I guess someone had to do it. WatchReport looks at the flashlight/watch that apparently is used by the military to flag down passing blimps.

The fist thing you will notice about the MTM Special Ops watch is its weight. If you prefer light-weight, inconspicuous timepieces, the Special Ops is not for you. If you like your watches substantial and solid, keep reading. The watch isn’t so heavy that you will eventually lose the use of your left arm, but the Special Ops is a dense and solid piece of stainless steel.

Check out the review here.

By John Biggs

John lives in Brooklyn and has loved watches since he got his first Swatch Irony automatic in 1998. He is the editor of WristWatchReview.

94 thoughts on “Review – MTM Special Ops Watch”
  1. Your review was helpful. I like the watch styles they offer. Can you comment on the movements they use. The VD57 in the hawk & predator, the miyota OS20 in the patriot models, a swiss rhonda in their dark ops warrior and extreme ops. are these good reliable movements for the money or is the special casing, etc the primary for the cost?

  2. My understanding is that the VD57 is fairly pedestrian with something like +/- 20 seconds a month drift. Not bad, but not a world beater. I have no idea about the other movements.

    I have a Predator that was a gift from a family member who served in the Special Forces in Iraq and the MTM watches really are used and popular with those guys.

    Otherwise I agree with the review. They are nice looking but wouldn’t be confused with a Breitling. At the same time they are EXTREMELY durable and functional which is why they are popular. I destroy watches (and cell phones) at an alarming rate. This puppy has survived with out a scratch so far. Not only is the band re-sizable but it would also be easily repaired. The segments of the band are solid blocks of steel and would easily survive something that would easily remove my arm. The pins that hold the band together (which is what I have typically broken on other watches) appear to be of much higher quality material then what is used in similarly priced watches as well. Also in addition to being easily re-sizable the pins are easily replaceable (a couple extras are included for resizing).

    My only complaint is that they don’t make a model with both a chronograph and tritium or LED illumination.

  3. not that great for the money!rubber strap clip broke and already have a scratch on glass.dial moves aronnd all the time,no date,looks good on the web site.special ops my ass.

  4. not that great for the money!rubber strap clip broke and already have a scratch on glass.dial moves around all the time,no date,looks good on the web site.special ops my ass.

  5. I got the MTM Blackhawk and am well impressed. Had it nearly 18 months now and am going to get the orange warrior for diving this summer. The weight of the blackhawk for me is the only down side but as I wear it with the Ballistic strap it aint to bad. I also noticed if you limp wrists you can get a lightweighttitanium version of the Blackhawk.

  6. I purchased a Thunder Hawk with the steel band under 8 days ago and one of the screw snapped off with the pin still inside where you can not remove yourself. I call them up to get it fixed under warranty, besides I have to pay shippings on both ends, I was accused of damaging it myself 5 times by the representative. Customer Service Stinks When They Got Your Money.

  7. Im glad Ive found this site. Thanks guys. Ive been drooling over these watches and was going to buy one tonight. Glad to here the scuttlebut. I think Ill buy a Tisso. Semper Fi.

  8. I agree they are way over priced all because of the show 24.I have the Warrior all SS and I love it.I had the ThunderHawk and didn’t like it.The warrior is a big nice well made watch.I’m saving for the all BlackSs Warrior.I would like the Xtreme but for $1600.00 I’ll buy a Omega Seamaster.If you have the money i would get one but if money is tight and want a watch just as good get a LUMINOX EVO.It’s agreeat watch I love it.
    To each his own.

  9. I have the MTM BLACKHAWK TITANIUM Special Ops Watch, it cost me £399. I only had it a month and the strap broke, one of the srews had come loose, and after replacing the screw and one of the segments the screw head broke off. I now have two broken screws stuck in the strap. Ive just sent off an email to the company I bought it off and MTM so I will post the reply when I get it.

  10. Wow, glad i stumbled across this site.
    Looks like i just saved myself some grief not to mention £400!


  11. Damn, I really wanted one of these watches, but i’m not looking to buy myself some problems. Thx for the feedback everybody.

  12. I have the Black Hawk ballistic band and it’s a fairly durable watch as far as the body goes. Bezel is nice and accurate and the glass has sustained a few serious hits. But the crown dial has come loose (I actually temporarily lost it this morning due to it falling off). I can still readjust the time with it but the thing’s pretty dodgy. I talked to Customer Service and they said they’d fix it so I’ll be sending it back soon.

    All in all I’d say it’s probably worth the money but the crown bothers me. I give it a 7/10.


  13. Sounds like some people have either bought a lemon or are just cry babies who can never be pleased. I bought a Patriot MTM special forces from the company and it has kept perfect time and taken a real beating several times without a scratch. The saphire crystal is tha same used on the Rolex. Maybe some of the complaints are comming from some unlucky people I am not one of them. You wont find a stronger watch made. If you run out of weapons you can use the watch to beat the attacker with. Maybe the Patriot I have is a better watch model for MTM then the black hawk. Black Hawk maybe a better name but I think I have the better model. Definatly keeps as good of time as my Rolex Submariner and goes deeper.

  14. I have all the bands for the blackhawk. My velcro strap came undone but they wouldn’t fix it so I’m going to take it to a shoe cobbler and have it fixed. I asked the company and they said it wouldn’t work because it “won’t lay straight.” Personally I take it as a bunch of horseshit because you end up paying 60 bucks including shipping for a new one as opposed to $10 bucks to your local cobbler who has more than just common sense to fix it. Overall, a great watch! I highly recommend, but inspect your straps every so often and utilize your free warrantee card.

  15. Hello guys
    I have been drooling over the MTM watches for the last few months and I really want one yet none of the models is a complete package. The only down side is that they do not make one combining tritium with LED lighting with rechargeable battery.
    The Silencer is not bad yet again, the illumination is only for the digital part and it is without tritium.
    The Vultures is smart having two batteries, yet why they could not have put a zender diode to charge the watch battery as well as the illumination battery. It recharge at the end…wired
    The Blackhawk is OK yet plain, no date, no chronograph, no alarm…

    My current collection of watches include
    a 7 years old Traser H3 tritium It has taken a beating and the glass is immaculate absolutely no scratch on it. I am on my second band and battery. I can not fault this watch at all.
    A SUUNTO advisor about 6 years old and it does the LOT as I use it in training, swimming in pool and ocean. It has taken a beating as well and is in absolute very good condition specially the band is as new. Only had to replace the battery twice (very easy did it my self).
    A Citizen Callibre 2100 Titanium Eco-Drive. Is ok as a dress watch but the glass is very exposed and I am afraid that I will smash it if I am not careful. I will not recommend it. It is OK anyway, eco drive takes energy from the sun hence no battery, has a alarm and a chronograph.

    My ideal watch? Should have all the features from a SUUNTO Advisor packaged in an titanium case and band MTM Warrior type, digital and analogue display, tritium tubes on all hands and I want the illumination from the Vultures MTM and not last the amazing glass from my Traser as is 7 years old without a scratch and if I do not ask too much can it be Eco Drive so I never have to change a battery or rely on a wall charger…….
    MTM if you are reading this PLEASE, PLEASE look at this and I can tell you that I will be happy to pay $1000 for a watch like this and I will not be the only one…..
    You will finally create the ultimate survival/combat watch.

  16. Hi,

    Just felt I had to comment and support Adrian’s view on the complete watch package to add some weight to a ‘big hint’ to watch producers.

    I too have been pondering and dwelling on whether to go for an MTM watch, specifically the Vuluture, as I would use the lighting system and want a strong, robust watch. teh Blackhawk lights look a bit orangy I feel from what I’ve seen and I’d want bright LED lighting if possible. But I’m also toying with the idea of buying a Traser or KHS H3/tritium watch as I also value the continual lighting they offer and the excellent build quality.

    UV lighting? Why bother, I’ll take Tritium any day of the week over UV.

    But I also want chrono functions for accurate/precise timing etc. Throw in a depth/altimeter/temp function…and dare I ask….an electronic compass and I’d be a happy man.

    My ideal watch package?

    Hard as nails but light on the wrist…Titanium shell…with good solid strap construction that won’t break easily, preferably in PVD black and with crystal glass that won’t scratch. Waterproof to the usual depths. Add the lighting system of the Vulture, if it’s as good as peopel say, and I’d want it bright, not orangy, as I’d want to use it as a torch in low light settings to search through my kit without the hassle of having to dig around for my torch. Tritium vials on the hour, minute, second hands and the hour markers and bezel. And can the bezel be carbon fibre and marked incremently 0-60 mins, and 12 and 24 hour markings on the watch face like the Traser/KHS range.

    Battery life/charging? I’m happy to go with charging as I accept it’ll be power hungry the amount I would use the light function and any additions such as altimeter/depth/compass etc.

    Now the big question…anyone know of a watch maker who could put all this together for me and not smother it in corny Special Ops, Special Forces, SAS, SBS and daggers for minute hands to promote sales. Give me a subtle workhorse of a watch and stuff it with functions I and others need everyday and I’ll hand over my credit card happily.

    people pay thousands for Breitlings, Rolexs, Omegas even Tags and they do nothing that I want, they just look pretty. I’d happily pay the same or more for a ‘Shire Horse’ of a watch that delivers the goods.

    here’s hoping someones listening.

    PS. To MTM, Traser, KHS, SUNTO….any chance you could put together some online videos of your watches. Be great for marketing and as most of us would buy online would provdie your customers with a chance to look over your products online. People are doing it on the web already. I’d love to see how the lighting system on the MTM range actualy works/looks.

    Thanks for reading,


  17. Hi Phil, I think you can find a lot of this features in a Casio Pro Trek Titanium.It is light on the wrist but tough,100m water resistant,I bought mine in 2004 it took some abuses but no scratch on the crystal glass.It has triple sensor(digital compass,altimeter,thermometer,barometer all this with points/values memory,weather prediction-it takes 3hours air pressure readings automatically so you’ll know if weather is improving or getting worse).It is a quartz watch,pretty accurate, provided with a solar power cell and battery level indicator as well, so you don’t have to change the battery.It has alarm,date(day of the week,month,year)chronograph and timer, double display digital and analogue and 5 sec back light manual or automatic(turn hand to check time and the watch will glow for 5 sec).You can find it in shops for £250-260 but cheaper over the internet.Conclusion:pretty cheap and tough watch,quite accurate,it will do the job in a lot of rough situations.

  18. ordered 2 mtm watches 2 days ago. paid overnite shipping 75 bucks. received them today. Nice watches. decided to order a 3rd “predator” for my son who goes to pilot training soon. asked the sales lady if MTM could throw in a velcro band for free since i just dropped 1800+ dollars. without hesitation she said “NO”. I cancelled my 3rd watch. and will order a diff brand. just thougt i’d let you know my exp. with MTM. Good luck MTM, is customer service dead???????

  19. I do not know what you guys are talking about. I own the Silencer and it is the best watch I own. I also have a TAG and a Rolex. It sounds like you guys have nothing else to do but write on reviews. If you had the money you know you would buy one instead of bad mouthing a great watch.

  20. to Jim Chambers,

    sounds like you’ve been crying over a $35 band strap on this forum as well as the other ones. Stop crying over the damn strap. If you really spent 1800 dollars on 3 watches, 35 dollars wont mean anything. STOP CRYING ABOUT IT !!!!

    to John,

    Thanks for the great review !

  21. Sounds like there’s a bunch of ultra macho dudes out there who would rather tell legitimate folk with legitimate complaints to stop crying. I say to you, comment on your toy and allow others to express their opinions.

    My experience with MTM is similar to may who have posted complaints. When you call customer service with a question they already have a defensive tone and are likely instructed to not give an inch. My complaint was about my band where it fell off and all the support I got was to shell out 60 bucks for a new one. It’s as though they don’t understand the meaning of warranty, building customer confidence and support.

    I highly recommend staying away from MTM except for you ultra macho dudes so go and blow your hard earned cash and don’t cry when your watch malfunctions.

  22. MTM Shipped a watch to us which was to large for the recipent(MTM was replaced with an OMEGA so it is not about the money).It was returned unworn, in the same condition it was received only to be rejected for credit due to scratches MTM claims were inflicted by us. This watch was removed from the box placed on the wrist returned to the box and returned to MTM. Some tough titanium watch.We were treated as others have stated without concern for customer service. We pursued a claim with BBB and did not even receive an offer of compromise. Buyer beware! A product is only as good as the company that makes it.

    1. I know that it has been two years since this post was made but i cannot believe what i read from this post!! I bought my boyfriend a $1100 dollar watch from MTM for Christmas bc he had a lower model and LOVED it. However, when we received it, it was entirely too large for his wrist. He took it out of the box, placed it on his wrist and immediately placed it back in the box to return it. We were going to go with a cheaper and smaller watch for a replacement from MTM. I received a phone call from MTM several days later though and was advised that they would swap the watches but were going to charge me 10% ($110) bc of a scratch on the face! After I calmly explained to the lady what had been done with the watch I was told that she could not do anything about the charges. I then asked to speak to a supervisor who told me, in broken english, that he did not think that I was telling him the truth (accused me of lying basically) and that he believed more was done with the watch than I was telling them. I explained to him that both my boyfriend and I are police officers and that he was a devoted customer of MTM and that I took GREAT offense to both his tone and his accusations! I have NEVER been treated SO badly by anyone in customer service as I was by MTM staff! After a “not so friendly” phone call from my boyfriend, they reimbursed me the entire $1100 and a watch was not nor will one ever be purchased from MTM again!

  23. Sounds like this company doesn’t stand behind its product. I’m wondering how long before a real watch manufacturer steps up and starts making one with similar features such as the light.

    Why does it take until April of 09 to get a new supply of Vulture watches in? Where are these made and by who???? China?

  24. Hello all. I am glad to have stumbled onto this site. I have been looking at these watches for months. I would love to find a watch with all og the bells and whistles as mentioned similar to the vulture but with the tritium stuff on the dial and hands. I was disappointed to find out that the vulture did not have it. I really appreciate the feedback on the customer service. That is big! Customer service is something you buy you even expect good service form a restaurant when you go out, if you dont get it you might not go back. I will wait for either an improvement on customer service or a company to make the ideal watch. My question to those that have had bad customer service, is this only the UK based companies or all of them?

    Best of luck to us all for finding the ultimate “tactical” watch, besides a 5.11

  25. Hey gents,

    Just so you can hear this from the horses mouth, I believe I can rpovide an accurate review of a MTM watch. I have the MTM Silver Warrior and it has served its purpose as well as my $149.00 lumiox but not much better. I have two combat deployments to Iraq under my belt with another quickly approaching and my watch has survived unscathed. But, I also know many personnel who have mutiple deployments in a rugged environment in which many have worn a Casio G-shock without issue. I am an Army EOD Operator and I require products that are low maintenance with high dependability. The MTM Silver Warrior is an attractive watch and serves as a nice conversation piece. It is built with solid materials and seems to keep accurate time ie (+ -) 10 to 15 seconds/month. I do not consider this timepiece as an ultimate tactical watch as many Japanese quartz watches are much more accurate and just as dependable nor do I consider this a valuable collector’s piece. It is unique, I will give it that much credit. It seems very dependable as mine has taking a true beating. This watch sells for $545.00 which is a pretty handsome chunk of change. The watch does have a Swiss movement but so do a lot of other more affordable watches that would be equally suited. Factors to consider are price, attractiveness, dependability, warranty, customer service, etc. Since I have had no issue with my watch, I don’t have any negative comment. I know a few guys that have one of these watches and for the most part I have never heard any negative comments. I am surprised by a few of the earlier comments of pins breaking and the watch scratching so easily. Hmm, anyhow, I don’t think any of these watches will truly dissappoint you as long as you keep everything in perspective. Good luck.

  26. i’m glad to see that i’m not the only guy that has had numerous problems with this watch. i’m not going into specifics but i’ve had the same problems with my band and customer service. i’ve sent mine back once because it quit, and now i’m sending it back a second and hopefully final time. i’d hesitate to get rough on my MTM watch. but i’ve never had a problem with my luminox.

    this watch (MTM “Special Ops” titanium predator) is overpriced and underquality. hopefully i can get a refund.

    p.s. i’m not being a cry baby bitch!

  27. Had a Predator, steel band for awhile,,,also own Rolex Sub, and GMT, and Debaufre GMT,,ETA movement..The MTM is 316 steel, same saphire crystal ,as my 1999 Rolex GMT,,,very good quality watch,for less money–quratz movement-very good….I rate the value of this MRM Predator as very high..

  28. Sorry to see others have had a bad experiance.Help me spread the word. This company is all marketing and no customer service. The way I was treated I will take every oppertunity to discourage others from making my mistake.


  30. Hey Im glad I found this website …I was about to order my MTM thunderhawk but after reading about the service I have changed my mind …. Thanks

  31. As a former Special Forces member and a past MTM watch customer, I’ve had a diiferent experience with my watch and the company’s customer service. I wore my Special Ops through two tours of duty and more than a few critical missions.

    The watch never flinched while other gear failed.

  32. With regard to MTM watches. I’ve purchased two. The first did have a pin break and was taken care of by the company after a brief phone call. Based on the quality of my first experience and the quality of the watch, I bought a second, a Warrior with tritium tubes. No problems with it, so no need to call customer service.It is said that a good attitude goes a long way. When I called with a pin problem I was polite to the max. In return, the company went out of their way to keep me satisfied. I guess you get what you give. Chalk me up as a satified watch buyer.

  33. To:Alan
    I am pleased you had a good experience. As to your “get what you give” comment I must respond I was courtious and cooppretive at each stage of my dealings with MTM personel but was not responded to in kind.I am a firm believer in the old addage You get more bees with honey rather than vinegar”. I am also a firm believer in making others aware of good customer service (Ray-Ban sunglasses, Cross Pens,Bolle sunglasses) as well as bad (MTM watches).
    Perhaps MTM is responding to the negitive rumbelings.
    If so perhaps some others will benifit from those of us who have gone to the trouble to make the public and MTM aware.

  34. I purchased a Blackhawk model about 3yrs ago (no longer available). This watch has been all I could ask for from this type of watch. I’ve been climbing, diving, camping and wear it constantly at work Construction sites). Time keeping spot on, better than my dress up day Rolex, and as good as my Brietling and Panerai, and they are good. Not one single problem, and even though I used the inbuilt illumination frequently the watch only needs a recharge about every 9/10 months. So all you dissenters out there I think you have been either unlucky(a bit like buying a car) or very clumsy. If my present watch eventually passes it’s sell by date I shall certainly be looking to buy another Special Ops.

  35. Hello All,

    I am still reading the posts here before making a final buy or not buy decision on MTM. My interest is in a Black Vulture with the black rubber watch band. I have emailed MTM and they advise that the new release of the Black Vulture will be soon. They also advise that to secure one of these new Black Vultures one should submit a deposit to them in advance. The requested deposit amount is basically the price of the watch. My only hesitation came after they relied to a question I posed. I asked if the new Balck Vulture would be the same in concept and design as the prior Black Vultures. The answer they gave was that only minimal differences would be seen. This may be minor but does concern me as I purchase items based on even the smallest detail at time. A good example would be if I ordered a watch that was pictured with a black crown with an orange center dot and then received the watch only to find it had a silver crown with a black center dot. This alone would be enough for me to return the watch . Before buying I view and inspect every single detail of an item and if I feel that the details all compliment one another well I buy .If I feel that one tiny detail muttles up the entire design I opt not to buy. Given these things ,I am on the fence wondering what slight differences may appear on the new black Vulture. I know at one time a Jeweler offered me a great deal on a SS Rolex Submariner which is what I was looking for . The only problem was that the one in his jeweler case ws inclusive of the date wheel and magnifier which I felt decreased the clean line and overall style of the watch. Though I could have saved $900 US I passed and had him order in The Rolex SS SubMariner minue the date wheel and magnifier. Personal preferences and taste are thing things that are very personal to most serious collectors of anything but especially watches, cars,firearms, and a host of other things. Has anyone out there been lucky enough to see any pictures of the new Black Vultures? I just watched a preowned model sell on ebay .Though it was in excellent shape the silver rather than black case is the only reason why I passed.

  36. I wish I had seen this a few years back, lol! I have a silencer. The PVD coating is wearing off, especially on the band. The bezel moves way too easily and gets thrown off by a simple brush against anything, and it is loose.
    I have an H3, Seiko 007, Lum-tec B2 and a B3, an Omega speedmaster, and a suunto core! The MTM is my WORST watch hands down and it stays in my drawer now. Customer service has become an oxymoron here of late!

  37. Thanks for all the input. I was considering the Vulture myself. I called the factory, that is only about an hours drive from me, and asked when they would be available and how much. I was told sometime in mid to end of Nov. 2009 and price would be between $1,000.00 and $1,200.00 US. Since it is less than 30 days before the watches are ready for shipment. One would think they would know more about the price and features. I am wondering if they actually make the watch or simply are a front that re-markets the watches. That maybe why customer service is so poor. They do not have control over the product or parts, so they have to push back on the customers.

    Thanks to all your inputs I will buy a Luminox, a Traser H3 and a KHS and still be ahead of the game.

    By the way, to all you guys that served or have son’s or friends serving. Thaks and God Bless!

  38. i am thinking of whether to buy the titanium black predator or the titanium black patriot??????? please help me decide!!??

  39. Hi “V”,

    Have you read the above posts? Seems like the company is not that substantial and does not stand behind their products! I did a little more investigation since my earlier post and found out the following:

    MTM Pro Ops is privately owned by a Mr. Joe Casas. They are located at 1225 South Grand Ave Los Angeles CA 90015 tel# 213-741-0808. MTM has 5 employees and a total sales of $5 million per year. They get their watches from another company owned by Mr. Casas. That company is American Watch Co. It is listed as a watch importer. Total sales are approximately $2-$3 million with 10 employees. By the way American Watch Co. is at the same address!

    Being so small may be part of the reason they do not support their warranty. Especially, if they are importing the watches from China.

    The other point I uncovered is that they only make about 50 to 100 of each watch. That is why they are so hard to come by and get replacements for.

    Sounds like more hype than substantial.

    FYI, I just bought an H-3 traser. Because my Luminox is over 12 years old and the illumination is getting dull.

    Good Luck

  40. Three weeks ago I received my silver titanium warrior in it’s very cool case. I was replacing a broken Luminox Titanium #6601. In short, the Warrior is superior in almost every way. It’s beautiful, tough, and so far spot on accurate. Time will tell…….no pun intended!
    My only complaint is that it has no outside illumination source on the bezel at 12 o’clock. The bezel is useless in the dark. Surprising and disappointing, because my Luminox 6601 had one…..hummmm…
    Lastly, their strap mounting “bolts” put too shame the skinny spring pins used by most watch makers. Not even a comparison……..I do a fair amount of water sports in sunny Florida and I have complete confidence that the watch will be on my wrist after wiping out on a jet ski……I never take it off. ….Period. ….Ever. Not even during sex. It drives my wife crazy because she can see the Tritium moving around in the dark! Yikes.
    Anyway…..Hope this helps. I love it and stand by it. Hopefully, I won’t need their customer service.

  41. …And one more thing……I spent nearly $800 on the watch after adding the very necessary rubber strap to the order. I hate titanium/metal bracelets.
    In my opinion, it was worth every dollar. I stick to only sapphire crystals….I’ve scratched too many Casios, Timex’s, etc….I had an original Luminox Navy Seal watch with the mineral crystal before the titanium #6601. And yes, it scratched. I’m not turning back…….

  42. Mike Wilkerson :Had a Predator, steel band for awhile,,,also own Rolex Sub, and GMT, and Debaufre GMT,,ETA movement..The MTM is 316 steel, same saphire crystal ,as my 1999 Rolex GMT,,,very good quality watch,for less money–quratz movement-very good….I rate the value of this MRM Predator as very high..

    Mike, did you work at Aurora Cycles in the early/mid 90’s? If so, semd me and email when you have a minute. I’d love to ask you a few questions about the Rolex Milgauss and also catch up.

  43. I am very disappointed with this watch. I have had it for less than one year and the metal dial has already dented and scratched. The crystal glass face has sustained two large scratches. This is all from normal daily wear. I find it hard to believe this watch is used by any special forces unit, they would destroy it. Dont waste the $600 plus for it, get a luminox for way less and much tougher.

  44. I purchased the Black Warrior with ballistic nylon band 18 months ago and it has functioned flawlessly in Iraq during rough, sandy, crappy conditions. The band washes and dries quickly and the crystal is in perfect condition; a testimony to the watches quality.

    This watch has proven itself in the field and I highly recommend the Black Warrior with the ballistic nylon band; excellent, cost effective tactical watch.

    1. just brought a black steel falcon,damn good and strong watch!!
      good service,and shipped the same day…1 day later i had it ..

  45. MTM = Minimal Testical Mass A very gay watch for very gay folks…LOL Good luck aiming your little laser in the sky and hoping someone sees it if anything they’ll see it and say…Wow another one of those gay 24 watching weak minded media controlled weak fruitcakes playing with his gay toy lets go hot and shoot a hellfire up his ass.Really consider a good old timex for 50 bucks….I hate dumb people

  46. I am selling my thunderhawk titanium. I bought it from special ops watches a month ago. It’s brand new. I only wore it once. I paid $550 and will sell it for $450. This is a wonderful watch.
    My wife gave me an Omega seamaster so I need to sell this one.

  47. Howard :
    I am selling my thunderhawk titanium. I bought it from special ops watches a month ago. It’s brand new. I only wore it once. I paid $550 and will sell it for $450. This is a wonderful watch.
    My wife gave me an Omega seamaster so I need to sell this one.

    Howard :
    I am selling my thunderhawk titanium. I bought it from special ops watches a month ago. It’s brand new. I only wore it once. I paid $550 and will sell it for $450. This is a wonderful watch.
    My wife gave me an Omega seamaster so I need to sell this one.

    Howard :
    I am selling my thunderhawk titanium. I bought it from special ops watches a month ago. It’s brand new. I only wore it once. I paid $550 and will sell it for $450. This is a wonderful watch.
    My wife gave me an Omega seamaster so I need to sell this one.


  48. Hi Howard,
    I am interested in buying the thunderhawk titanium if it is still available.
    It comes with the charger, correct? Any case or box?
    I live in Singapore and would appreciate if you could advise shipping charges if possible.
    Best Regards,

  49. Howard, did you sell your watch? If not pleasse let me know as I am interested in buying one of these watches. Cheers Rocky

  50. I have to admit that I’ve been somewhat intruiged by the MTM marketing and their successful marketing of “tactic-cool”. However, I know that the mechanism inside their hawk series is the very same mechanism used in the Dakota Torch series which can be had for about 160 bucks off of the Dakota website. So, if you’re for the LED magic, get one of these instead.

    Also, this really calls into question MTM’s little claim about the Hawk being the first and only LED watch with EM charging. I personally think that the company primarily peddles marketing.

  51. I was checking back to see how this discussion was trending. The “Tactic cool” label fits MTM well. It cannot be denied that MTM has discovered and exploited a great marketing approach. After reading other reviews I am not sure the products themselves are completely without merit. They certainly nailed the “Tactic cool” factor.I would bet the movements are Chi Com or they would be telling us where the movements were made. Even a $120 Invicta Pro Diver has a Miota movement. The MTMs are not cool enough to demand a $500 premium. My current assessment is that MTM is 75% marketing 24% cool designs and 1% customer service.

  52. I just got a NEW black titanium vulture. Pulled it out of the box read the instruction manual. I then attempted to turn on the light feature. The pin pulled right out of the watch!!! WTF??? 1100 dollars for that?? I called “customer service” And they issued a RA# to have it picked up…. Debating on just out right returning it…. Seems to me they are lacking in the Quality control dept….Ohhh I did get a “SORRY ABOUT THAT” from the ” concerned customer service person!!! I was then advised to send it back and they would look at it, and then send it back to me. I was on a waiting list for over a year for this!!! WOW…. LAME

  53. I was sorry to heary about Cory’s experience. My recomendation is to find another watch. It is obvious there is no quality or quality control at MTM. There are some really good watches out there for a lot less. Sunnuto, Casio, Seiko. In my book “tacticool” has no value. I wish a real watch company would produce a watch of this style.

  54. This company is horrible!!! I ordered the Black Titanium Vulture I recieved it (a week later) and it stopped working within an hour of opening it. I returned it and they sent me a second one. I had that one a week and then it stopped working…. Combat tested…HMMM really with what Lego soldiers… Returned it bought a Tissot T-touch. ( A WARNING TO ALL WHO READ THIS DO NOT BUY A WATCH FROM THIS COMPANY!!!!!.) CUSTOMER DIS-SERVICE. SEVERLY LACKING QUALITY!!!! BUYER BEWARE!!!!!

  55. @ORION

    I really get a kick out of all the immature replies like yours Orion. Those who have served and been in actual combat know better than to talk trash and carry on regarding
    anything as small as a watch for Christ’s sake. What branch and MOS were you? Your homophobic comments carry absolutely no weight or bearing on the features and benefits of a MTM watch.

    Personally, I have not purchased one yet from MTM but intend on doing so immediately. They have gone above and beyond any customer service oriented business! I have no issues paying this amount for a functional and good looking watch. Apparently you dont so keep your childish comments to yourself or say something intelligent you idiot. Let those who seek information on this company and it’s products read reviews without your adverse input. I’m sure you will have some worthless response to this as well.

  56. My MTM has been great! It isn’t the most durable watch in the world but mine has been dependable. I bought the lighter titanium. I’m a law enforcement officer and I recommend this watch. As for “Orion” = You have so much hate in you. SEEK THERAPY/COUNSELING, please. @ORION

  57. I bought a used BlackHawk off Ebay, called and explained that there was a missing pin. They asked me my thoughts on their watch, and promptly sent me a pin kit no charge. If that is not good customer service, I dont know what is

  58. I just received ‘2’ days ago my MTM Black Vulture Titanium Watch and Bracelet + extra Rubber Band for watch. I have read all of the comments above that goes back to 2009. I find this watch is AWESOME, sturdy, very accurate, and yes a little heavy(is not a negative). It is a bit heavy probably due to the size of the Lithium Rechargeable battery in order to power ‘3’ Ultra-White LEDs and the Ultra-violet diodes at each hour post. Today, LEDs are the most Efficient light source of all, making the small incandescent bulbs obsolete technology. LEDs draw the least amount of power with virtually no heat.

    I personally inspected my MTM Vulture extremely carefully (am a retired Senior Systems Analyst Manager). It is in PERFECT condition, and haven’t taken it off my wrist. The reoccurring complaint that the Black Titanium Bracelet has “Sharp Edges” is bullshit… I have a Briteling Super Avenger with 1.5 carats of diamonds around the bezel, with a Stainless Steel Bracelet that has the same edge as my Vulture. The watch band IN NOT SHARP, where one could be injured because of the edge…

    I LOVE my new MTM Black Vulture Titanium Watch and Bracelet!!! Hopefully, the visible Quality will equal or Exceed its longevity.

    Comment: To ALL the Military Personnel who are Serving across the Globe to “Protect And Defend the United States of America”, I must say “GOD BLESS Our Brave Military…” HU RAH!!!

  59. I was about to buy one of these watches for my son..but after reading all of the posts, it is OBVIOUS what is going on. Those with real experiences are posting that these watches are shoddy and customer service has a bad attitude due to the FLOOD of complaints.

    The ‘good’ reviews here are OBVIOUSLY from the MTM marketing team. You MTM guys can be spotted a mile away..’i served two tours and the watch didn’t get a scratch!’ LOL. how stupid are you people?

  60. I purchased the silencer titanium it looks awsome and everthing works great, these watches are designed for special uses and they do the job. I am in law enforcement and served in the Marines. I wish that someone had taken the time back then to design something of this quality for us.
    Great job MTM

  61. djarp :I purchased the silencer titanium it looks awsome and everthing works great, these watches are designed for special uses and they do the job. I am in law enforcement and served in the Marines. I wish that someone had taken the time back then to design something of this quality for us.Great job MTM

    I called customer service to ask a question and I was surprised to say I actually spoke to one of the watch techs very freindly and extremly helpful.

    Not as mean, not as lean but still as US Marine Semper Fi

  62. I agree with “Heads Up Everyone”. Most of these positive posts are clearly retorts to the negative comments from the MTM special ops marketing team. Super funny to read. Enjoy the show kids!

  63. I purchased the Silencer…all titanium. Im not and i never was MTM employee. I did a little research on their watches and movements. All of their models use swiss movement ( don’t know the various movement number and don’t even care). It’s swiss and thats goid enough for me. Only one of their model uses Japan movement. I was told which one, but since i was not interested in that model, i forgot.
    My Silencer is a big watch but light. It is a watch that gets noticed anywhere you go. The Silencer is a combo of ana/digi and thats what i was looking for because of the 2 different times. The digital part is independent from the analog.
    So far i have not had any problems with it. And I use the watch in various environments including salt water, freezing temperatures, physical abuse involving numerous gun fire including high power rifle. Those who know a little about it also know that continuous shooting will put some stress on the watch of the wearier.
    I did not experience any water resistance issues even though the watch has push buttons.
    I purposly chose the silencer for its features and the fact that it dud not have 3H illumination. The tririum is just too bright for my use, which would be a big tactical disadvantage to me and/or others around me.
    The watch, even though substential size, fits comfortably under any tacticsl gloves…no issues there. Also, recharging it every 4 months is not a problem. You have a battery indicator that tells you how much juice you got left. After all, the battery is good for 10 years without opening the watch….thats good. The less you need to mess with it, the integrity of the watch will more preserved.
    Bottom line…can’t complain about. It is a timepiece for any weather and situation that I would be involved in.

  64. …..i forgot to mention, I decided to go with MTM watch because my experience with Luminox is not very good. I have the Navy Seal series with velcro. Time keeping on that watch is great, but when I happened to change environment from about 50 deg F into freezing temps, the watch fogged up badly. I was very surprised that tactical watch of nsme like Luminox would do that. Maybe their higher end models are more reliable, but this experience was enough for me to look elsewhere for a reliable watch.
    And to all those not-believers, I am not an MTM employee!!!! This us truly my personal experience.

  65. Bought the Black Patriot Chronograph, I love the look of this watch.

    I am a watchmaker and was aware from the beginning that the movement is not high-grade chronometer spec.
    At home I took the watch apart as I wanted to know what I have just purchased.

    1) The chronograph hands were not 100% aligned to the markers on the dial. I was able to fix that within a minute.

    2) The seal of the lower push button was improperly fitted and damaged (surprisingly still sealed!) and I have found excessive glue from fitting the pusher tube into the case. The clip which holds the push button in place, was damaged. I have replaced the seals and the clip, cleaned everything.
    After my intervention, I’ve tested the water tightness and it passed without any problems, also the movement, which is a Myiota OS20 (used by Citizen) tested out with +7 seconds per month at room temperature (when worn at body temperature, the rate drops about 3 seconds) which is more than good.
    The black plating started to scratch off on the bracelet but that is normal- it’s a PLATING so I am not complaining – and I have a rubber strap as well to switch.

    I’m a happy camper with my MTM watch!

  66. PS:

    Yes, the casing components – like everything else nowadays – were made in China (the case back is stamped “MTM China”) but the quality is very good and can be compared to any higher grade watch.

  67. Ok back story, 3 years ago I came across the MTM Special Ops website and loved the look of their watches, liked that they are heavy duty and USA made.

    Bought the black predator, love the watch – in styling it really comes through as a watch that cries out USA USA USA with all that is to love about the US and all the baggage that comes with it – ie components are outsourced to China.

    They went their own way with looks without looking like some designers wet dream, meaning wild looking and off putting but the designer bullshitted through production.

    Is it a ‘REAL’ US issued special ops watch, hell no, the US does not issue watches and as we all know those army dudes get the G-Shocks, cheap and well made.

    I’m never going to be in a U-Boat (pun indented) I’m never going to fly a F16 and I’m not skinning bears over the weekends.

    I roam the urban city called New York, I want a badass looking piece, this watch is that watch without looking all gaudy and shit.

    Lumix looks like crap and performs even worse, Traser’s Classic CHRONOGRAPH line looks great and is also a styling time piece yet I settled on the MTM.

    I also own the Traser H3 and a G-Shock great watches.

    I also really like the Rolex explorer but no where near enough to give the swiss 5,500 dollars of my hard earned money, they can take that crown and melt it for all I care.

    So from a person that is not a watch maker, a watch enthusiast, a watch historian, or a watch masturbator, just a guy who wants a heavy duty well priced styling watch that works wonderfully, kudos to MTM.*

    *I am not affiliated with MTM’s marketing department (to the douche bags and watch whores on this site) I’m not buying the BS that a person here had two watches from that stop working on them a week after purchase, you can buy a Folex in China town for 25 fing bucks with plastic pieces in its guts and it would work for years. Me thinks there are marketing people from other companies that can’t stand MTM success.

  68. We have discontinues all MTM products due to the inefficiency of their order processing and unproffesional staff, as well as having issues with their products.

  69. Had the Titanium Patriot for 3 weeks. they say this thing is “battle ready”..yea right. this thing wouldn’t make it in a kiddy pool. I was walking into the ocean, with water around my thigh a wave hits my wrist. pins come out, and watch falls off. never to be found again.

    Customer service says there is nothing they can do. ridiculous.


  70. I have a Black Predator from MTM. I was looking at the Patriot but all the “Special Ops” writing on the dial turned me off. It keeps perfect time and is especially attractive. As far as the company goes I spoke to customer service a couple times and they were very nice and helpful. Quartz movements are reliable and since I don’t think I’m going into combat any time soon I don’t think this beat is going to let me down.

  71. I have the Vulture with rubber strap. I also own a couple Luminox, a TAG, a Rolex Submariner, a couple of Casio Pathfinders. I like watches. I bought this MTM because of the look and I couldn’t bring myself to drop the $$$ for the watch I really wanted (Kobold Arctic Diver Swiss Tactical). Overall it’s a nice watch. Not sure it was worth the $1100 bucks though. My only real complaint is the silly paint they use for illumination at night. That’s a joke. For this much cash they should put the tritium in all these watches. Luminox watches are MUCH easier to see at night. Yes, you can turn on the light but I’d much rather be able to just glance at the watch. That being said, my Rolex Sub also uses that glow in the dark paint.

    I had one problem with the watch band pin coming apart. Emailed MTM and explained it. Sent me parts to fix in a couple of days. Customer service seems responsive and pretty good in my experience.

    I like the watch but the lack of some tritium in the watch face is almost off putting enough for me to say I would not purchase it again. It becomes very annoying when you’ve been in the dark for an extended period and you just want a quick glance check of time…

  72. Just bought a MTM Falcon with the neoprene band. The watch itself is great, but the band is brutal and very uncomfortable after wearing all day. I’m going to try buying a replacement from MTM in the balistic nylon.

  73. I have to admit I purchased the MTM Silencer for it’s looks and I wasn’t disappointed. The watch looked and worked great for a year, then the dial started losing time. I contacted MTM support and they worked with me immediately. I shipped the watch in with $20 and they worked on my watch and
    shipped it back.
    The watch has worked flawlessly until now. The time is slipping again. I like the watch and so far the company has been great on support. But, we’ll see how this round goes.
    (the silencer I purchased is the older version with four lcd windows.)
    I have no idea why time is slipping but is frustrating.

  74. I worked as a customer service representative for a little over a year. First off, MTM sells anywhere from 20-50 watches a day (combining phone, online, and walk in orders). Who is there to fix customers problems you ask? Two young girls who also deal with online/phone/walk in orders, Returns/exchanges, emails, walk in customers, phone calls, payment processing, and review writing. The “manager” is also the watch technician and in charge of shipping/receiving.

    I want to share the things I learned about MTM while working for them.

    1. If you have an issue you will never speak to a manager EVER, mainly because there is no “manager”. You are most likely speaking to the other customer service representatives who say their name is stepanie, sally, or any other name that comes to mind.

    2. If you have been having problems with your watch and you have sent it in for repair after 4 times in you’ve had enough you want to replace your watch, they will agree and send you the same watch, just clean it up a bit make it look nice. You will NOT get your money back if you have had your watch for over 10 days. PERIOD.

    3. “Marketing Department” is ONE person. No she doesn’t write reviews making the company look good. Customer Service representives do that as well when there is down time. She is basically only the middle man when it comes to paying magazines for advertising, and calling trade shows to reserve a spot.

    4. MTM was NOT made by ex-military personnel. It was made by a man called Yoav Casis aka Joe Cash. He started MTM as an israeli immigrant over 15 years ago. He had an excellent idea and a friend – Mike – helped him write a story and make all you believe these watches were designed by military personnel. He has been there from the beginning and now sleeps half of his shift and helps us write good reviews on sites like these, the other half of his shift.

    5. MTM watches are NOT special ops watches, I have heard countless angry customers who say their target watches are far better. Yes, they have neat designs and neat specs, but definitely NOT for the price.

    6. Customer service at MTM will be horrible until Yoav (owner) decides to hire more people, offer training, and not make us lie to every customer that calls in or walks through the door.

    7. Biggest MTM watch problems:
    -watch stopped working
    -hands are loose/floating around
    -screws are missing
    -not keeping time
    -numbers do not glow

    Some of you may have an MTM watch and feel it is completely work it but I always wondered, what if they knew these parts are ordered from china they pay no more than $50 per watch and yet they sell that same watch for 1k. You people are helping MTM pay for advertising and helping them reel more people into buying “military watches”. If you are interested in getting an MTM watch, please call them, ask questions about their history and see for yourself.

    No, I do not own an MTM watch, but I sold them and lied to people for a little over a year until I could not lie to people any longer. The reason I stayed for 1+ years is because I had to eat and I had rent to pay.

  75. MTM is not a reputable company and although their watches are beautiful they are not quality time pieces. I bought a Titanium Black Special Ops Falcon which arrived inoperable. I returned it for a refund and they advised me they would send me a replacement. I told them I didn’t want a replacement but a refund. I have not heard back from them since. They have both my money ($900+) and a watch that I don’t want. I am disputing the transaction through VISA. My son purchased a Hawk which failed after about 6 months of use. The hour hand points between the hour when the minute hand is at the 12 o clock position. If the watch is tapped against your palm the minute hand will move 2 to 3 minutes! Save your money and buy a $25 Casio at Walmart.

  76. If is so good, why big retailers like amazon don’t have MTM ? simple… they can’t pass the quality test.

  77. I have had a hawk for several years it’s been good little orange lights now battery won’t charge will have to send back for repair
    I bought I volture black titanium nice band not to heavy though the black does get scratched … BUT it stoped working after one year Grrr will have to send it back to spoke to Asian girl on phone not helpfully at all no rough quote time frame just attitude lucky I live 6000 km away GRRR

  78. I was in the military, but I have no stories or anecdotes about being in the sandbox with this watch. Truth is, at that time I was wearing a timex I bought in the BX…
    I just bought a Predator very gently used from a private party. So far the watch is ok. I am coming from a Luminox I had for several years. I had no major issues with the Luminox (except for the numbers wearing off the rotating bezel), just wanted to try something new. I’ve had it for 3 months now, and the crystal is scratched (sapphire crystal, are you sure?!?) and had to send it to MTM because the button for the light popped out. Got my watch back, and it still feels like if you try to tighten the screw for the light down too far, the light button will pop out again. So I try to avoid tightening it too much.
    Surprisingly, I did not receive poor customer service like many unfortunate souls did that have posted. They were friendly and courteous, kept me up to date on my repair through email, and I got my watch back promptly. The customer service didn’t ‘wow” me, but it was enough that I have no complaints.
    Overall, the watch is ok and I like it, not fantastic quality but adequate (for that matter, I could say the same about the Luminox), customer service is fine. Would I pay full price for the watch, probably not.

  79. Do not buy a Watch from these people. After sending my watch in the second time I asked for a refund, they said hell no. They also kept my watch! Will not send it back!! Avoid this company

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