Sometimes, we get lucky and the name of a watch encapsulates its design, either on a high level, or on some very basic level.  Today, it’s of the basic variety, but still – it’s nice to see the connection.

The model we’re looking at is the Ellipse (VV014RS).  The shape of the case is probably not the first thing that would grab your eye, but that’s where we’re starting.  You have a fairly simple elliptical shape for the stainless steel case.  Which, on it’s own, not remarkable.  When you take a look at the dial, however, you see a second ellipse that is offset – that makes things much more visually interesting.

Of course, for visual interest, you’ve got plenty of other things going on – rose gold-tone case (and hands), a dark pink dial, and the irridiscent snake-skin pattern on the leather strap.  In short, for being such a small watch, it’ll grab some attention.  Underneath the flamboyant exterior, you’ve got a fairly simple quartz movement driving the three-hander display.

While my wife did give this one a spin, it really was not her favorite.  The watch itself was fine (comfy, if a bit small on the dial end of things), it was the color scheme and the snakeprint strap that did it in for her.  And with a fashion watch like this, that’s just one of those things – you’re not going to be on the fence with this one – you’ll like it or you won’t.  In short – not a watch my wife is sad to see being sent back.

If you do like it, you can hit the web and find it from a variety of retailers (just not VW themselves, for some reason).  Just be prepared for some sticker shock – at $325, you’re definitely paying for the design and name attached, not for the technical merits of the movement.

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