We’ve looked at a couple of different MTM models over the last few months; today’s gives us yet another unique presentation, and brings along one of my favorite features from the first model from them that I looked at.

The particular model that was sent over is the Silencer, in black, on a rubber strap.  To look at it, you’d think it’s just like any other analog watch out there in the market.  A closer look (plus familiarity with our earlier reviews) will reveal there’s more than meets the eye.  For instance, why are there four separate pushers, along with the crown?

It’s when those screw-down pushers get pressed that the true functionality of the watch comes into play.  So, it makes sense that we’ll cycle through them in the order that MTM has labelled them; the first pusher is the one at 2 o’clock.  When pushed once, it will trigger the digital display to show the time (can be independently set from the analog hands); a second press will show you the date.

The second pusher, at 4 o’clock, is what you use to get into setting modes for all of the various functions (time, date, timer, alarm, etc).  The third pusher, at 8 0’clock, has a very simple primary function – enable the two LEDs embedded in the dial.  Unlike the more bulbous LED we saw in earlier models, these appear to be more along the lines of a surface mount LED, and are more flush with the dial.

The LEDs themselves have two modes – either a steady on (last 60 seconds), or a blinking pattern (stays on for one hour).  One neat bit of this functionality comes into play when you first trigger the lights on – they come on at a dimmer setting. This allows you time to turn the watch away from your eyes a bit before the full-intensity of the light kicks in.  Minor, sure, but still a nice design feature.

To learn what that last pusher does, you’ll need to tune in tomorrow!

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