I’m a bad watch reviewer. Not only am I not updating this site often enough, I’ve been hiding my gems under a bushel, offering up junk like crapola GMTs and monkey-brained divers. Why? Because the watches I love I can’t really review and the watches I review I can’t really love. So I’m torn, WWR fans. Torn.

I present for your inspection the Omega Seamaster Professional 300M 2225.80.00 2599.80.00 Chrono Diver. Every collector chases a dream early on in his career – and often that dream doesn’t jibe with what he or she really wants. You could dig Seikos and then see an Ebel that knocks your socks off. You could love Rolex and then see an Omega that you must have. This watch is my early collector’s grail watch and I am happy to report that it is getting so much wrist time that I think I need to brush it down with rubbing alcohol because it is getting wrist stink.

But first things first. What’s it like? The 2599.80.00 runs an Omega 1164 self-winding date chrono caliber. I’ve opened the case once, like a fool, and it is quite striking. It’s is rhodium plated and sparkles in the light. I quickly closed her up, but it was the stuff dreams are made on. It has a 44 hour power reserve, which is about right in real terms, and offers a 30 minute register at 12, a 12 hour register at 6, and small sweep seconds at 9. There is a date window at 3 and a sweep seconds hand. There is also a chronograph bezel with a glowing pip at noon. Finally, there is a helium release valve at 10 and the well protected pushers are at 2 and 4 while the screw down crown is at 3.
The watch is quite heavy with a metal bracelet – about 5 ounces. Most of that is in the case, so even with a rubber strap it’s a heavy watch. It wears beautifully. The spinning counterweight winds up an down when you move your hand, reminding you you’re wearing an automatic, but otherwise it fits like a glove.
The color scheme is quite understated with red minor hands (seconds hand, face registers) and “ball triangle” major hands in the style of the James Bond models. Each hour is indicated by a glowing pip and there is a demarcated scale of seconds all around the inner bezel. There are seconds markers around the outer bezel and a “triangle” at the chronograph bezel’s set point. The bezel itself turns quite nicely but is a bit hard to grab hold of with wet hands.

Setting the watch is fairly standard – unscrew the crown, pull out once to set the date and pull out twice to set the time. Unfortunately, you have to take the watch off to do this with any accuracy as the crown guard keeps things pretty close and you really need all the room you can get.

The bracelet I have is made of interlocking pieces of steel and the buckle, with an expansion catch that opens to reveal another 3/4 inch for wrapping around a wet-suit, is quite understated. It is easily scratched, but that just adds character.

The bracelet has all sorts of nooks and crannies and, as a result, will often get filled up with sweat and gunk. Frequent light cleanings are necessary to make sure the watch doesn’t stink. A looser bracelet will do the same thing, but this watch begs to be snug to the wrist.

I have no complaints about this watch. From it’s wavy face to it’s seahorsey back, I’m enthralled. I wore this for two months straight and rarely put on any of my other pieces until they wrote a petition for my untoward attention. The Seamaster Chrono Diver is one of my favorites and, without a doubt, can be anyone’s favorite. It is timeless and beautiful and wears well with almost anything except true formal wear. It is an all-day watch and an real keeper.

Quality: 5/5
Style: 5/5
Overall: 4.5/5 – Not perfect, but almost there.

-John Biggs

ByJohn Biggs

John lives in Brooklyn and has loved watches since he got his first Swatch Irony automatic in 1998. He is the editor of WristWatchReview.

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  1. Jesus, I can’t even comment on a wrist watch review site from class without making horrifying typos.

  2. Bought mine 3 years ago, have not worn anything else since, gets noticed by everybody and looks fantastic, a true dream watch

  3. Almost perfect? Well, not quite. For one thing, the steel version is very heavy; the titanium is much lighter (but even more scratchable). 2nd, the clasp is a strange unit: literally, its two wires around a nub. The nub will start to wear and the clasp starts to pop open at strange times. Finally, I don’t love the skeleton hands. I thought I would, but they really annoy me now, esp. at night.

    So, it went from my everyday to my “wear it til I can afford a replacement” watch.

  4. Great watch, the only problems I have had with the clasp in when the bracelet is too tight. Keeps within a second a day

  5. I just bought mine couple of days ago and it has got all the attention it needs from everyone around. It is just GREAT!. The 2225.80 is little darker in comparision to 2599.80, but the wave on the watch are better visible.

  6. Just bought mine on a trip to the US after looking for one for 6 months.Saved approx £500 on UK prices but got Omega warranty.
    Awesome watch, 2225.80 is the current model on Omega website, it looks and feels stunning but is not for a smaller person.
    I have not checked the accuracy but have read enough to know it should not be a problem.
    I look forward to wearing it with pride everywhere I go, as it certainly gets noticed

  7. Bourght mine today its alot of money for a watch but hey you only live once and you cant take it with you so go buy a omega seamaster.
    The feel the look the movement i love it more then my girlfriend hehe

  8. Bought mine 4 months ago. Love it. I keep scratching the band everytime I wear it. Keeps great time


  9. This watch is great! I wanted one since I first saw it years ago when I was 15. I bought one 4 years ago and didn’t take it off my wrist until the last year when I started buying multiple chrono’s (Bell&Ross BR01-94 & a Fortis). Anyone that doesn’t like the skeleton hands either doesn’t use the chrono feature often or has never used a solid hand chrono. I stopped wearing the B&R because I BBQ a lot and time how long each side the meat is on the grill…every night it was around 9pm and sure enough the solid hands on my other chrono’s blocked how many minutes my meat was on the grill…NOT COOL. Good ‘ol Omega skeleton hands never gave me this headache. I’m now back to wearing my Omega 99% of the time and wonder why I ever tried another brand. Omega Chrono’s are the BEST in my book!

    My only complaint is the clasp…Omega should develop a fold over lock-clasp to protect against unwanted openings because the tiny clips do wear out over time.

  10. Could not agree more with the score given. I bought mine for christmas (and I bought my wife a constellation) I absolutely love the watch. Is it perfect? Not quite, as a mater of fact I think it would be silly to think you’ll actually find “the perfect watch”. After reading some of the comments I realize that what seems to thrill some of us disgust others; take weight for instance; I have a large wrist and I just love both the size and the weight and that is often a con amongst most watch buyers. To me it just feels like a real watch. I would also give it a 4 to 4,5 out of 5. I own a Rolex Submariner two tone blue face that I paid thru the nose for and although I love it and it is one of my favorite watches, I would most definitely not give it a perfect score… although it is close!!!
    Omega 2225.80.00 is a fantastic well made divers watch.

  11. I used to own one but traded it for a 1994 Fossil Chronograph with a VD55 movement, it’s lighter and better-looking.

  12. Bob…I know this isn’t a forum but I’ve got to ask. A $100 Fossil w/ cheap Seiko quarts movement over an Auto Seamaster Pro??? Are you kidding me? Talk about the ultimate apples vs oranges comparison. Of course it’s lighter…it’s a kids watch (I agree w/ J.Arce in that I HATE light watches…I’ll take the SS SMP any day over the titanium model). As for the looks of the Fossil over the Omega…I guess beauty really is in the eye of the beholder. Sorry, I don’t get it. Why would you need to trade a quality Omega to purchase the Fossil?

  13. “Why would you need to trade a quality Omega to purchase the Fossil?”

    Because the Omega didn’t have a ‘Homer Simpson’ dial face, of course!!

    Bob The Ego Buster

  14. Not to rub it in, but the Seiko VD55 movement is built to a minimum accuracy standard of + or – 20 sec/month, so it should be more accurate than the auto Seamaster as well. But you can’t take it scuba diving…

  15. Rub what in? It’s a no brainer that quartz movement will keep better time than an automatic watch…I could buy any $20 battery operated quartz movement and it will outperform an automatic 9 out of 10 times. Again, you’re comparing apples to oranges. I buy automatic watches because I hate replacing batteries (plus Mr. Murphy always seems to make sure they die when I’m on some kind of vacation or camping/skiing trip) and I respect the craftsmanship that goes into designing/building an auto. Not to mention, a quality Swiss auto will maintain 80% of its value over the years (some actually go up in value), so it’s also a pretty good investment.

    Final thoughts on the SMP…to some a few thousand dollars seems like a ton of money for a watch…but in the big scheme of fine Swiss autos, the SMP is not really a Bling Bling (for lack of a better term) watch…so anyone that thinks wearing a SMP is a big ego booster is kidding themselves and showing their ignorance on what constitutes a truly expensive watch. I love the SMP chrono because I’ve personally seen it outperform chrono’s twice its price and it has yet to let me down. The hands never hang up on the fly back feature, but always operate crisp w/ 100% zero lag. It keeps great time and there is no debate on the quality of bracelet. My brother owns a Rolex Sub and I still think that bracelet feels like a toy…cheap, hollow design to limit weight, too much side-to-side flex and it pulls arm hair (none of these drawbacks are found when wearing a SMP)…yet he paid almost $2000 more for his watch (and no chrono feature) than I did for the SMP.

    My Bell&Ross cost more than double the price of my SMP and the chrono hands did in fact hang up a few times during reset…had to push the buttons multiple times to get a 100% reset. My Fortis is the same wrt price scale yet I had one hand fall off within a year of purchase. Obviously Fortis fixed the problem for free…but its little things like that that I’ve never experienced with my Omega and that’s why I’ll always be an Omega fan for the rest of my life. To each his/her own I guess. Now Omega has the Co-Axial design which makes them even better wrt accuracy and time interval for service…you just can’t beat that IMO. That new 45.5 cased Planet Ocean Chrono is looking mighty tempting if you ask me. Cheers.

  16. P.S. Seiko watches are good in their own right…but their auto movement is nowhere close to on par with Omega (but then again, you’re talking thousands of dollars less). I own some vintage auto Seiko divers so I do respect the brand…I’m just not going to say the VD55 movement is on par with anything inside an auto Omega watch.

  17. Some people scratch their heads when you tell them you paid thousands of dollars for a watch… and I have to tell you that it takes either a watch fanatic or a crazy guy to buy them. I may be a combination of both. I think a well made Swiss watch is just a wonderful piece of jewelry that is hard to match. Seiko does make a great watch but it would be silly to compare a seiko to a rolex or an omega. I own a quartz movement seiko chronograph 100 that used to be my dad’s (looks a lot like an omega chrono), this watch is about 20 to 21 years old and has gone thru a few batteries, it is probably the most accurate watch I own. I also have a Seiko automatic watch that I use when I work (I am a General Contractor) but none of them give me the feeling I get when I wear my two tone submariner (spite the cheap clasp) or my omega seamaster chrono. It is just a different world that, again, you would never understand unless you are really into watches and appreciate quality and craftsmanship; and lets not fool ourselves, it is nice to be complimented on your watch.
    APLES TO APLES is what it basically comes down to. If you travel to work every day a distance of a 100 miles back and forth and drive either a Mercedes Benz or a Hyndai, I guarantee you that you will in fact in one case or the other get there at the same time, but I can also assure you it will NOT be the same ride, as well as the price tag will not be the same.
    Would you rather drive in a good but cheap ride that will not attract any looks or in a great, safe car that will make you feel proud.

    If you are looking to have a watch that will simply tell accurate time then yes, buy a seiko or a fossil with Homer Simpson’s head on the face (if you are say 13 or 14 years old) but if you really want to own a great watch for crying out loud buy yourself a Swiss watch.

  18. Kyle is right about one thing – his argument that autos and quartz movements are apples to oranges, they’re not comparable in the first place. Cost of materials and hand-craftsmanship play little role in creating a quality quartz movement. That’s the beauty of it. If a wristwatch be viewed as timepiece, then timekeeping accuracy and service-free performance is the standard, and it follows that the quartz watch is far and away the better watch to own for that purpose.

    “If you are looking to have a watch that will simply tell accurate time then yes, buy a seiko or a fossil with Homer Simpson’s head on the faca seiko or a fossil with Homer Simpson’s head on the face (if you are say 13 or 14 years old)..Would you rather drive in a good but cheap ride that will not attract any looks or in a great, safe car that will make you feel proud.”

    Well, first of all, someone doesn’t know when they’re being kidded. Someone please awaken J.Arce to the concept of sarcasm.

    One certainly doesn’t buy a automatic for sheer timekeeping accuracy, since they aren’t nearly as accurate compared with inexpensive quartz movements. And one doesn’t value a watch for its ‘ride quality’ (we all hope) as we do when we drive a car – the comparison is invalid on its face. What is undeniable is that at price levels exceeding $300 or so, an ordinary wristwatch (one that is to be worn and used, not collected) is being purchased for its added value as an item of JEWELRY, not as timepiece. This is especially so for expensive watches that also use modern versions of unnecessarily labor-intensive movements from an earlier age. The complexity and added labor costs required to build an automatic or manual-winding mechanical movement make sense only for an item to be primarily valued as jewelry. Irrelevant comparisons to cars, guns, and other ‘manly’ items are inventions of the mind, ones that merely enable some men to wear their watches as jewelry without fear of social ostracism and ridicule. Those men who value watches as jewelry should be man enough to state that fact.

  19. Just to clarify, as much as the Homer Simpson comment was a joke, so was my reply to it “(if you are say 13 or 14 years old)..”
    Ron, I don’t know where you’re coming from with your comment on man enough. I do value my watches as jewels, however, to me they are more than that. I also value them as my treasure; perhaps because I have love watches ever since I can remember and that is probably age 6 or 7 or because it was once an impossible dream to me, but I guess I also spoke too soon not knowing you actually set the rules on when, why and or how a watch should be valued by others, you know, your lecture on when it should be a timepiece and when a jewel.
    Does it bother you that I can afford them? or that I like nice well build things? or that I like watches too much or is it that you drive a Hyundai…? (by the way that last part was in fact sarcasm!!!)
    Any way, I didn’t compare a watch to a car, I did in fact compared a car to a car to give an example of quality great looks and proven craftsmanship (at a high price) vs reliability, plain and simple (at a much cheaper price)
    Don’t worry, I don’t pretend to “ride” my watches… they wouldn’t be to much of comfortable ride as a Mercedes Benz would be.


  20. FYI, M-B led the state of CA a few years ago for Lemon Law cases filed against an auto manufacture during that year (a little known fact, but true nonetheless)…so I think the “proven craftsmanship” line is a little suspect (at least for me). But I digress…

  21. OK, I’m inconvinced, but can anyone tell me the difference between the 2599.80.00 and the 2225.80.00. I’ve been offered a great price an old stock, but still equally handsome 2599, the movement and spec seem to be the same according to Omega’s website, so is it purely cosmetic?

  22. Yes, the changes are only cosmetic (applied markers, new lettering in red ink, new design regarding the case-back and so on). The movement in both watches is the lovely Omega cal. 1164, based on the tried-and-tested ETA/Valjoux 7750.


  23. Funny how these comments always seem to turn into personal differences regarding completely different topics. I’ve just purchased my first Omega 2225.80.00 here in little old N.Z and i have to say I’m in love with it. I like the weight as I’m a large lad 6″2 and 130kg.I also like the understated style. I’ve always enjoyed quality for my own personal reasons. I can see this will be well worn shortly and anybody considering buying one in my opinion should not hesitate, regardless of what car you drive and the size of your ego:-)

  24. 🙂 I read the topic (as it changed in a forum, actually…)…very funny with the Simpsons…
    Ref the Fossil instead of SmP Crono…I really think it was a joke.
    The SmP Cron was my dream watch since I saw it for the first time (back in 1997 or so…). I owned a James Bond Seamaster quartz, in order to prepare myself for the real thing…and now I own the SmP crono. I just love this watch.

    Best regards from Romania, Europe

  25. BTW: its the stainless steel bezel, not the blue bezel. I consider to change the bezel for a blue one, from time to time…just to have the sensation I change my watch… I also have few Longines, a Tissot and others watchs, but since I bought the Omega, I never wear any other watch! So, any of you know what is the price for a blue bezel and if its very complciated to change it?

    Thanks, Gabi

  26. the watch shown in the pictures is the Omega Men’s Seamaster Watch #2599.80.00 not the 2225 as stated personally I prefer the 2599 it is chunkier and for a large man a perfect weight and size.

    This is my favourite watch I have a rolex and a Seiko aviator watch which is very nice and quite rare plus a taser which is the watch of choice for the SAS as it has a special gas filled vials for the hands and the pips which glow constantly when in the dark apparently the glass and the glowing is permanent ie 50 years min so if you are are buried alive you can see the exact time of your death.

    Having said all that the best of all the watches i own is the Omega 2599.80.00 a real manly watch which looks good in any circumstances. What a great watch.

  27. i think my omega 2225.80.00 really serves the purpose in my everydays job, i mean i dive 3 to 4 times a day commercially and that reminded me the time ive spent underwater with its chrono function. its a great watch to wear both on and off surface.

  28. Hi! i am in the market to buy a Omega seamaster. My question is : i would like to know what the difference is between a 2225.80.00 and 2599.80.00

  29. Here are the differences: 2225.80 is the new model and 2599.80 is discontinued.

    The chrome around the rings of the 3 subdials are slightly thicker on 2599.

    The hour dot markers are larger on the 2599.

    All the script on the dial is in “white” on the 2599. 2225 has the word “Seamaster” in red ink.

    There are no hour markers on the “9” and the “3” position on the 2225.

    The back case cover is flat on the 2225. It is conical/flat on the 2599.

    The 2599 is thicker and heavier (slightly).

    The blue face is slightly lighter blue on the 2599. The “waves” are easier to see.

    This being said, I have shown “A” and “B” photos of both to people and most folks prefer the older face. I like it better too. I ordered mine from a local authorized dealer and Omega USA had a “few” left in inventory and is comming in from the east coast-John

  30. Hey John, great write up on the differences of the 2225 & 2599. I was wondering if you (or anyone else for that matter) can answer a simple question.

    Do you know if the oyster-styled bracelet on the 300M GMT tapers & gets narrower at the clasp? My original clasp/bracelet on my 2599 Chrono has worn out & become pretty beat up over the years and I’m thinking about replacing it. If I have to spend money on a new bracelet, I was considering changing the look of my watch by putting on the oyster-styled band. But, I like the overall thickness of the original band and how it doesn’t taper at the clasp…I probably wouldn’t swap for a GMT band if it was a lot narrower. The 300M Racing Chrono oyster-band doesn’t appear to taper, yet the case of the Racing is 44mm vice my 41.5mm 2599 and therefore I’m not sure if the lug attachments would fit. Can anybody shed some light on this question? Thanks.

  31. I haven’t a clue. I won’t even have my first Omega till about 2 weeks from now. You could take it to an authorized Omega dealer or you could go to the official Omega website and ask them that question. They will give you feedback you need-John

  32. So, after wanting this watch for a few years, I finally have the money to buy it, except that now I confused about the model number. Are there two different colors, a light blue and a dark blue?? From reading some posts that’s what is seems. What exaclty is the model number of the one reviewed? Your suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

  33. Well, just bought the watch, big mistake. Why? Because every other watch that I own now pales in comparison. It makes my Rolex feel like a Casio!! It will never leave my wrist! Anyone want to buy a Rolex, I don’t need it anymore.

  34. Man I used to love my Seamaster Professional!! I wore wore it every day for 6 years until one gloomy afternoon when my stupid brain suddenly told my heart that it was to small for my wrist! The Seamaster Professional to small?? “Stupid brain” to quote H. Simpson. Well, my brain told me to go bigger. Very much bigger. So I sold it, and now I’m wearing a Breitling Aeromarine Super Avenger with a steel bracelet. Diameter: 48,40 mm, thickness: 18,60 mm and weight: 153,10 gr. It’s bigger alright. But I can’t stop thinking of my old Seamaster….it’s a great watch!! The Breitling isn’t a Omega, that’s for sure. I really envy you guys who just bought one and you who still carry one!! I wish I could….
    And I am really envy on another thing as well: all you guys who writes that your Seamaster gets noticed by other people. I wore mine for 6 years and I didn’t get a single comment…Sweden, a country were hardly anyone is interested in fine timepieces. Stupid Swedes.

  35. I am interested in either the 2599 or 2225. I am not sure which one to choose. Is newer better or is tried and true technology the way to go? Am I correct in assuming that the differences are only cosmetic? If so why is the 2599 heaver? I can save $200.00 Candian dollars if I get the 2599. Is the 2225 worth the extra cost?

    Lastly, my wrist is 21 cm or 8.5 inches around. How many extra links should I buy to ensure a slightly loose fit?

    Many thanks,


  36. I have a perfect condition vintage seamaster deville with a silver face runs very good. My question is what’s the difference between the vintage seamaster deville and the vintage seamaster… What makes the deville different. My email is I would greatly appreciate any information. Thanks

  37. I have one and I love it. I thought I had a 2225.80 and after reviewing it with the responses here I found out that I had an 2599.80.00

    It is one solid watch that does scratch easily (i’m a detective) but the minor scratches can be buffed out. The bracelet dies open at times and I wish it was harder to open than it is. I had a Tag Heauer that had the perfect band and had the extra 3/4 for diving wet suits.

  38. I have the steel version and the titanium version, I like them both. someone told me that the swatch company has purchased omega? what does that mean as far as holding value? does anyone know?

    Rodrigo in SF

  39. I have enjoyed reading everyones comments on the SMP Chrono. My wife “purchased” me one that I am getting in June for my anniversary! I am very excited. I have always wanted this watch but could never justify the cost. My two year ago purchase of my wife’s Constellation has finally paid off…haha. I own a mid size Seamaster auto that I have had for years, which I love, but it seems to small to me now. Everyone is so concerned about the watch being to big for a smaller wrist. I have an athletic slim frame but I love the look and weight of the watch on my wrist. It feels solid and it is bold. Damn, If I am going to spend this kind of money for a beautiful swiss time piece, it may as well be big enough for me to see, and everyone else to notice!!!

  40. Hi Guys,
    The pictured watch looks like the 2599.80.00 and not 2225.80.00 as published. am i right?

  41. Hi guys, I’m in the market to buy a new watch and I’ve had my eye on the 2225.8/2599.8 but I’d rather not pay the hefty price that the Authorized Dealers charge. I know there are a lot of websites that are not ‘authorized dealers’ that will sell both models at steep discounts. Has anybody used such a website and provide some recommendations?

    Many thanks,

  42. I’ve had mine for nearly 10 years now, Worn it nearly everyday, whilst doing nearly every kind of activity. It’s long overdue for service, with that being said, this watch is a true companion and something to this day I am still truly in love with. The watch is in my opinion suitable for every occasion, formal or informal.

    It’s robust, handsome, and versatile. no wonder it’s James Bonds Choice!

  43. i have a Omega seamaster titanium from 1997 i hardly never remove it its been around the world for work and pleasure… once it fell off my wrist cos one of those small pin in the bracelet fell out!!?? it fell like a one and a half meter flat on the glass on a concreate floor …oooops!!! but it just got a tiny scratch on the glass ,nothing more. i banged the glass on stuff before seems to be really hard. now the once so bright self illumination has faded….
    i really like this watch the design and performance no bling and silly gold and stuff.. . just like a race car

  44. reffering to Sweden, a country were hardly anyone is interested in fine timepieces. Stupid Swedes.

    well i am swedish and i think i wear and use the watch for mee not for some else to look at ..

    when working in in brussels in belgium and Pune in india …. some one come up to mee saying hey!! loook see here i got same watch like you!! “so i say ok, how nice”.
    is that beeing interested in fine timepieces???
    anyway i think the omega seamaster pro 300M looks better than a twice more expensive rolex.
    even if i had money enough to buy rolex i would not buy one.

  45. I bought the 2225.80.00 in march 2007
    the difference is that the word seamaster is written in red and the backside is not with waves.
    can somebody tell me how old this model is anayway and why mine is a little different???

  46. 2225.80.00 is the newer model. the one pictured here, although listed as 2225.80.00 is actually the older model, which is the 2599.80.00.

    how much did you pay for your 2225.80.00? and where did you buy it from?

  47. is anyone familiar with the seamaster 2594.52? i’m planning on buying this omega. great styling.

  48. Referring back to Kyle’s post. I buy Seamster. Like how look. Like how feel. I like when people see my watch and say, “ooo”. So my watch is man jewellery. I like it as much as my man jewels. Touch about same, too.

  49. re white dial yes they do , i have just bourght a used seamaster pro ,chrono gold and s.steel not titan, cal 1154 and case has the num 48607611 , i dont think its new but it has never been worn , and it has a white dial , steveo

  50. The reason for the aforementioned difficulty in turning the bezel with wet hands is intentional.
    Easy to turn bezels can be bumped, and therefore lie to the diver of his underwater elapsed time. It’s better if you have to “work at” setting before going in the water. It will stay put.
    I love mine as well.

  51. I received this watch as a gift approximately 4 years ago and absolutely love it! I own several other pricier watches and wear them alternately. For some unexplained reason, however, I’m always looking forward to getting my Seamaster Chrono strapped back on my wrist.

  52. I need your help in deciding between Omega Seamaster chrono diver and Tag Heuer Aquaracer automatic Day-date. I know that the seamaster is a better watch in terms of quality, brand image and resale, however when I saw some used seamasters on the net I noticed that the red lettering on the dial had faded (orange), the dial had turned into a darker blue and the tritium dots have also turned yellowish. This to me seems unacceptable after paying a lot of money if I am going to be happy with the watch long term.

    Could owners of Seamaster please confirm how long you had your watch for and if you have experienced something similar. Any comments appreciated.

  53. I live in NYC and i’m in the market to get the 2599.80.00 in black. does anyone know a store in the city where i can purchase the watch. i am aware that the watch is discontinued. i was checking out and they have the watch. i would feel more comfortable if i can see the watch and purchase it from the store. please let me know as I am very interested. Thanks!


  54. I have had my 2599.80 in Titanium for 11 years and have worn it, literally, daily. Fell in love with it the first time i saw it and purchased it in Florence, Italy. Tough as nails with a crystal that cannot be beat.

    Does anyone know where I can get a replacement clasp, used is OK.

  55. Hi there.
    I just want to say that my dream came true yesterday.

    After selling my Bond –chronometer ½ years ago, I had an empty feeling inside. A few months ago I bought an Speedmaster classic, from 1970 with brown leather straps and white dial. Not bad at all.

    But something was still missing, and yesterday I was complete again…

    As you can guess, I bought the watch that has the longest name I have come around:
    Omega Seamaster Chronometer Professional Diver 300m.

    Man, the watch is big and heavy! It’s much more to a complete watch than the Bond –model, even that I still think that the Bond –watch is absolutely great too.

    Find myself looking at the watch and I noticed that people around me do too.

    Having a quite small wrist, any bigger than this, it would be too big. The design is still absolutely beautiful. It’s even more beautiful live and around my wrist than looking at the pictures.

    By the way, the article was most inspiring and the after marks too. I think that comments like that help people to find out what fine watches are about and watchpeople like us can find articles helpful too.
    -Thank you.


  56. I am glad I found this site. I just purchased an Omega Semaster Professional (non-chrono). I wanted an everyday watch, and I have small wrists, so I went with this one. I love it. I love the weight, the understatement of it. I like that it DOESN’T look like a Rolex; as I feel if I got the Rolex, no one would really ‘appreciate’ the watch, they would be trying to figure out only if it is real or not.
    After seeing this crono review…perhaps I should have gotten the chrono :). Oh well, there are more watches to buy, I’m more than happy with my current Omega. Cheers

    – Earnest

  57. Hi,

    I just got my shortened. I didn’t check the number of links beforehand. Does anyone knows the exact number of links it supposed to come with? Thanks

  58. Hello !

    I just bought my 2225.80.00 last sunday in an OMEGA shop at Paris with an exceptional discount of 15% (what a big difference!), she’s great and I ‘m very, very happy ; My wife-my love offered me this fantastic timepiece.

    I was searching for the 2599.80.00 on the net but after 2 months and half, no positive result (beware of the jerk web sites who say they will furnish it if you order first), she’s been discontinued even after special personal inquiries at the most serious site : aatime, bacario, watchesonnet, watchclick – perhaps those interested will have more chance with an omega dealer shop in US.

    Having said that, I’m very found of this item ; not so big as I thought, she’s wonderful in all senses : beauty, weight, size, material.

    For those who still hesitate, don’t delay ; you won’t be disappointed , it is a perfect choice with a timeless appeal.

  59. I purchased my first Omega on Friday night. This watch is fantastic. I cant stop looking at it. I take it off and listen to it working away. You cant explain the feeling of wearing such a watch.

    Great review John.

  60. Looking at buying a used titanium. Not sure on model number. I have found one for £940.00 but bezel is heavily scratched and need additional links for bracelet. Can these parts be replaced. What kind of price should I pay.

  61. This is a great watch and the price feels right but I have small wrists and don’t believe this is the best watch for me. What Omegas are best for smaller wrists that won’t look like I am wearing too large of a chrono?

  62. Joseph, I have small wrists too. Trust me, this watch will work for you. The key is getting the bracelet sized correctly. Once you do that, no worries. I’ve had mine for near 5 years, and I love it. SMP’s are great, even for small wristed folks. 🙂

  63. I really like the titanium version of this watch and would like to buy one on the used market, but wonder why it was discontinued by Omega… Can anyone shed any light on this? I’ve read that they scratch easier, but is that the only issue?

  64. I Bought my white face driver chrono 6 years ago and it has been in the shop three times. 1st- warranty, 2nd- $250 service (pushers didn’t work), 3rd- $700 service (all of a sudden gained 1hour every 12hrs) OMEGA used to be a GREAT watch, when I was first looking a watch maker told me that they are NOT the quality that built their reputation. He said that they haven’t made a TRUE OMEGA since the 70’s. I race sailboats and need a very dependable watch, this is a pain in the butt. Service is not only really expensive but you will wait at least 3-4 months to get it back. If you buy one or own one get something that you can wear when it takes it holiday from your life. They (omega) doesn’t care about how much they screw you either and your’e gonna wait their sweet time while theyr’e getting biblically familiar with you. In comparison my father’s 1968 constellation ultima has NEVER needed service because it didn’t work. If you want to sport a great looking omega get the knock offs so you can pitch ’em when they crap out. Besides the price you will have at least $300 a year to maintain it when you average it out. The world needs a HIGH QUALITY luxury watch that is as beautiful as the Seamaster. Zenith used to make a beauty, but they went metro-sexual and ignored real men.

  65. I’ve had the Ti version since 1992 (or was it 93?). I wear it every day. How’s that for a favorite?

    My only complaint is that about a year ago, I saw a new one and the red on the dial was SO much brighter than mine. I sent mine back to Omega, and for something like $400, I got a new bezel, face and hands. Now it’s back to original!

  66. Wow. What a watch.

    I’ve had my 2225.80 for 6 months now and it brings a smile to face every time I look at it. Putting the watch up to my ear has also become one of my favourite pastimes. 3Hz never sounded better.

    It’s fantastically understated but when people who know their stuff see it they always want to know more.

    I’d recommend this watch to anyone, though I have heard of LONG times for servicing from Omega. Touch wood I’ll never have to go through anything like that.

  67. My Omega SMP Chrono Diver was purchased as an anniversary present a month ago. I have always wanted an Omega and must admit, I was torn between the Breitling Superocean chrono and the SMP. I do not regret my decision one bit. It looks and feels stunning. My only real issue is that it has lost between 1-2 seconds on most days, but on others it has lost up to 7 seconds which is a tad worrying. I wondered if anybody has any advice or information on why this is happening? Apart from this, it is an amazing timepiece.

  68. Damon: Don’t take any stress. A new watch needs a run-in time of several months before it stabilizes. Every watch is different, you’ll just have to wait and see.

    Even if your watch loses between 1 and 7 seconds a day it means that the precision of the movement is 99.997%. (I.e. assuming the average drift is -4 s/day and the variance is +-3 s/day, the variance is approx. 0.003% of 86400 seconds/day.) Just to put in into context, this is way better than five sigma and shows what a fantastic piece of engineering a mechanical watch can be.

    (BTW, I’m not a professional watchmaker so you can take my comments with the usual dose of salt. I’m a M.Sc. working in quality assurance so I should know something about statistics, though. :))

    Drift and variance is simply to be expected, there are so many variables affecting the movement. E.g. the viscosity of the lubricant changes with the temperature, and metal pieces expand or contract. If you move around vigorously, there will be more strain and friction than otherwise on the bearings. If you remove the watch at night, the internal friction will differ depending on whether you plunk the watch down flat on the back (or face) or place it on edge. There’s a story about the watchmaker who maintains perfect time on his watch simply by placing it in different positions on the night table.

    For your reference, I bought a 2599.80 two years ago and have measured the drift quite regularly. What I do is I set the time exactly, then check after approx. two weeks how much it has drifted. So the numbers are not daily drifts but rather two-week running averages, if you will. During the first months, the two-week drift would vary between -15 and +60 seconds i.e. the running average would be -1 to +4 s/day. Six months later it would go between 0 and +2 s/day. After one year it was measuring perfect time (+-0) with very little variance. Now over the last year it’s gradually slowed to -1 s/day.

    You can have the average drift adjusted at an Omega service shop. Ideally you’ll want the watch to run a little bit fast, 0.5 seconds/day or so, it makes it so much easier to set the time occasionally.

  69. Martin, many thanks for your response. I will give it chance to settle down and hopefully the accuracy will tighten up. I will keep you posted with any developments!!!!

  70. Tightening up as we speak!!! By the way, my SMP is the 2225.80 – more usage of red to very good effect.

  71. I own an Omega Speedmaster Broad Arrow GMT 3581.50.00 that has the 3313 movement. I love the size, weight, and craftmanship of the exterior of the watch. I have a problem with the movement. I have had the watch for 1 year 6 months. In that time I have had to send it back 3 times for repair of the movement. The first time the watch stopped working and it was repaird free of charge. I had it less than a month when it broke. It was replaced with a new watch and I got the replacement within 2 weeks. I wear the watch every day. The second time the chronograph function failed. It was only 6 months old. I sent it in to be repaired. I had to pay for shipping. The repair was free and it took me 3 months to get it back. It has been 6 months since I received the watch from the last time it was repaired. This time it stopped working again. It did not run at all and could not be wound. This is the same thing that happened the first time. Omega paid to have the watch picked up by fedex and I sent it in for repairs. They have had it about a month now. I just got a statement from them in the mail that it would be repaired for free. I asked them for a replacement watch. Even one of lesser value with a different movement. Of course they just ignored my request. After having researched the movement that this watch has I have found out that it is very unreliable. I love my watch. It is a beautiful work of art. The movement can be seen throught the crystal on the back, and the crystals on the face and back are very scratch resistant. I would caution anyone thinking of purchasing an Omega watch to be wary of any model with the 3313 movement. The movement is very fragile and in my opinion unsuitable for daily wear. Having said that, I am very satisfied with Omega’s customer service, and the craftmanship of the exterior of the watch. Just be careful which movement you chose if you intend to purchase an omega. Especially for daily wear.

  72. Just purchased the 2599.80 but was stolen from colleagues bag in Miami Airport along with Orient yellow Beast(just re-lumed by Jack at IWW) and new IPOD. Now I’ll never know what I missed. Maybe will hope for insurance claim but unlikely to get as my colleague was dumb enough to put all valuables in his check in baggage. Told him PUT da watch on your wrist!!
    Personally now I prefer the look of the 2225.80, applied indeces and red on dial etc seem even better than my lost one.
    Omega are Tops have several and although for sure I love too my Seadweller, Omega seem to be in touch with modern world. Latest Rolex Deepsea for me the Jury is out on this one.
    Thanks for the review.

  73. In the past most Swiss watchmakers used 316L Swedish steel ,which the best steel in the world. My question is, does Omega still use Swedish steel like Rolex ?

  74. I just purchase a used 2 year old 2599.80.00 for est. USD$2K. Condition is really mint. I am loving it every bit, the weight and its endless classic design that will last for decades. I am glad this is has a base movement of ETA-7750 on Omega Caliber 1164, its a work horse and widely use movement by many other top brands. However, Omega has undertaken significant modifications of the basic ETA movement. The great care taken, completely transform the original, mass-produced movement by ETA into something new and unique.

    Attention grabber, great look, fantastic quality. No complain till now – Singapore, Michael.

  75. I think the comments are not working properly on the blog. Would highly suggest checking out what has happened in your code at the WordPress website.

  76. hi folks

    just a quick word about the OMEGA brand should it be a seamaster-speedmaster whatever.the omega owners comments – comparisons to rolex v omega need to look into the history of watch making.i worked hard for the money to buy my omega’s and when i purchased them (different dates) i wanted the best time pieces that money can buy .i did not care who looks at them as long as i knew i had invested wisely now if i was a rich person with a lot off money to get rid off then yeah rolex might come into the equation, as a show piece and to attract aattention this is why rich people go for rolex because him – her next door has them.but let me tell you OMEGA has gone through more tests than ive had hot dinners but i am not going to go into the history, be well assured that as far as the workmanship-craftmanship that goes into OMEGA watches to give you a long lasting piece of engineering long after the diamond and ruby encrusted bezels have lost there appeal.(spend wisely)there is only ONE body which awards a certificate to a chronometer and its not oyster

  77. I just purchased a used 4 year old 2599.80.00. Man, i love wearing it than my Submariner. It has a polished bezel and it really looks elegant. It friggin heavy but I love the weight. It just tells you how solid it is. A lot of people can;t help but notice it. The bracelet is superb and I love the color of the face. Much darker than the new 2225.80. It turns blue to black to grey. Anyone here who has the same time piece (polished bezel). The next time I’m going to get a new bezel, I’d still go for the polished one, even though it scratches easily. But you won’t notice the scratches unless you really take a look at it. A very fine watch a a very proud owner here.

  78. my seamaster prof 330m loses 5 min a week with daily wear
    i have had it cleaned by factory every other year
    it is beautiful but a cheap timex keeps better time

  79. I’m glad I ran into this discussion. The Bond chrono was my long time grail watch as well. Seven years ago I came into possession of a copy of the ti-tan-rau version. For many years I couldn’t bring myself to make it the daily wearer because it was “too precious.”

    I finally told myself to get over that, and put my favorite watch on my wrist and enjoy it.

    I’m so glad I made that decision.


    Jeff Huber

  80. I am lucky enough to have bought this watch in 18k yellow gold. It is the pride of my collection. It beats my Pateks and Rolex hands down. I have not seen a similar one in Gold and just wondered if this was a special order or what the value was when new. Anyone know ?

  81. Guys! What about scratches? I am about to buy a new watch and I must say Seamaster 300 Chrono Diver is on the top of my wish list. I heard few times that is easy to scratch the glass despite it is apparently “Domed anti-reflective, scratch-resistant sapphire crystal”. I want to buy steel watch, which is much more scratch resistant than titanium. I owe titanium Citizen Skyhawk and I must say I am very disappointed because it is so easy to scratch it.

  82. I just purchased a new 2599.80 at an authorized retailer here in Dayton, OH yesterday for around $2,500 US. Based upon the prior responses, I feel really lucky to have found this model new, at such a great price. (Omega’s website lists this watch as discontinued) I have no previous experience with Omega watches, but this watch had everything that I was looking for. (stainless steel, automatic, size, weight) I was instantly attracted to it’s look and feel. I love its rugged, yet refined look. I also prefer a heavier watch. It simply feels like it has more substance than other watches I have tried on. The only other watch I seriously considered was the Breitling Chrono Avenger, but I have no local retailers and was too nervous to buy online. Reading this article and the ensuing comments make me feel like I have made a wise decision. I look forward to many years of enjoyable wearing. My last watch was a Tag Heuer Quartz Link that I wore daily for over eight years. The only reason I departed from this watch is that I grew tired of replacing the battery. My little brother in college is now wearing it. I only hope my new Omega serves me as well for as many years.
    Thanks for the great review!

  83. Got my 2599 for graduating from UCSB. The best gift I ever have. This will probably be the last watch I will ever own. I just can’t picture myself with a rolex. They just look too much like an old man’s watch.

  84. Hello John,
    My name is Saud Hashmi and I am an officer in the United States Merchant Marines residing in NYC,
    recently I went on vacation to St. Martin and while there, purchased an Omega Planet Ocean. Upon my return a few
    days later, 5 to be precise, I was performing my duties aboard a coastwise oil tanker when I noticed the watch had lost a few minutes,
    ( it’s an automatic ). I applied the correction and went back to work, a second later I heard a distinct metallic clink
    and looked down, (fortunately at the time I was doing chart corrections over a chart table) there on the table was the
    crown to the date/time adjustment! You can imagine my consternation at witnessing the failure of a new $3,106.00
    time piece! I immediately contacted Omega’s service center which asked me to send the watch in for repairs. I
    explained that I had no interests in a repaired Omega, rather in my opinion I felt the only satisfactory recourse would
    be the replacement of the timepiece. That call led me to Omega N.A. headquarters in N.J. to which I payed a
    personal visit upon my return home. The V.P. of C.S. greeted me and took the time to listen to my concerns,
    her name is Janine and is truly a testament to professionalism and courtesy. Upon the conclusion of our meeting
    I surrendered my watch and left feeling somewhat relieved that Omega being a luxury goods purveyor would
    do everything it could to assure its customers satisfaction. Unfortunately that was not to be the case, Janine got
    back to me today and informed me that in fact Omega was not replacing my watch but rather, repairing it.
    I can’t begin to convey my dismay at this decision. You see the watch to me is an instrument, not a cosmetic piece of jewelry. I can’t understand how Omega
    can claim a proud tradition of seaworthy chronographs and then deny the replacement of a failed piece. Especially to a consumer who earns his living in that
    precise environment! How can I trust my life during a mixed gas dive to an instrument that failed in a single atmosphere while doing nautical chart
    corrections?! My question to you is this, have you ever heard of anyone getting their watch replaced? and if so what avenues did
    they pursue to accomplish this? I am currently attempting to secure a meeting with the president of Omega N.A. and
    hope to speak with him before departing for sea next Wed. I will update you as to how that turns out. Thank you for taking the time to read this.

    1. Saud. While your concerns are understandable, the failed part will be replaced and the watch will be returned to you as if nothing ever happened. The watch will be pressure tested and checked again at the factory. The whole watch will be disassembled at the service center and checked so that when it is returned it should be as good, or hopefully better than, new. Remember, it was the part that failed, and not the whole watch. Omega isn’t going to replace a $3000 watch for the random failure of a 20 cent part.

  85. guys, i’ve got a rolex sea dweller ………. class! however i’m going to add a seamaster 300m to my collection soon, another quality time piece!

  86. Got 2225.80.00 model as a present almost new. Immediately had some issues with it. The watch was losing time and the bracelet pin came out. Lucky me, my hand was in my pocket, so I did not lose any parts. After sending it back to Omega, had no issues so far. Still I am a bit concerned, especially when I had worn my quartz Tag Heuer professional for 19 years, taking it through jumps as high as 18,500′ and dives 120′ with 0 issues. Still, have high hopes for this Omega, as it is a beautiful watch.

  87. I have the 2598.80.00 version of this watch. It has the shiny chrome bezel> the dial is darker compared to the newer model. I’ve seen the newer ones and the dial looked a bit “bluer”. I like mine better. But theyre both hands down one of the best built, best looking watch. I have a rolex and you just can’t compare it especially the braceltet and weight. I suggest that you try one before you buy. And I’m sure you’ll walk out the store owning one.

  88. Just about to purchase a 2225.80 next week (pre-owned, never worn, unwanted company gift). Reading all the posts from people that own this, I’m really looking forward to it now. Previous watch was a Tag Heuer Formula 1 Quartz Chrono, which broke (seals went, movement rusted) and after looking at the Tag Carrera / Rolex Submariner and talking to people, the people that seam most happy with their daily used purchase are the ones with Omega Seamasters. The look is really growing on me as well the more pictures I see, the whole utilitarian but elegant nature of it fits my requirement of looking equally good in board shorts and a suit. Definitely counting down the hours until it gets here.

  89. Hi,

    I am sure your Rolex is a nice time piece, however I have purchased 2 fine watches from a company called (Debaufre). I have Ocean Classic 1 & GMT. Both are almost in looks identical to the same watches produced by Rolex. You should check out the website. These are real accurate and nice time pieces, and to say the least the customer service is un beatable by far. Something you folks might want to consider before you make another watch investment. regards macgyver

  90. My wife bought me this in black just over ayear ago. the bracelet & case have picked up some small scratches but the saphire crystall remains as clear as it was the day I received it. I have noticed that it gains slightly but it remains within Omegas tolerances as stated in the instruction manual so no complaints there. I also have an old Omega constellation f300 Hz & a new Tag monaco but this is my favorite & the one that I wear most often. Very happy with it & very happy with my wife as it was she who bought me the Tag.

  91. This too was my holy grail watch.
    When I finally got one it lasted a week, I dropped it in the wash basin and from that moment it stopped storing energy.
    Took it back to the shop and got a refund.
    Im still gutted that something I held in such esteem was in fact junk.

  92. I like your style, the fact that your site is a little bit different makes it so interesting, I get fed up of seeing same-old-same-old all of the time. I’ve just stumbled this page for you 😀

  93. I’ve had my 2599.8 Seamaster since about 2000, and love it as much now as then. Iboight mine new in Jamaica for about $1500. I’ve had it serviced once, but other than that it’s been a daily wear watch with zero problems. Lately, the band has started to concern me, so I’m not wearing it as much until I can bring it in and they can tune it up…but until then my Marathon GSAR gets dUly use, and can just take an unbelievable beating.

  94. Owning for a couple months and really love it. Some said it is heavy, no way! It’s rock solid, well-built men’s watch. When I wear my other watches Tissot, Tag Heuer, Citizen etc they would definetely feel cheap. Would suggest it everyone.

  95. I recently purchase the 300 M Chrono Diver as a present for my father in Vietnam. I have given it to him with all the instruction manuals. He doesn’t speak English and isn’t sure what the button at 10 o’clock do? So it would be great if someone can explain to me what this button is actually for? I down loaded the manuals but it doesn’t mention this button.

  96. @John Biggs
    Thank you for the information, I will let him know. As you can guest I know bugger all about watches and when my father asked me I was stuck. Once again thank you for your help, much appreciated.


  97. Hi Everyone,
    I bought this watch Brand New from new york last month after a month long research i was contemplating between this one and the planet ocean chrono,. but im very happy that i bought this watch 2225.80.. Blue dial.. steel on steel with RHODIUM plated finish, its beautiful, elegant,perfect size(not too big or small) and rock solid.. i have used Tag formula 1 and Carrera day-date chrono,citizen skyhawk, seiko’s.. but i should say this is one my Best and i love it, and this is heavier than all these watches.. the new ones look slightly different in the back the with a big seamaster symbol without the waves around it, looks beautiful.. but the front face looks the same and i read one of the previous message someone saying that this model is discontinued by omega. well, its very much available in all the omega stores as this is one of the best selling seamaster chrono omega evermade. i hope this watch will serve me for a longtime..

  98. and also the omega symbol and OMEGA letters in the face of my watch has a metalic finish , and seamaster is written in RED color .. as opposed to the white COLOUR shown in the above pics. i enjoyed reading all the comments posted by other users. the more i read about this watch , the more i fall in love with it.. THANKS John..

  99. I too have this watch but in black, i thought the blue didn’t highlight the small faces enough and found it shined up better too, I am very happy with the watch and it keeps very good time. I paid £1970 for it new in Goldsmiths the jeweller in manchester in October 2009 and it still looks brand new, I regularly clean it with a jewellers rouge cloth

  100. I just bought this watch 2225.80.. Blue dial, in Canada.
    I am happy with the watch, real nice to …..

  101. Great watch.. I bought the Omega Seamaster 2599.80.00 Chrono Diver replica 2 years ago, since then I got poisoned by omega SMP
    I had the mid size 2222.80 co-axial from ebay.

    Last week I almost buy a used seamaster GMT co-axial, I’m using the chronograph (rep) when I met the seller so I can compare between GMT and chronograph.

    Result: Chronograph WIN! even it’s a replica still look much more beautiful than the GMT on my wrist.
    Lucky me the watch number not match with number on the card, I could canceled it easily.
    So now I’m hunting An Omega Seamaster Professional 300M 2599.80.00 Chrono Diver
    The GENUINE one for sure.

    *Don’t waste your money on replica.. it’s not worthed.

  102. The difference between an Omega Seamaster Professional and a Planet Ocean is, the Planet Ocean is larger and has more water resistance. The Seamaster Professional is water resistant to 300 meters. The Planet Ocean is water resistant to 600 meters.
    I doubt many of us will ever take a watch 2,000 feet deep in the ocean but, at least for me, the extra water resistance shows a more robust design. I have never had a dive watch flood while diving, but I do get a kick out of the newer deeper rated watches.
    best wishes,

    @Antique Watch Lover

  103. I have had my Seamaster for 8 years and it has been a fantastic companion. I don’t notice the weight and it is very comfortable..I do not take it off except during my bicycling activity. I do clean the band once in awhile and needs it when I do. What a pleasure to own!

  104. I have the midsized Seamaster which I really liked initially. Bracelet was very comfortable and it was rugged enough. I had problems from the outset with pins falling out of the bracelet. This was repaired several timed after the watch fell off my wrist. Accuracy of the Quartz movement was initially excellent but degraded after the warranty period elapsed to unacceptable levels. When returned to SGUS repair was more then $600. Not worth the price for a watch with this track record. Overall, I was very disappointed with this watch and will stick to other brands in the future. My 20 year old TAG Quartz still is accurate and functional despite a very hard life. A true sign of quality in my opinion.

  105. I have the one with the black dial ( and I have a question of trivial nature. The watch does have a helium valve, but it does not have the “DIVER’S WATCH L M FOR MIXED-GAS DIVING” marking, which should be more or less mandatory according to some if the watch can be used in helium enriched environments. So, is it OK for saturation diving? I’m just a recreational diver so I don’t see saturation diving in my future (and hopefully no recompression chambers either), but somehow I just can’t let go of this question. Any ideas – is the watch OK for saturation diving but just not officially tested or is it just a marketing ploy and serves no actual purpose since it should not be used inside a bell or chamber? By the way, greetings from Sweden and I love HourTime – keep up the good work!

  106. I spoke to an Omega rep. who explained the helium valve in detail. Although I am not a diver a lot of what he said was Greek to me. He did say in the real world the helium valve would be of no use to any wet suit diver. Something about deep sea diving with a diving bell and special deep divers gear being the only time the valve would come into play as a useful utility.
    So I guess anyone who would need it would without a doubt know of its usefulness but for us mere mortals it of no importance.

  107. So, I have an omega seamster GMT, clear back, auto movement, red GMT hand. Lovely looking piece of kit. and in theory pretty bomb proof, as it should be for a premium brand, premium money diving watch..except it’s not and I’m really unhappy with it now. Not quite sure where to go with it, but 5 years ago, my baby son knocked it onto a tile floor,sapphire glass slightly cracked. Not very bomb proof I sent it into omega to get repaired. £700 later, I got it back. Two years and a half years ago. It started about 6 months ago letting in moisture, condensation on inside of glass. I raised this with omega , who stated they wanted another £700 to repair again. My response was this was premium kit, which they had repaired, and hey should stand by. £700 was ridiculous. Omega then stated, 1) repair warranty was 2 years so not covered and 2) have I had it annually serviced by them, as the seals corrode and may let in water. I am staggered. My seiko is watertight without a service, my various sports watches which manage to keep time and include altitude and gps. Come on omega, this looks good but you’re having a laugh here. Fix it properly and use seals that don’t corrode.
    Ayone else had poor support experience ? Any advice ?

  108. I remembered that I placed a significant amount of time into learning about the Omega Seamaster Professional Planet Ocean before deciding to purchase it a year ago. The first time I placed it on my wrist, I thought it was too big yet now I think it just looks fine. It is a large watch that I do not recommend for those who have small wrists. To give you an idea, my wrist has a size of 7 1/2.

  109. Wow this is the same watch my dad used to wear. I remember it being a bit clunky kind of larger than life, he was a big guy so I guess it suited him. judging by the dial, I think the one he had was the 41 mm Co-Axial but after shopping around I see that there is also a 44mm and some of the Seamasters actually cost as much as 34k I got a lower price but I’m not sure if it’s the same watch (Or even a real Omega) Can anyone tell me if this is?

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