Yesterday, we started our tour through another MTM model, the Warrior.  We took a look at the similarities it had to the other MTM model we reviewed, the Falcon, and also dove into the most interesting aspect, the tritium illumination.  Today, we’ll bring the watch “out of the dark”, so to speak, and wrap up our review.

Of course, if you’re afraid to bring a watch out in the daylight, it’s not going to get much wrist time, now will it?  Here again, MTM has a good-looking tactical watch.  For starters, I love the red color of the dial (to be fair, they call it orange, but it’s more reddish to me), and the sword inlays that the tritium tubes rest in are a nice bit of flash.  Also, I like the fact that they carried the hex head motif throughout the watch as a design element (only a few of them are truly functional).

And finally, this was a very comfortable watch to wear.  Yes, it’s a big watch – but it wears smaller than the dimensions might suggest.  Of course, being titanium (4.6 oz) rather than steel helps in that regard as well.

The bracelet is quite comfortable, and holds the case snugly against your wrist. Thankfully,  I didn’t have problems with the deploy ant irritating my wrist like I did with the Falcon – so either it’s changed up, or this bracelet style works better for me.  One note here, though – if you opt for the titanium version, you will notice desk-diver marks very quickly on the deployant buckle.

At $600 for the steel versions, or $750 in titanium, this is firmly in the high-end quartz realm.  If you consider the fact that these are rather solidly built watches, with a battery that lasts for 10 years and tritium illumination that goes for 25, it does seem much more affordable.  I will admit – this watch is not for everyone.  There are definitely more affordable tritium watches out there – but none that I’ve come across quite match the mix of  styling cues that MTM puts forth.

Our thanks to the fine folks at MTM for sending this watch over for review!

ByPatrick Kansa

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