If you’ve been around the watch “scene” for any amount of time, you’re very likely aware of the Portuguese brand Prometheus.  While they produce a variety of styles,  the ones that have been of the most interest to me have been the ones that feature tritium lighting.  Today, we’re going to take a look at one of their most recent models, the Baiji.

Now, you might be thinking that Baiji is an odd name – it definitely wasn’t one that I had heard before.  It’s actually a tribute to a freshwater species of dolphin that used to live in the Yangtze river and has, unfortunately, gone extinct due to pollution in that waterway.  This tribute is carried over onto the caseback as well with the engraving.

Should you find yourself diving with dolphins, this watch will hold up to your activities.  Most important, of course, would be illumination, and the Baiji has that in spades.  This is courtesy of the long-life tritium tubes embedded on the dial and the hands of the watch.  Surprisingly, there’s also lume around each of the tritium capsules on the dial, adding another bit of color in the dark.

Image courtesy of Prometheus

Next would be a timing bezel, which on this model is a 120 click uni-directional one.  It also has a tritium tube embedded in it, so you can always tell where the start point of the timing is.  The bezel offers nice solid clicks, but it did have perhaps a touch more play in it than I would have preferred. Then again, I’m not a diver, so that’s something that’s largely forgivable.

And that’s where we’ll need to leave things for today.  Tomorrow, we’ll finish up the specs, as well as go into the movement used and the aesthetics of the watch.

ByPatrick Kansa

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6 thoughts on “REVIEW: Prometheus Baiji (Part 1)”
  1. This watch is has some fine attributes except the rivet piece on the bezel that contains the superluminova broke off. I have many dive watches and I have never seen that before. I will have to send mine back to Portugal I guess.

      1. Thanks Patrick. l will consider it though I am skeptical of the current design where the luminous piece protrudes quite far up from the bezel.

      2. Is it possible to obtain contact information on that repair shop on the West Coast?
        I have a Basiji which seems to have a broken weld of the crown tube (email diagnosis by the Chinese manufacturer of the watch) and Prometheus is very un-interested in assisting (not under warranty) with fixing this matter.
        I like the watch and have been happy wearing it. Just need to get the crown tube screw-down mechanism fixed.

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