Continuing with our reviews from the Zeon group, we’re going to dig into the Swiss Eagle catalog, this time from their “land” collection.

Specifically, we’re talking about the Landmaster Chronograph (our review sample is ref. 9044).  So, not surprisingly, we do have a quartz chronograph movement housed within the IP-coated steel case (a fairly substantial 47mm diameter).

I have to say, for being as big of a case as this one has, it was fairly comfortable in daily wear.  This could be due to the rubber strap, or the fact that the quartz movement allows for some weight savings.  Either which way, it doesn’t weight the wrist down.

As with our earlier Swiss Eagle review, this dial offers a lot of visual interest.  Primarily this is due to the  numerals on the dial.  If you take a close look at them, you’ll notice that they’re raised, with a slot machined in the middle of each one.  This means you’re catching a lot of light, and it can give an almost rainbow cast to the gold-tone used.

There are other layers (concentric rings around the edge of the dials; the subdials), but the numerals and indices are the most interesting.  Of course, the hands have some slotting as well, again mixing things up.  From the two models we’ve looked at so far, it seems that Swiss Eagle has really concentrated on the design of the dial and hands – and I give them good marks there.

And that’s where we’ll leave things for today – tomorrow, we’ll wrap up our review.

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