Yesterday, we started giving you the run down on a single-spot watch winder from the folks at SPIN-R.  Today, we’ll finish going over how (and how well) the winder works, and wrap things up.

When it comes to how you want the watch wound, you have a good measure of control.  You can opt for their default programming (900 TPD, alternating), or you can dial the programming in to your specific watch.  To that end, they do have a fairly extensive database (found here) that can assist you.  If your model isn’t there, you can always head off to the forums or the manufacturer.

Does it work?  I can say without question, it does.  I’ve had my Orange Monster on the winder for about 4 days now, and it’s keeping accurate time.  I left it that long to ensure I wasn’t running solely on power reserve.  And when they say it’s quiet motor, they do mean quiet.  I had this running in the bedroom, and unless I was specifically listening for it, it was not noticeable at all.  So, no worries if you want to pop this on your bedside table, it’s not going to disrupt your sleep.

Oh, and speaking of power – while the SPIN-R can run on AC, you also can have it run solely on the battery power.  I opted for battery, so I didn’t have another “vampire” adapter plugged in sucking down power.  I suppose this feature is a large part of why they claim the winder to be eco-friendly.

When it comes to the styling, things are clean and simple.  While the one we received is a bright fire-engine red, they do have seven other finishes you can select from (the dual-watch winders are only available in black or white).   In the end, I couldn’t find anything that I didn’t like about the winder – it got the job done, got it done quietly, and got it done without having to be plugged in constantly.

At this point, you want to know how much, and where to get it, right?   If you’re based in Hong Kong, you can very easily pick one up for HK1888 (approx. $243).  If you’re not in HK?  You’ll have to contact them directly at, or you can use Google to find a handful of vendors that have it on offer for around $250.

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  1. Nice find Patrick! I also like how the SPIN-R web site has reference setting info for a huge number of watches. It’s quick and easy to find the correct one for your own watch.

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