Why do I always do this to myself? Every few weeks, I’ll get tanked on a Friday and pick up an Ebay brand watch just to see what it looks like. I’ve played with Apogaum and a few other watches of dubious heredity in the past, and I keep coming back for more. This time, we’re going to take a look at the Trias Automatic Diver, a 53mm monstrosity that, if it weren’t so hilarious looking, would be the largest hunk of timekeeping ridiculousness ever to traverse the globe.

Before we begin, let’s discuss Trias as a brand. No matter what anyone says, these things are not made in Germany. Perhaps someone in der Faderland opens them up and blows a little pipe smoke into there for luck, but these have the fit and finish of a Chinese manufacturer. That isn’t to say they’re bad watches – on the contrary. They are a study in careful trend-watching and low-cost manufacturing. As I’ve said before, if the Chinese and their partners could kick the piracy/IP theft bug, they’d be a juggernaut. This is an automatic movement that is on par with just about any other low-cost piece I’ve seen. It is not pretty, but it gets the job done and it has a hacking feature and quick date adjust. That’s basically all it needs.

A number of folks have complained about Trias in the past and we concur with their opinions, however, if you want a fun watch for not much dosh, then you might as well take a look at these beasts. However, I am very concerned about the apparent rip-off by Trias of the U-Boat brand of watch. Ernie Romers, who sells U-Boats, said that Trias often does this same unfortunate thing with other manufacturers, and until I find a definitive proof that Trias and U-Boat aren’t just being bilked by their original suppliers, I’m going to err on the side of caution. However, I did want to talk about this Diver in order to warn/inform other Ebay hunters.

The face is attractive, with the barest hint of some sort of line pattern radiating from the center. The goofy numbers at 12, 4, and 8 remind us that odd-number hours are the devil’s work. The little window for the date is all but unusable. In the massive field of the 53mm face, the date looks like a speck. Hell, the Trias logo is bigger than the window.

It has a signed buckle and screw-down crown. There is no lume whatsoever, which is another ridiculous little minus. Interestingly enough, the crown is on the left side – just like the U-Boat models – and very large. It doesn’t have the little attachment chain that comes with the U-Boat, but it seems that Trias didn’t want to step too far into IP infringement.

The back shows us the movement surrounded by a huge hunk of plastic. This is a hallmark of the finest Chinese watchmakers and can be found in anything from a fake Rolex to the finest Patek knock-off.

As you can see, this thing is almost unwearable and very thick. Is it worth it? No. It’s a huge beast and if you need something that will make you look like a freak, consider the massive Zlatoust diver that we reviewed in these very pages.

Quality: 1/5
Style: 2/5
Overall: 2/5

Here, get a real diver…

Luminox - 3001 (Size: men)
Citizen Men's Promaster Professional Diver Watch AJ0100-02E
Omega Men's Seamaster 300 M Diver Chronometer Watch 2531.80

ByJohn Biggs

John lives in Brooklyn and has loved watches since he got his first Swatch Irony automatic in 1998. He is the editor of WristWatchReview.

24 thoughts on “Review: Trias Automatic Massive Diver”
  1. This whole site, these watches, and the articles about them kick major ass! I am digging the entire spirit of this blog. Definitely opened my eyes to teh world of wicked timepieces. One of the best sites I visited this whole year.

    Dude keep up the good work, you rock.

  2. This site rocks! I cannot imagine how much money I might have wasted on watches, if I had never accidentally stumbled upon your website. You have a keen eye and your reviews communicate with the precission and accuracy of a medical examiner; no pretense, just lean yet soulful critique. The service you have provided valued and appreciated indeed.

  3. Thanks for the insight on Trias. I fell in love with the Gallileo model whenI found it on Ebay. Then I saw the “Buy it now” price of $89.00
    Didn’t seem right that I could buy a 30 jewel automatic for under several hundred dollars. I resent the fact that these watches exist. If the movement is anything like other crap from China, then you just saved me $89.00 ….plus shipping. I’m surprised the Germans even allow their name on this stuff.

    I’ll be visiting your site regulary. Thanks again.

  4. I was about to bid on a Apogaum Gold Submariner Oyster Style watch – stated to be Brand NEW & Very Rare, for 90.00 US, until I read the reviews on your site. Thanks for saving me my hard earned money!!!

  5. Just wanted to say that I purchased a Trias “Tri-Timer” in April 2005,(the automatic with the three dials for month day and date and month and year display windows) on E-bay for $70. I’ve been using it every day now for almost one year and it has kept perfect time. It’s an attractive watch that I often receive compliments on. Chinese or German (says German but who knows), it looks good, it runs good and I sleep well at night knowing I didn’t have to take out a second mortgage to pay for it.

  6. I wish I would have read this a little sooner. I bought a TRIAS and it’s illegitimate step-brother Wuhrer & Sons. The Trias was bad enough. The Wuhrer & Sons is a horror show. This is one nasty, cheesy, flea market piece of sh*t. I attempted to set the day of the week and the hand fell off and into the “open mechanism” Live and learn.

  7. the quote below iselitist codswallop!
    why should you resent cheep watches? Back in the days before digital and electric analog took over the mass market even ‘regular workin’ folks were allowed to have watches.
    Why shouldnt the rest of us enjoy the boon of CNC machineing and cheep labour?
    These watches arent rolexes or omega’s, if you expect them to be you will be disapoited.

    “Didn’t seem right that I could buy a 30 jewel automatic for under several hundred dollars. I resent the fact that these watches exist. If the movement is anything like other crap from China, then you just saved me $89.00 ….plus shipping. I’m surprised the Germans even allow their name on this stuff”

  8. Discussing Trias as a brand based on tis watch may be a bit unfair.
    They do deliver some models with swiss ETA movements (and they make no secret about that).

    The “inhouse” Trias movement (albeit Asian) may not make the same watch as other models.

    I do have some of the same desease as you, buying odd watches just out of curiosity 🙂 but prefer mechanical movments and i think that is where the preference should be. Movements, not watch brands.

  9. I’m goanna buy or lent a man twenty for WUHRER & SONS WATCH can some one clue me to its worth if any. its a huge watch elaborately displayed rose colored wood box blabl
    thank you

  10. Hey for $71 shpped to my door the damn thing has worked for over a year without missing a beat. So you can’t knock them. When it does fail in the trash it will go and I will not worry about it. Yeah it is not the quality of a Rolex, Breitling, Hublot or Panerai, but it will not also set you back $10K+ or empty your wallet when it comes time to service the watch.

  11. I purchased “Copernicus” from Trias and it is cool looking precise watch with super-duper complications that would cost $20K from any other “white” brand for $135 delivered.
    When speaking about quality of “high” brands, let me tell you that my genuine F*king “masterpiece collection” $5000 Maurice Lacroix miserably died after one year of very light use.
    Yeas it may be uses Chinese guts so what? I have three Apple computers “designed in California” and made in China, I have iPod, made in China; I have Treo made in China etc.
    China isn’t the same China anymore. Funny enough they do high precision mechanics and lunch satellites. They are becoming great industrial nation. Do we have any American brand that can even remotely compete with this “Chinese crap”? None. So please, pay respect where respect is due! Consider it to be a collectible piece of early development, that you own for $100. I understand it is bothering to realize that this $5000 watch I(or you) paid for is in fact the same line assembled piece but you also have to pay his 8 Fr morning coffee and house mortgage, car mortgage and retirement fund.
    Let face it.

  12. So what it its made in china, so what if its cheap to buy. But the fact that they dont have a problem with lying about its origin, tells me that they are dishonest and basically decieving you to get your money. I would actually consider buying it if they just said “made in china”, but because it doesnt, they can shove it where a sun dial wont work.

  13. I own 2 Trias watches that I purchased last year. They look great!! I have gotten many positive comments and they run very well.

    I collect watches in many price ranges. I don’t really care if the watch has Chinese parts as long as the movement gives me good service.

    Not all of the Trias models are monsters and unattractive.

  14. I purchased a Trias skeleton on ebay a month ago. Its the best looking watch i’ve seen in a long time and have also had lots of good comments about it.Has kept perfect time so far. It was shipped from Germany so if its chinese they are sure going to a lot of trouble to conceal it. Its ten times the watch my buddy bought for over $300 and only cost me $175 shipped to my door. Its a shame you picked the ugliest one they made to base your opinion.

  15. hi agree descav its all right if you can afford the high end of the market not all of us can iv got 2 aeromatic iv had no problem with them iv just got a sorna revamp watch of ebay seller for 30pound looks good to got couple of vintage watches example rado voygager lanco and timeswiss recorder and just got a seiko divers watch to i only buy in my price range regards.

  16. hi iv got a couple of sekondas which i know are at the low end of the market thing is is it worth my while to sell them or just give them to family or charity regards

  17. Aloha,
    Having purchased a NOS trias several months ago and not knowing any better, I purchased another one today BEFORE reading your article. I think I would’ve felt better not knowing the parts were chinese made! But that’s just plain snobbery, isn’t it? One real detractor is I bought the second watch from a German Ebayer who advertised FREE SHIPPING, ha..that’s a big “nein,” it cost 27 additional euros to get to me..:)
    Great Article!
    Regards and much success!

  18. Hey guys trias watches are supreme for the price. Maybe they have a few piece of shit models but the two I have bough keep perfect time and look great. I have expensive watches too but I still wear my trias watches when the occasion calls for it. The damn things are nearly disposable tests for the prices they sell them for.

  19. I got a Wuhrer as a Christmas present. Very cool looking rose colored rim on it, but I lightly dropped it and one of the little hands fell of and now it won’t work becuase the little hand fell into the hole and jammed a mechanism. The watch repairman said he wouldn’t touch it for less than $185. He said to send it back.

  20. I own 4 Trias watches and they all keep very good time, look great, and I get tons of compliments. The oldest one I have is 4 years old and works great. I think as long as you stay with the basic movements you can do very well for yourself.

  21. I don’t know has been writing this shit but the person needs to write less look more and listen to the time piece and then think about what he or she writes ! ! ! !

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