Very cool review of the Oris Williams F1 TT2 by pnut with special little thumbs-up/-down signs symbolizing like and disgust. Very clever.

What attracted me to this watch to begin with was the sharp edge style, blue color lume material (rarely seen), and quality to value ratio that Oris watches offer. I own three Oris watches within my collection including this one, with another on the way. In the past, I have had as many as six at one time, again because of quality for the price, and unique style. This model is the TT2 Williams F1 Day Date. It commemorates the sponsorship Oris has over the Williams BMW F1 racing team.

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By John Biggs

John lives in Brooklyn and has loved watches since he got his first Swatch Irony automatic in 1998. He is the editor of WristWatchReview.

16 thoughts on “Review – Oris Williams F1 TT2 Day Date”
  1. I am thoroughly DISSATISFIED with my Oris F1 Williams day-date pvd. The power reserve is almost non-existent. The watch keeps terrible time. The lack of an anti-reflective coating on the crystal makes it look like a toy watch. Anyone agree?

  2. I had a pointer model and it was inconsistent in keeping time. Sometimes it gained a couple of seconds a day sometimes it would loose a couple.

  3. Oris make high end quality engineered watches, which is why I bought one.
    I have NOT been disappointed.
    Very comfortable, good time keeping and great looking watch.

  4. It is sad to hear that Oris produces sub standard watches nowadays. They used to be cheap ad good but not anymore with their heavy advertising cost. The 2836 shouldn’t give you any problem but as usual they usually call the movement their own. Perhaps that’s where the problem lies.

  5. I buy a Oris F1 Willians, the power reserve is 12 hours to 10 hours. Precision is terrible, sometimes gains a seconds and if i dont use there for a couple of weeks sometimes (i have a automatic winding machine) is 2 ou 3 hours later. The good points is the design good looking watch, is very confortable to use. Very beatiful watch but power reserve is non existent.

  6. i only have praises for this watch specially the 2008 F1 model, it does keep accurate time and the power reserve I think is ok. With regards to the anti reflective coating, I think they made some changes on the 2008 model.

  7. The Oris Williams F1 Day date (black PVD) is a lovely watch to have and usually gains 5 seconds a day which isn’t that bad for an automatic watch.

    Just always take off your watch before you sleep, and do not wear it while running or jogging. Always remember that it is an automatic watch and so can never be accurate like quartz.

  8. I was just wondering about the water resistance of this watch (Oris Williams F1 – 63575604142RS). It’s 50M what that means? Can I swim with it?


  9. With only a 50M water resistance, I don’t think its a good idea to swim with it.
    But I have a William F1 day-date (with blue colour lume material). But its almost around 20 to 30 second slow each day. I went to have it check out at the authorize maintenance centre but they said its only a few seconds slow. I just don’t know why. Can anyone enlighten it.

  10. I have a Oris Williams F1 day date (PVD) and it is fairly accurate. Just some tips I would like to share with you: Take it off while you sleep, do not use it while jogging, and in case it stops do not wind it clockwise, simply keep waiving it for around 10 seconds and then wear it, otherwise it will run too fast. IF you want something more accurate look at the more expensive watches.

  11. I have the Oris BC3, although its a differant watch from the above, this is an accurate watch, beautifully finished, tough (I often wear it while chainsawing, splitting logs and replanting trees) its stood up to 5 years of abuse and looks as good as when it was new, except for the strap but thats normal

  12. Let us be honest, Oris makes watches with beautifull appearances, lovely styles, very confortable. But the actual watch does not keep up good time. The embarassing this is that there are much cheaper Automatic watches out there that keep much more better time.

  13. i have been looking at the comments interesting , i have an oris tt1 chrono i have been wearing it for swimming work leisure etc and it is still running brilliant keeps great time had the watch for 5 years maybe it was one of the good ones

  14. I own the Oris f1 and it is a piece of junk. The watch is not accurate or water resistant. The company from the president down is poorly run, slow to respond and repair. The employees are uniformed of there own product. Buyer beware

  15. I don’t know what everyone is talking about. I own a blue dial Oris F1 day/date,
    it does run 10/15 sec late a day, which is fine. If looking for accuracy, go get a quartz, this is not what selfwinding watches are about. Oris F1 on a melat bracelett is a great and unique looking piece for its price.

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