speaking), so there’s not much concern with losing part of the watch.

Now, on to the watch face itself.  It should go without saying that, at $25 per face, these are quartz movements.  With the sample I had, it did a perfectly fine job of keeping time with accuracy – though it is a louder movement.  In other words, if this is on your nightstand, you’ll be hearing it when you go to sleep.  Provided that’s not a show stopper for you, you’ll have a choice of of 13 different faces, in two different sizes (28mm Mini or 35mm Classic).  Of course, if it is out when the lights go down, there is lume on the hands, so you can still tell the time.

Next up would be the strap.  I found it to be perfectly comfortable, and held things snugly on my wrist.  I will note that the strap does add a bit of bulk to the watch itself.  This can be beneficial if you’re going for a bold statement on your wrist, but could be a distraction if you’re trying to fit it under a shirt cuff .  And here again, we have a variety of color choices.  There are 8 colors in the Classic line ($15), and an additional 5 in the Limited Edition ($20).

Our review unit here is actually the version 2.0 that Modify has on their page, which offers up somewhat sleeker straps (as compared to version 1), and adds water resistance to the watch itself.  In short, very worthwhile improvements over the original.

Are these watches that you’ll pass down for generations?  No, and that’s not the market these are aimed at.  However, If you’re the sort of person who likes to mix and match with some regularity, or would just like to “build” a watch that conforms to your own color scheme, then Modify would be a great, low-cost way to scratch that itch.




  1. Thank you for this great review! Really great job talking about the benefits of the product. I think the only 2 things I’d share is that 1) we have two sizes (the mini is about 20% smaller than the Classic and 2) We add new designs every few weeks when our fans tell us what to make. Hoping to have the Beatles watch soon too!

    We’re pre-tty excited about feedback (constructive especially) so please do reach out.


      • indEEd. I gotta read more clearly 🙂

        And for the giveaway, if it works for you guys, I’d like to let the winner choose any face and 2 straps of their choice… that way you can keep your set and we can make sure the winner gets a set that she or he is excited about. Let me know if this works!

  2. Depending on the 13 colors of the strips – I can see this watch as an inexpensive way of having a color coordinated wrist watch for one’s wardrobe.

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