Now, you might wonder who Novo is, right?  They’re a relatively new brand from Canada who are making watches that attempt to reflect the action found in many of today’s sports.  Thought they only came on the scene in 2009, they’ve got three models, in two variations each.  Today, we’re looking at their “the Street” model, in black and reddish orange.

As you can see, this is a bold watch, both in terms of sizing (43mm wide by 12mm thick) and the color combo.  To my eyes, it’s almost reminiscent of one of those Army surplus flashlights that you can get with the red nighttime filter on it.  Either way, this is not a quiet style – though I had no issues wearing it in to the office.

The other interesting aspect to this piece is how, exactly, it displays the time.  The quartz movement powers a single disc that spins around, marking the time via the line up at the 12 o’clock position on the watch.  The dial itself is marked off every 15 minutes, so you can tell where in the hour you are.  Yes, it’s more of an approximation, and initially I wasn’t too much in favor of it.

However, I ended up finding it accurate enough for daily use.  When you consider that most things are scheduled on the hour or half-hour, I’ve a feeling you’d agree.  The one thing I wasn’t as much of a fan were the lugs on the watch.  Though slightly curved, they are fairly flat.  This leads to a watch that doesn’t hug your wrist as well as it might.  Perhaps a future iteration could address that, and maybe slim things up.

Tomorrow, we’ll wrap up our impressions of the watch.

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