Yesterday, we started taking a look at the Persepolis watch from the folks at Ritmo Mundo.  Today, we’ll wrap up our tour of this dual movement watch.

So, how does the swiveling case work out in real life? Put simply, this was just fun to flip around and play with the watch.  Additionally due to the layout of the dials, you can actually see one of the movements working away, giving you a slightly skeletonized feel, which was a nice touch.

Another nice touch is the fact that the accent colors are slightly different depending on which face is up.  While not a dramatically different look, you can adjust it a bit to your preference for the day (or time zone).  And when the lights go down, don’t worry – you’ll still be able to tell the time, as the hands are lumed (but not the dial).

While I found a lot to like with the watch, there were several that would give me pause before purchasing.  For starters, we have the price.  At an asking price of $7500, this is firmly in luxury watch territory – and not something I could easily see myself spending, at least at this point in my collecting “career”.  The second item tags onto that.  When you pay that much, you wouldn’t expect to get a rubber strap, but that’s exactly what you have here (UPDATE:  the 201 and 202 models come with additional alligator straps).  Finally, we have the size.  I generally stay away from anything bigger than 46mm, and I felt this was just too big for my wrist (in this instance, there is a 42mm option to alleviate this issue).

Of course, if those aren’t stumbling blocks for you, this is an interesting watch in terms of the presentation.  It’s definitely one that is going to grab attention, due to both size and style. And speaking of style – there are 39 (!) different color schemes available (the 42mm has 12 versions). So, should you stop by their Rodeo Drive store, you’ll likely find one that fits your personal tastes.

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Last Update: April 6, 2012