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Review: Seiko SKX781K3 aka Orange Monster


No sub $200 watch holds so much cachet and rapt attention as the Orange Monster. New watch collectors take note: the Orange Monster is the best way to catch the collecting bug – it is hefty, colorful, beefy, and cool. It is extremely solid, extremely reliable, and water resistant to 200 meters. Why is the Orange Monster so popular? It’s inexpensive, it’s fun, and it’s a Seiko. It’s a beater, but it’s a beater that will get you compliments.

When I received the Monster, I was surprised that it was actually quite light. The rubber strap is very supple and nubby and the in-band extensions add an organic feel to this beast. This organic theme is repeated throughout the piece, from the inset bezel to the odd hands and markings.

The bezel turns with a soft click and seems a bit off at times, turning one click before or after the desired time depending on the speed of the turn. It’s also slightly loose, but eminently usable. However, the bezel is unidirectional so it won’t accidentally slip backwards while you chase giant sharks and turtles off the coast of New Zealand. This is truly the only complaint I had with this piece.

The Hardlex crystal is quite clear and the face is clean and stylish. This is a utility diving watch, so it won’t win you any fashion awards, but it’s cool enough to warrant a second look over lesser fashion brands. The screw-down crystal is quite solid and the entire case, made of polished and brushed stainless steel, is well made.

Accuracy is about +/- 10 seconds per week, which is more than satisfactory. The price is also right: about $100-$150 online. The 7S26 movement is a Seiko workhorse with day and date display. The lume is quite nice and stays lit overnight and the orange face pops while not being too jarring. The Monster is a worthy adversary to the $1000 Doxa orange faced diver, I would say this is one of the sassiest and most recognizable faces in all watchdom and worth every penny.

Quality: 3/5
Style: 4.5/5
Overall: 4/5
— John


  1. Yeah, it’s a nice watch. That’s why I got two monsters(orange and black dial). Unbeatable in this pricerange.

  2. Orange Monster 7S26 accurate to within 10sec per week (!) or per DAY? Per day seems much more likely (at best).

  3. I have a Seiko diver with the same 7s26 movement which tends to run fast. So Accuracy is bad to say the least. Had the watch regulated by watch maker still runs fast, and was told this movement is inherently inaccurate.

  4. I have had one of these ornage beauties for a year, and accuracy has not been an issue. Mine averages =/- 5 seconds a month, checked against the BBC time signal, which is good enough for me.

    However, mine seems to be a slightly different. Stainless steel bracelet, but the bezel is black with large saw-tooth shaped er
 teeth which click through a mechanism I can best decribe as 90Âșopen, 90Âșclosed, 90Âșopen and 90Âșclosed, if that makes sense. It also has four hex-bolts at 1300, 1700, 1900 and 2300 through the body. Is this a slightly newer model? I love it. It’s big, cheap and it works. And it’s orange, which is nice.

  5. I bought the seiko orange monster a few years back but seldom use it. the bassel look like flower petal. been used to quartz watch the orange moster was running slow, so I lost a alot of timing. any way I have get rid of it. yes I sold the orange monster and of cos at a lost.

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