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Rhynofit Rubicon, Keeping you on the level


Rhynofit Rubicon 01OK, we have already established that cars and watches go together hand in hand, but even more than cars, aviation pairs with watches in a big way.  My favorite type of aviation watch is an instrument style, and I want to highlight a new company’s second crowdfunded cockpit instrument watch.  The Rhynofit Rubicon is styled after the artificial horizon used to give an indication of level flight in the absence of other cues, say at night or in the fog.  As a visual style, I think this inspiration works well as something that is instantly recognizable, but not distracting to the actual reading of the watch.

Rhynofit Rubicon 02As I mentioned above, this is the brand’s second go at crowdfunding a watch.  We highlighted their first watch, the Big 50, and it looks like the watch was recently delivered to the backers with a pretty positive response.  This watch is being offered in both the 50mm size of the Big 50, but also at a more conventional 44mm if you don’t want to wear that large a watch.

The 50mm watch stands at 17mm tall, and the 44mm watch is a bit slimmer at 14mm.  Both watches house Miyota 9015 automatic movements (The ETA 2824 limited edition models are sold out on the campaign), have stainless cases that are either PVD black or bead blasted, offer a sapphire crystal and are water resistant to 15 ATM.

Rhynofit Rubicon 03Along with the watch, Rhynofit is offering custom straps which are worth checking out on the kickstarter page if you are at all interested in the watch.  My favorite is the sheet metal pattern.  The early bird watches were $375, but they are long gone.  The few remaining watches (as of this writing) can be had for a pledge of $399 (44mm) or $450 (50mm).

The campaign has surpassed the $50,000 goal, and the run is almost sold out, so a pledge at this point is a commitment to buy, if there are any left.  Delivery is estimated for February, but the $450 pledge level actually bumps you to a Christmas delivery.  With the experience from the first project under his belt, the schedule may be achievable.  Rhynofit Watches

Watch Overview

  • Brand & Model: Rhynofit Rubicon
  • Price:  $375 – $450
  • Who we think it might be for: A fan of the military style that wants a smaller case.
  • Would I buy or recommend it just on the photos?:  The 44mm is definitely my style.
  • If I could make one design suggestion, it would be: The 3 hex nuts per corner may be a bit much.
  • What spoke to me the most about this watch:  I like cockpit instrument styles.

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