If you’ve been following my recent Timex posts, you have probably noticed that I’ve been trying to pair models from both the men’s and women’s lines.  This time around, there wasn’t a good match to complement the IQ reviewed last week – but I  do still have a women’s model to cover.

Whereas the IQ I reviewed last week packed in a ton of functionality, the Weekender line is really more about simplicity.  For the  Slip Thru we were sent, that is very evident.  You’ve got a simple three-hand readout on a nylon NATO-style strap (perhaps it pairs well with the one we reviewed here?)

And we’ve looked at several other Weekender models (see here and here), so what makes this one (ref T2N834) any different?  First off, and most obviously, you’ve got the color scheme being used.  Here, you’ve got a bubble-gum pink strap slipping through the spring bars; the same pink tone is on the second hand sweeping over the grey dial.

But back to that strap.  While I call it a NATO-style, it isn’t quite what we might expect.  It’s a single layer of nylon threaded under the spring bars (not two layers as we more commonly see).  Also, the buckle is in a more traditional thumbnail style, rather than mimicing the two loops on the strap.  Of course, this all leads to a slimmer strap; which, for a smaller wrist, I’d say is a good thing.

Ok, and now back to the dial.  The gray is fairly simple (slight sunburst pattern), and has the indices, main numerals, and 24  hour numerals all in white.  The white paint can be a little tricky to read when you trigger the Indiglo backlight – but the solid, polished hands stand out easily enough against it, so there’s not much worry about night-time readability.

Of course, that’s all just spec surveying.  How about some hands-on time with the watch?  Here’s what my wife thought of the piece:

First off, I liked the lightweight feel of this watch. Second, the strap feels nice and is rather bright and cheerful. It is perfect for most types of days for me; though perhaps I’d want a couple of strap choices.

I also liked that the face and numerals are nice and simple. I suppose over time the fabric might stain or fray-but I think it is a really smart-looking watch that could work in an office setting.

Author’s note:  Hmm, she wants to start swapping out straps.  Perhaps the watch bug is starting to spread in our house!  If so, I think a visit to our friends over at C&B would be in order

At a list price of $45, I’d call the pricing on the higher side of reasonable for what you’re getting (but still reasonable) – nice compact case (31mm by 8mm thick)  on a tough 16mm strap, with the easy-to-use Indiglo and a 30-meter water resistance rating.  If a date function was added in, I think this would be a slam dunk.  Of course, some searching around on Amazon can net you the watch for $25 – and at that price, I’d say it’s practically a steal.  Or, if you prefer something local to check out the wares, Target has the watch on sale for $28, plus a whole slew of replacement straps for $7 each.

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Last Update: August 29, 2012