If you’ve been looking to slap a little E-Ink on your wrist and didn’t want to go the Phosphor route, Seiko has the watch for you. The Seiko E-Ink watch is essentially a high-tech LCD watch using E-Ink as the display medium, thereby reducing battery drain.

The watch looks pretty complex but really it’s just your standard world-time quartz. The real value is in the screen simply because, like the Kindle, you can fit a hi-res image on a postage stamp piece of E-Ink which is more than you can say for a lot of LCD devices.

The bad news? The watch is ?84,000 on Amazon.jp (a little over $1,000) which is a little pricey for my blood. I also think it looks like my Uncle’s Casio LCD watch from 1995, so there’s that.

via Engadget

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