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REVIEW: MTM Silencer (Part 3)



For the past few days, we’ve been taking a look  at the Silencer from MTM.  We’ve run through how the major functions are controlled, as well as the multitude of those functions.  Today, we’ll wrap up the review.

In reviewing my previous posts, I realize that I didn’t state what the crown is for.  While I could assume that you can figure that out, I figure I’ll play it safe.  Suffice to say, that crown is used to set the time displayed by the analog hands on the watch.  Unlike the pushers, that’s all that in controls, no other hidden settings.

All in all, I liked just about everything with this watch.  The one part I wasn’t a fan of was the rubber strap that it comes on.  For starters, with the “dive ripples” in it near the case, it makes the watch, as a whole, feel a lot bigger and bulkier than it truly is.  Second, while it was comfortable enough in daily wear, it started looking smudged very quickly.  By smudged, I mean that it picks up dust and lint very quickly, forming a very thin film, almost, on it.  This is easy enough to clean off, but it does detract some if you’re not diligent in that regard to keep it clean.

Of course, if you were going to test out the 100m water resistance, that strap will be about the best choice for holding it in place over the sleeve of your wetsuit, right?  But, if you’re like me and not likely to be diving any deeper than the local pool goes, perhaps one of the other options (neoprene or ballistic nylon, or stainless bracelet) would be a good choice.

In the end, this is another solid entry from MTM in the tactical watch market.  And if you confine your search to just within their catalog, the models we’ve reviewed, including this Silencer, give you a nice bit of variety, while all keeping within the same tactical theme.  If you do hone in on the Silencer, be ready to being about $900 to the counter to take one home.


  1. I have one of the original Silencer watches from MTM and I love it. Had a few issues with it in the begining with the screws falling out but nothing a little lock-tight couldn’t fix. Also, every time I have had an issue with my watch, MTM has been outstanding in fixing the problem. Absolutely a great company. When I originally bought this watch I was looking for it to have a little more and much to my surprise the new Silencer is exactly what I wanted mine to be. SO, yes I will be buying another Silencer in silver with the metal band (which I think is the best band for these watches). I am in the Navy and have been all around the world X2 and this watch has been there with me every step of the way. The actual price is $750 and worth every penny. These are by far the best watches on the market.

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