Yesterday, we took a look at the entry-level model to the Ritmo Mundo collection – today, we’ll have a look at something that’s firmly on the other end of the spectrum.

Today’s watch is the Persepolis, specifically the 202 SS RG. While I can’t speak as to what the 202 stands for, the SS denotes the case material (stainless steel), and RG is what was ionic plated onto the case (rose gold).  While I was unsure about the rose gold, I thought it worked well here.

When you first see this watch, you’re struck by one thing – the size.  This is a massive piece, at 52.5mm in diameter on a 26mm strap.  It’s also a lot thicker than you might expect – until you realize that the watch actually houses two separate automatic movements – both being the  Selitta SW200.  In short, they’re basically clones of the ETA 2824-2; you can read more about that here.

So, why is it housing two movements?  In short, it allows you to track two different time zones (and dates, if you really wanted).  While there’s no shortage of watches that can track two time zones, this one has a literal twist to it – the case swivels around, allowing access to the different times (and slightly different color schemes).

Another interesting facet with the swiveling case is that the crowns are hidden within the outer case.  This also means you don’t have to worry about bumping the crowns out, as they’re protected in the outer case.  Of course, this also means the crowns aren’t screw-down, so you’re “limited” to 50 meter water resistance (of course, that’s plenty adequate for daily wear).

That’s where we’ll leave things for today.  Tomorrow, we’ll wrap up our review of this two-faced watch.



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