I’ve been following the folks over at Schofield for awhile now, including our review of their customer-only strap kit (here).  The Signalman has been a hit, and they’re currently working on a new model.

This new watch is being called the Blacklamp Carbon – carbon due to the case being made of CF, and Blacklamp as an homage to the smugglers lamps of old.  Aside from the interest of a new watch coming to market, this one is giving us (the public at large) some views into the process as they create the piece, courtesy of this blog they setup.


Some specific details on the watch aren’t clear as of yet (as they work towards releasing it at the end of this year), but here are the specs I’ve been able to glean:

  • 101 piece limited edition, each one named for an English lighthouse or light-vessel
  • Materials:  carbon fiber case, poly-neoprene strap, titanium buckle
  • Manually-wound movement


Other intriguing bits are a color scheme that will look to mimic the look of UV light, and a crown featuring an embedded tritium tube (the first I’ve seen that has this).   If you want some more details and background, definitely follow the blog, and check out the pre-order page here.

All images courtesy of Schofield

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