The Reveal reminds us we’re in the here and now. It obscures all of the other hours and minutes on the face as its two disks rotate and shows only the current time. This is not a faux-digital watch, either. A clever dot pattern barely obscures the hours and minutes before and after the present time, offering a glimpse into the past and the future. Sorry. I guess I sounded like I was tripping just then. Trust me, it’s cool.



Overall, the watch is very simple. It has a soft black leather band and a steel back. I’m going to guess this isn’t rated for waterproofness, and that’s just fine. The crown is very hard to grab because it is a smooth cylinder. The movement is as precise as a standard quartz movement can be, and the final clever touch is an internal seconds hand that circles within the other two disks.


Quality: 3/5
Style: 4/5
Overall: 3/5

By John Biggs

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8 thoughts on “Review: Reveal Watch”
  1. So is it for women or men? The hand in the pic looks man-handy except for the diamond ring – your wife’s? Uh, sorry…

  2. This is a pretty shoddy review, where are the close ups, where is th tech specs or detailed description of the mechanism. Its all ‘like’ and ‘guess’. I am bone the wiser!

  3. I have had this watch for a few years now (the old one doesn’t have those ugly blue lines…it’s just all black) and I get comments about how awesome the watch is everywhere I go…it’s been reliable and has never let me down….I agree about the quality tho….the leather isn’t the best and shows wear after about a year or so…..but it’s a watch and it works well for what it’s intended to: tell time.

    I started laughing when I saw this on Gizmodo out of disbelief….

  4. I also own this watch and get compliments from everyone, even complication aficionados!

    It’s so minimal that it stands out from everything else. I have about 40 watches and wear Reveal more than any other precisely because of it’s elegant “the present is the only time that matters” concept. It’s proven so popular I’ve bought Reveals as gifts for friends and colleagues.

    A couple of things–there are NO BLUE LINES on this watch–as they appear in these photos. It’s ALL BLACK and those must just be reflections or refractions.

    At 33mm it’s hardly small and it’s a classic size for men.

    The watch is available with a unique black mesh stainless band, the only one of its kind which is very cool (both in looks and temperature) and I’ve worn it for two years without any black wearing off. I highly recommend it.

    Finally, the watch was designed by graphic designer Daniel Will-Harris, http://www.will-harris.com (excellent design work and funny writing). People who buy the Reveal watch get a free Reveal screensaver from his http://www.elementoftime.com site which features very unique flash-based clocks that run on your computer.

  5. I get so many compliments on this watch that I am stepping it up, and getting the orange one as well! I have the steel mesh band on it, and I love it! ONE THING TO NOTE!!! PICTURES DO NOT DO THIS WATCH JUSTICE. Because of the design, the flash makes for pictures to not look as good on websites, but trust me, this in person is an amazing, and well designed watch. Props to Daniel Will-Harris the actual Designer of the watch. Get the facts straight guys..

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