Earlier this year, we brought you word of the new Ritmo Mundo Pegasus (you can see that here). It had an interesting concept, being the most affordable clear case mechanical watch out on the market. Since then, we’ve had some time with a loaner, so read on for our review.

  • Ritmo Mundo Pegasus
  • Ritmo Mundo Pegasus
  • Ritmo Mundo Pegasus
  • Ritmo Mundo Pegasus

Ritmo Mundo Pegasus: aesthetics

To be clear – if someone is buying the Ritmo Mundo Pegasus, our guess is it’s for the look of the thing. And it is quite clearly something different. I will admit, it’s hard to deny the appeal of that clear, blocky case. That reinforced mineral glass is quite optically clear, and gives a bold visual punch.

That said, even though the Ritmo Mundo Pegasus is a 44mm case, it can look smaller, because the eye is more quickly drawn to the chapter ring, which is the first hit of color. So, it’s a bit of a chameleon. When you view the case from the side, you’ll still see that color, as it extends front-to-back. Most of the models are paired to a white silicone strap, though a few are color-matched.

  • Ritmo Mundo Pegasus

The movement

If you’re going to have a clear case, you need a movement that also allows as much light through as it can. For the Ritmo Mundo Pegasus, that of course means you need a skeletonized movement. In general, I’ve become less of fan of these style of movements, as they don’t seem to fit the design.

With the Ritmo Mundo Pegasus, that’s not the case. Since so much light goes through the case, the concept of a skeletonized movement just feels right. They’ve done a decent job of keeping things in a line (like the Corum Bridge), but obviously done to a price point. This sets the movement in this watch apart from other skeletonized movements you may have in your watch case. That said, we wouldn’t mind if, in the next version of this watch, they develop that movement further to make it even more in-a-line.

  • Ritmo Mundo Pegasus
  • Ritmo Mundo Pegasus

Wrapping things up

Ritmo Mundo has a lot of interesting – and colorful – options in their catalog. This one definitely continues that trend, albeit in a way that has less color than you might expect, but still has a pop. It’s still quite usable as a watch (often a problem for skeletonized watches, but not so here), even including some solid lume (see those in the gallery above).

Frankly, if you’ve become a fan of those clear cases brands like B&R are creating, the Pegasus is your best bet to not break the bank. If you want to get one, there are seven colors available for $3,500 (with gem-set versions more). Check out the full range over at ritmomundo.com.

Ritmo Mundo Pegasus

Ritmo Mundo Pegasus Tech Specs

  • Case size: 44mm
  • Dial Thickness: 11.3mm
  • Crystal type: Mineral Reinforced Glass Mirror
  • Movement: mechanical movement, automatic, skeletonized
  • Bracelet type: silicone
  • Water Resistance: 3 ATM