Today, we’re bringing you another review of a Timex model, the Weekender (specific one reviewed: T2N647KW).  Let’s have a look-see, shall we?

For starters, this particular model is part of Timex’s affordable range of watches.  This model in particular has an MSRP $40, but I was able to track it down on Amazon for closer to $26.  What all do you get for that low entry price?

  • Polished silver-tone brass case; 38mm wide, 10mm thick
  • 20mm nylon strap
  • Mineral crystal
  • Quartz movement
  • Indiglo backlight

All in all, a very competent watch.  I wore it for a few days over the weekend, and it just becomes unnoticeable on your wrist, due to it’s light weight.  If you sit in a quiet room, though, you’ll quickly realize the watch is there.

Why?  The quartz movement contained within is about the noisiest quartz watch I’ve run across.  I imagine this is due to a combination of factors, primarily the movement dictated by the pricepoint, and the very minimalistic case.  Not a dealbreaker, but something you should be aware of.

As with the other Timex we recently reviewed, this contains a very competent Indiglo backlight.  It’s a bit odd to see a fully-black dial light up, but I must say, it makes the watch plenty readable in the dark.  I wouldn’t have minded some lume on the hands as well, but, again, for this price?  Hard to complain.

This watch should work for just about anyone  – man or woman, adult or child.  The 38mm case is fairly unisex, and there are quite a few color combinations with the dial and strap.  Heck, for the price, might as well pick up a couple!

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Last Update: December 8, 2011