We features watches here from all over the world, but it’s not too often that we have one come on down from Canada for a review (most recent example was from Novo); the fine folks at Momentum Watch have decided to help us up that percentage.

The watch we’ll be looking at is their Vortech GMT model, which has the distinction of having the most main dial hands that I’ve reviewed (count ’em – there’s four!).  Of course, any watch person worth their salt knows this means you’ve got some additional complications at work under the hood.

Before we get to that, I need to cover the company briefly, as you may not have heard of them.  Momentum is actually part of the St. Moritz brand, and they’re no fly-by-night operation.  They’ve been around in North America since 1980, and have had a lot of success in scuba-oriented gear.

And now, back to the watch!  First off, lets look at the hand that is called out in the model name.  The GMT hand is the yellow one, and is set by the use of the upper pusher on the case.  To set, you pull the crown out, and then hold down the button as the hand circles around the dial to your desired time.

The GMT time is denoted on the inner bezel  around the dial, and denotes the 24 hour cycle the hand rotates through.  I should also note that this is a true GMT function.  In other words, when you adjust the main time, the GMT hand does not move.  So, as you travel about (crossing time zones like a true jet setter), you can have the GMT hand always showing you the time at home, without additional adjustment.

And, unfortunately, that’s where we need to cut things for today. Tomorrow, we’ll pick up the tour by checking out that second auxiliary hand on the dial.


  1. This is one of 2 watches they just released at Momentum. The other is the Titan III Alarm Chrono which is by far the nicest piece they’ve ever released. I hope to see you guys reviewing that one as well!

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