WatchReport does it again with an in-depth review of the T-Navigator 3000.

The Tissot Navigator 3000 is the newest in Tissot’s line of “Touch Screen” watches. The Touch Screen collection is comprised of four watches (the T-Touch, the High-T, the Silen-T, and the Navigator 3000) which are primarily operated by touching the sapphire crystal in various locations as opposed to pushing buttons.

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ByJohn Biggs

John lives in Brooklyn and has loved watches since he got his first Swatch Irony automatic in 1998. He is the editor of WristWatchReview.

12 thoughts on “Review – Tissot T-Navigator 3000”
  1. What wasn’t completely clear to me is whether the T-world function involves only the LCD (display) or the analog display as well. Now that I have this great watch I know for sure:
    The Tissot T-navigator has 1 reference timezone and 4 alternative timezones. The reference timezone is displayed in the analog display. When entering the Tactile mode the alternative timezones can be displayed in the LCD and with the “set”-function reference and alternative timezones can be changed; but one can also swat out the reference timezone with an alternative timezone, causing the analog display to show the new reference time and the former reference timezone to become an alternative timezone. (The alarm function is linked to the reference timezone, so to the new time)
    The LCD will always display the last function used in the tactile mode; so this can be the reference timezone, any of the alternative timezones, any alarm, the date, timer or chronograph.
    The watch will enter the tactile mode by pressing (not touching) the crown for a few seconds and leave it again when a function is complete or after 10 seconds of inactivity.
    I didn’t find operating the watch particularly difficult.

  2. Joel
    I also have a 3000 and not only could I not figure out how to use this but went to a dealer and he could not figure it out either.
    I may have a problem watch but nothing sets as the book says.They either need to do a better step by step or something.
    Mabey you could take the time and go over the correct way to use this new watch? thanks

  3. The watch is difficult to use but some of the difficulty is due to the manual.

    After a lot of messing around I got the alarm and t-zone to work.

  4. the t-navigator is easy to use due to the touch screen, if we didn’t have that we would be in real trouble and nothing would work so…

  5. My Citizen Wingman (another multi time zone watch) broke down I had to find a replacement. After a lot of research I bought a T-Navigator few days ago. Due to all the posts telling how complicated it is to operate this watch I was in doubt if this was the right watch for me.
    The first day I thought, that I will never get familiar with it. Already the second day I realized that it wasn’t THAT complicated. Now after few more days I got familiar with it i don’t find it complicated at all. As soon as you figure out the how the menu structure works it is really logic. Now I will even say that having in mind how many functions is has, it is really simple to operate. if you can learn to operate your Video Recorder you will also be able to operate the T-navigator.
    I truely fell in love with this watch. With family and collegues living in other time zones, this watch is one of the few that would fulfill my needs. It is much better that my Citizen, highly recommended.

  6. I too have a tisot navigator 3000, i spent a lot of time arount in gettin any help to adjust my watch to ITS correct time zone and to use rest of the features and finally i got A compleet document(pdf) which helpd me to understand my watch in a much better way and i have completely learned how to operate it now and i found it amazing and really very help full for our usual needs. . except the optin of changing my LCD time format from 24 hours mode to 12 hour mode. can any 1 help on this. thanks to TISSOT

  7. I have a Tissot Navigator since March 2010, still have not worked out how to use it.
    Now the analogue watch (Main disply) stopped working and the digital display is flashing. Could the battery be dead, but can it die this early?

  8. I buought a Tissot Navigator in February 2010 and still did not work out fully bow to change the time zones. Last week suddently when I was changign time zones, the analougue display stopped working and digital started to flash. Called Tissot Support in Oldham (SG) and explaned to them and they have asked to send the watch to them. Will be interesting to find what was the actual problem.

  9. I just got the watch and quite honestly no clue of what to do and how to set up the basic fnctions. The LCD display started to blink and nothing else works…anyone that can help me with?

    1. i am also facing the same problem . just bought it recently . display is blinking and nothing else is working . did u fsort out the problem

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