IMG_8006You”ve got to figure that, once something hits version three, it”s got to have some staying power in the market, right?  Well, let”s see what Serket has on offer, now that their Reef Diver has hit 3.0.


Serket is a newer brand based out of Colorado, but they”ve got a few different models in the collection; the Reef Diver 3.0 is definitely their entry level model (the other two feature mechanical movements, including the 2.0 version of the Reef Diver).  So, what does this beast of a diver have to offer you?


First off, you”ve got the seriously large case – 47mm in diameter, and 16.5mm in height.  Thankfully, the crown is offset (at 2 o”clock), which keeps it from digging into your wrist; this is a valid concern when you get into watches of this size.  Accordingly to the case, you”ve got a 24mm wide bracelet, and a beefy 120-click bezel surrounding a 3.5mm thick sapphire crystal.


Under that crystal, you”ve got a fairly simple dial.  That said, I really like the dial, mostly due to the indices that they”re using.  Somehow, it”s reminiscent of some of the Seiko divers, but with a shape change that really makes it their own.  I also like the subtle hints of color in there too – our sample was in blue, but they have an orange option as well.


Driving the hands around (as well as the date display at 3 o”clock), you”ve got a Ronda 515 Quartz movement doing the heavy lifting.  This is a perfectly serviceable (and accurate) movement, and allows Serket to keep the costs down.  Speaking of that, how much does this watch cost?


On the steel bracelet, this will run you $599, or $699 for a PVD variant (orange accents, nylon strap) in their .  And that”s where this watch breaks down for me a bit.  If you compare just to the others in the Serket lineup, this is a slam-dunk steal.  However, when compared to the wider diver market (even including smaller makes), the pricing feels high.  If that”s not as much of a concern for you, however, and you”re looking for a beefy (and American-designed) diver, this could be a compelling option for you.



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